Thursday, June 07, 2018

Time to Prosper

Hello Blogger Friends!

I'm still here... somewhere .... every day on Social Media!

Mostly, I am on Instagram as prdesigns 

But like some things... what's old is new again!  

I can't guarantee that I will be posting to my blog on specific days or even at certain times... I want to reassure you that I have NOT completely fallen off the face of the Earth.... my favorite hashtag on Instagram has been HASHTAG accountability2018.... and I have regularly posted a picture of some sort, EVERYDAY (well, most every day) 

If you happen to stumble across me, and want to FOLLOW me or see what I'm up to... just let me know who you are .... I'm a cardmaker and would love to create something for you... or something for someone who is special to you!!!

Brighten Someone's Day

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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Being Motivated is my Muse

I am happy... when I get a request to make cards!!!  It inspires me to create!
Recently, someone wanted to purchase a few creative greetings.... and I was over the moon!  I asked if there was a theme, or a style or a type of card she was looking for.... and she said yes.... she liked animal cards!!!

Wow!  I like this person!  Decisive..... so, although I had a few animal cards in my stash... it is a fun challenge for me to create some fresh cards.  Being motivated often is the muse I need!

Wild About You

There are a lot of new tv ads out there with this Pow Wow theme, drums beating in the background, woodsy at camp kind of ideas.... so this cute wild bear came to mind.

Cooper Hi

Dog and cat cards are the best for animal lovers.

Under the Weather

I've had a constant sore throat for the last few weeks.... everybody needs a pick-me-up sometimes.... perfect way is to send them a thinking of you card!!


Awesome cutie little dragons are always the type of animal little 4 year olds get giddy to see.  Flying dragons... or ones that have puff's of smoke coming out of their nostrils are even better!!!

Kitty Hello

Peek-a-boo Just thinking about you, sending a hello!!

Doggie Cupcake

It's your birthday, I'll share a little nibble of your cupcake.  Yes, please!!!

Moo-Chas Thanks

Oh, the play on words, is always so darn cute!

Is there a type of card you like to send out?  Do you have a certain style or a theme? 
 Greeting cards are everywhere.... my push or plee to  you is.... when searching for a unique gift for someone special... take just an extra moment and reach out to an independent artist.... and support them.

The holidays are coming up!  How about a small gift of 4-6 unique Creative Greetings! I'm here to design them just for you!!!

Thanks you,

Brighten Someone's Day

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Today is a Holiday?

Well, it's the perfect day for a Happy Halloween Post... 
but that's not gonna happen.  Sorry!!!

It's dark, cloudy and dreary out, and one of those fall days that you want your fuzzy socks, a hot cup of joe and a warm blanket to wrap around you... but I think you really have to plan out the cozy to have some of that 'stuff' to make it seem to work out perfectly

To most... it's just Tuesday, another day on the calendar ... to work... go to school, clean the house, grocery shop, rake up leaves, do the laundry.... later this afternoon, the neighborhood will be a buzz (boo) with trick or treaters... and there will be an element of fun and scary... all at once!

And then it's November, and we all wonder how did that happen???

I want to get back into blogging and creating again.  
I lost my mojo  a few weeks back:   MOJO A magic charm or spell.  Huh, I thought it was like Motovational Juice

I was reading somewhere, that public journaling and sharing of thoughts is quite therapeutic.  Who knows how long this 'blog' will be out there in the cyber cloud.... (It has been around for 10 years) It's my little journey and documentation that I existed and actually went from day to day!  Some days I had more to say, other days I had new things to show and share! And for quite a few days, I had nothing!!!  But that's okay, too!!!!

Today, I have five new creative greetings!

Giraffes Gone Wild

Well Hello There

Do I need a reason to write

Up, Up, Up

Tweet about this

Once I upload these pictures, I get to clean off my phone to make room for something else!  Right now, my brain is on Technology overload.  I've often started a blog post about using it or losing it... and one of my favorite quotes is from Ferris Bueller :Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

That's how I feel about technology and the digital world.  If you've made it this far with me, I thank you for hearing me out.  Life is moving very fast and I want to see and share as much of it as I can! I love pretty things and clever words and have even more fun, combining them together! What can I create for you? Right now, my purpose is to say... stop and smell the roses, stop and look around, look and see... enjoy the day, or find something, one little thing in your day to enjoy!  And share a smile or a greeting with a friend... near....or far!!!!

Thanks for stopping by....go ahead and send some FuN MaiL and

Brighten Someone's Day!

Peggy Sue
Creative Greetings

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mostly Afters

Hello Friends!!!

Recently, I'm all over the creative planet.  

From doodling in a sketchbook, to working landscape in the yard, to painting walls, signs and doors, bathroom makeovers, coloring my hair.... you name it.... I've touched, moved, dug, cleaned, made, purged, hung, hammered.... something!!!!

I thought I did before pictures.... I have some.... but I'm sure you'll get the idea of where we began with this project.

Our master bathroom.

Marquee Lights

We are the second owners of our home and have painted our master bathroom twice in the 11 years we have lived here.  The house was built in 1999.  I'm sure you get the idea of how it looked... huge mirror over double sinks, long Hollywood light bulb fixture, the last wall color was like a poopy light brown.  You could almost have a hoe down barn dance with the floor space in here... the carpet on the floor is about 6 x 8.... that's feet!  Nobody needs a bathroom this huge.... but heck it was appealing when we bought the house.

 It was time for an update!

All wired up

My husband Jeff has learned.... in our 29 years.... how to become a fix it man!  

He is wonderful at what he has learned to do, and re-do!  Beyond the basics, he knows how to re-wire, and fix a leaky faucet, put dry wall up, paint, remove caulk, change out window screens, brick and mortar ... here he is taking the old bar lights off....
(We actually sold them on a local Facebook Garage Sale for $10)

Huge Mirror, Long Lights, Big Master Bathroom

We did have to hire a REAL electrician to help with some parts.... see, we have found in this house that either it went up really fast, they were able to go around some of the building codes, the installer didn't know what he was doing.... or all of the above!  We had to have an electrician install the actual light box up to code that the wires would go into!  We had some other electrical issues (outside).... so we decided since we had the professional here, he would make a few other updates and changes as well!

Right now, with the surge and popularity of shows like Fixer Upper on HGTV, I liked what I saw in the Industrial Farm House look.  So, we ordered lights online and made a recycled horse fence wood frame for the mirror.  If you are interested further in any of our process, email me at and I'd be happy to share any information.

New paint color on the walls, Sherwin Williams, Agreeable Grey
(Thanks Becky) 

A suggestion was made by our lovely daughter, that maybe we should paint the cherry wood cabinets a milky white.... not sure.  (Thanks Ho) It is not a priority for this make over!
Rug purchased online...

Lovely Lights

Here is a look at the cute BRIGHT lights.  Found them online after looking through Pinterest.  And then with the frame.  We knew we didn't want to try and pull that huge mirror off the wall.  We had already experienced that with the smaller guest bathroom.  THAT, they secured on the wall so well!!!!  

We saw ideas about 'framing' the mirror!  We also had a friend tell us about a reclaimed wood warehouse. (Thanks MK) We pre-measured the mirror and found 3 beautiful pieces of wood that were from the fencing of a horse farm.  Can't really tell you how to do this frame... we measured, used the mitre saw, sanded, and put it together with nails and plates.  You can't really see it, and shhhh, please don't tell, but the bottom part of the frame is warped.... we really didn't feel or see it until we hooked it on the wall.... it bows out on the bottom... so, we fixed it with some velcro!

This frame is actually removable, it slides over the top of the mirror with something like a J hook.

Found these cute corner braces at Hobby Lobby.  They are for decoration, but they do solidify the frame corners.

This is an old chair that I had sitting on my porch.  I painted it with Rust-oleum Ultra matte chalk paint in Coastal Blue, and decided I had plenty of room to add it as a shelf in the corner by the tub.

Hobby Lobby Wall Art

Love Hobby Lobby when they have what I want, on Sale at 50% off.... so, to keep the rustic feel, this is a pre-made to look old window pane, and I added the wreath to bring a little greenery into the bathroom!

Ikea finds

Fun too!  I was at Ikea and found these beauties.... I guess they are getting on the Industrial Farmhouse bandwagon as well as their Modern Minimalist look.... or maybe it's crossover styles.  These items were all under $5 each.

Happiness is Homemade

The sign, I re-purposed from my craft fair from last year.  See what it looked like before... here. Again, this is just spray paint from the Rust-oleum Coastal Blue Chalked ultra matte paint.  Same as the chair.  Then I used actual school chalk, and wrote the sign.  

Cute, right????

Hobby Lobby baskets

A little farmhouse basket from Hobby Lobby, on sale.... above the toilet topper!

Towel Hook

This hook is something that has been next to the shower for years.  I believe it was found at Lowes... in their hooks and shelves area.  Just bare wood before and the silver brushed nickel hardware.  I had painted it the brownish cherry wood color that matches the cabinetry.  It still looks awesome.... we put our towels there for easy access when we get out of the shower.

PRDesign touch

And finally, a close up of the sign.  I can change it out anytime... right??? because it is a chalk board and I assume will just erase off!!!

Good thing is.... this bathroom had good bones..... no leaky faucets or cabinets falling apart, tile in tact and updated faucets.... most expensive thing was the lights.

It was time for a makeover.  This project did take us a few weeks and probably cost us about $1200 for the updates included the cost for an electrician here and in other parts of the house.

 Leave me a comment.  Tell me what you think of our Master Bathroom Makeover!

If you would like any further information email me at :

Thanks for stopping by

creative greetings.... and more!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's a Dog Doodler's Life

I am a pet owner... what the heck... I'm a mom to a fur baby.... Tucker... is not an unusual breed, but I've not met many Pomeranian dog owners.  

He may look different to some, because we get his hair... coat.... trimmed.  He is considered a Toy... of small stature.  He is cute and cuddly... and he is NOT a puppy.... I think he is over 10 years old, we got him as rescue ... and as the years go by... I'm not sure anymore his exact age.

He is a cutie!  I've  talked about him on the blog before.   He and his big brother from another mother Cooper, who we lost in September 2016 to bone cancer, have certainly given me something to doodle about! Clink on the links on the left side of the blog, you will see the Adventures of Cooper & Tucker!

Here is my digi doodle version of Tucker.  I've made him into greeting cards.  He's had blog posts and Instagram posts..... doesn't he look innocent?  
Who me???
This is one of the things I like best about being a doodler... I get the chance to create what I see in my mind... and share it with others.

Sweet Caroline - Dream Believer

Another thing I get to do... being a creative, card maker, doodler... artist extraordinaire.... I get to make gifts for friends and family.  Note cards as gifts... you will see doggies (and other animals) Caroline and Gus made into fun cards...  I sure hope the receiver used these fun personalized cards.... sent them out and spread the SHINE.... brighten someone's day....

Sweet Caroline - Wishing on a Star

Doodling someone's pet, or creating them as a whimsical caricature... with their colors... favorite flower.... you name it.... is a great way to give a special personalized gift!  We need to send and receive more FuN MaiL..... happy mail, not bills and junk mail!

Dotted Doggie - Paper Pieces

And ... of course... there are all kinds of cards to be made with all kinds of colored paper, shapes and textures.  I love paper and I love putting colors together in unique ways!

I come and go with consistent posting.... but I'm pushing ahead a little bit more about SNAIL mail, cards, affirmation, love, recognition ... bottom line... people love to receive FUN MAIL.... validation that friends and family are thinking of them.... a card with a few words can truly 
Brighten Someone's Day!!!!
contact me via email if I can create something for you
Many unique cards in stock, starting at $3.50 + s&h


Saturday, October 07, 2017

Greetings by a Creative

If you don't use it...
you might lose it!

And frankly, I don't want to lose it!

If you don't know already.. my blog... my id... who I am.... is a creative person.... I am prdesigns/creative greetings!  Peggy cardmaker.

I have been making all things crafty & creative for many, many MANY years!  Did I mention I create 'stuff'? If you need a refresher.... click on one of the links to the left of this blog, it will take you to something I've made!

My passion has been Greeting Cards.... but I couldn't do that if I didn't have some interest/talent in doodling, drawing, painting, digitizing, stamping and mixing it all together... what an awesome gift from God!

I am thankful and grateful!  

And I kind of forgot where I was for a little bit.... but I know I am much happier, at peace, in my zone, finding my purpose.... when I am MORE me when.... I'm doing,  creating every day and keeping the skills I've learned in constant motion!

I'm not behind!  I don't need to catch up!  I just have to work on ME a bit more .... and what I do is create for the love of it.  I share because I want to brighten someone's day.  And I need to continue and practice my strengths EVERY damn day!

Today I have a few cards made in the last few months!

who else could you be?

monster mouth
silly giggle grin

Stripe Cat

Most all of my cards are unique and one of a kind hand made!  But don't let that stop you!  This blog and clicking on my links to the left can give you hundreds of ideas of the different cards I can make just for you!

I always have cards in stock starting at $3.50 each.  I can pretty much re-create anything.  And I can custom make and personalize most all!

If you are looking for a whimsical gift or want to send someone a special card... I'd love to create for you!

Brighten Someone's Day


Monday, September 18, 2017

Local Artists Need Support

Hello and welcome to my blog!
I am a creative soul and love to make 'something' every day!

Layered HELLO card

For too many years, (more that I can count now, but I have a few cards I made for my husband almost 30 years ago...) I have made hundreds and even thousands of greeting cards.  

They are such a creative outlet for me.  

I love that God has given me a gift that I try and use every day.  I practice all the time to make progress... which in turn, has become my version of perfecting what I do!

Get Well Soon

I hand doodle all kinds of cards.  Doodle, draw, sketch.... paint, computer generate, ink/rubber stamp... and all unique, one of a kind cards!  Yes, I admit that I am a copy artist!!! Sometimes I get my ideas from other places... but I do not trace or use someone elses image... unless it is from the paper I get from one of the craft stores.

Smiling Frogs

I admit that sometimes I'm like a kid in a candy store... there are so many cute ideas, posting, blogs, Pinterest and other adorable things out there on the internet....and I am greatly inspired to recreate some of the cuteness!

And I feel guilty.  But, I am often reassured that it is okay to Steal Like and Artist. by Austin Kleon.  So, if he says it's okay... then it's okay?   Right???

Gift Pack of cards
Birthday Gift

Oh boy do I love to make money supporting my habit, I mean my hobby! My cards mostly start at $3.50 each.  Yes, according to 'some' people.... whomever you are... I sell myself short!  I am blessed and fortunate this isn't my only livelihood.... but it makes my living lively!

 It's my gift to you, if you like what I do!

I'm on a resurgence if you will, a big kick, on the bandwagon...on my soapbox... support local artist!!!!  If you know someone who is a creative, buy from them.

Come back and visit me here again at my blog.  On the left side you can click on any one of the labels and it will take you a post of my made cards. It gives you an idea of the variety of cards I can make!

Send out more FuN MaiL
Brighten Someone's Day

Peggy Sue


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