Monday, April 04, 2016

The Real Me

Why create?
Because I can, I want to, I enjoy it, it brings me joy, I can see things much clearer, I get to share, it's fun... it completes me.

I've pondered this question, probably every day.... for a very long time.  Why create?  

Comparison is a big evil.... 
I create because I can.... 
I CANT do surgery to cure a sick patient, I CANT balance a multi million dollar budget for a corporate 500 company, I CANT fly an airplane, I CANT teach students quantum physics, I CANT manage a 5 Star Hotel in Mid Town Manhattan ..... nor would I want to do any of those these jobs.

Those occupations seem important!  Those jobs probably make a lot of money.  Working at a high level job is very impressive.

Bottom line is... you've got to do the best with what you've got.

It's taken me a long time to get to this point... this is my journey.... God still has lots of plans for me... but for right now..... creating every day is helping me become the person I am supposed to be.

Here are a few samples of some recent cards.  They are all different, yet the colors seem cool and compatible.  The HELLO dog card is a doodle that I digitized and colored in using my computer and Photo Shop.  The flowers are water color.  And the markers are paper punched and pieced together.

I think it would be more so unusual if I didn't struggle with the 'if' and the 'why'.  The good thing is, while I struggle, my mind is big enough to multi-task and I can create while I ponder about my purpose!

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