Monday, March 21, 2016

Kiss Me!

So, how is the first quarter of your year going!?!

Spring is here.... 3 months into 2016, what is new with you?

I have a lot on my mind, but it's all good stuff!  Once again I'm saying there is so much to create, and not enough time.  There are so many things I want to do, but I'm doing what I should do... and then adding bits and pieces.... here and there!  And I'm good with that.

Last holiday..... St. Patrick's Day.  Was it Lucky for you?

Here are the cards I sent to my kids. Now they'll know that everyone gets the same thing...yet each once is filled with love to them!!  Every day is a holiday.... of some sort.  But with cards..... I can add a gift card in it and let them know how proud I am of them, that I miss them, that I think of them often.... just as simple as that.

I'm lucky to be able to #createeveryday

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jungle Fever

This is a long post... It's not my typical post.  

But then again... what is typical? normal? constant in every day living?

It may intrigue you, it was a vivid dream.  

Then again, it may not interest you!!!  

If anything, scan through all the pictures of this post.  I drew them all, digitally on my IPad on the Sketchbook app.  I think they turned out awesome.  And to think that 4 months ago I didn't even know this type of doodling existed for me!!!

I love to learn.

But sometimes I don't know all the answers.

I love signs... ideas that pop up to guide me or direct me, but I don't always know what they mean.

I failed at something 6 months ago.  It really made me sad.... MAD too.  But it's okay to fail!  It's like ending a chapter in a book... it's NOT THE END.... just the end of that chapter.  Time to start a new chapter!  Right? Turn the page.

I happened upon something new.  Lots of new things in fact... and now it's time to CULTIVATE my good life and start to grow.... again.

Here is my Learning to Journey on your Spiritual Journey with Rebecca.... she created the environment or my natural wanderings of the mind to navigate the realm of mystery....

As I closed my eyes I was transported to a beach with comforting white sand to my left and clear blue water and white topped waves to my right.  (Often, ocean dreams are about bringing awareness into your life.Water symbolizes the spiritual rebirth - the strength of the life.  )

The waves came in and out and became it's own happy rhythm.  

There was a wonderful breeze... it was neither  hot or nor cold.... it was just wonderfully pleasant. 

As I watched the ocean, sea...come in and out... I saw crystal clear pools of water among some strong rocks next to the lazy beach. The jagged yet smooth water worn rocks would hold the pools of water as the ocean came in.... and slowly the clear water  would empty out.  Sink into the sand... evaporate, disappear. Some small pools held random rocks and shells and the little light weight items would bob up and down in the small pool.  And with the next wave in it might take it back into the ocean with it when it exited.  I could watch the back and forth, and back and forth of the waves coming in and going out....

I looked up and around and saw a variety of lush green-ness to my left.

It was very inviting and welcomed me to it.  I was careful.  I didn't want to break any branches or bend any leaves.  I didn't want to step and break anything of the jungle floor.  I didn't want to disturb nature.  But it was calling me to come in and explore.... but be careful! (A jungle is an environment that is full of lushness and that has many possibilities. )

As I made my way in to the jungle I came upon a very unusual sight....

Under and around my feet I saw my Pomeranian Tucker.... but he eventually morphed into a wide eyed Furby Ewok type of character.  He was very excited to see me, but slightly shy, peeking up between the leaves.  

Next was a very, very, very red lady bug. (we often associate a ladybug with hard work, clear planning, and the use of relationships in order to progress in life. ) Sort of like a Jitter bug.  She stood her ground, but she was very excited to lead me somewhere.  

And then next was a very furry caterpillar. (the caterpillar in the dream symbolizes the for the most part unaware spiritual potential which only must unfold his beauty.) The Caterpillar walked with it's many legs up and down the leafy frond.  Never jumping off or leaving it's path.  

Each animal (symbol)  kept their own special spot on the leaf .... sure not to interrupt the space of the other.  

Not shone in this picture but to my left I heard a rustle on the jungle floor.  It was a snake.  I wasn't scared.  It came close, but then it would slither back, and come toward me again.... but for some reason it just went away.... it was not supposed to be here with my other friends.

It was time to journey further into the jungle.  My Wide eyed friend and the fuzzy caterpillar became very white like a Albino.... and the lady bug stayed vivid red.  Tucker jumped on to my shoulder as we walked deeper into the jungle.  There was excitement where the journey would take us.  But we were in no hurry. 

And then all of sudden .... breaking through the tall trees we saw this...

Sun light, shining on the perfect blue flowers.  Just look and don't touch!  Forget-me-nots?
(It means that you know what to do and how to do it but you can’t get up enough courage to actually pull through it and do what needs to be done.)

After looking for the beauty in all things, we trekked on through the jungle and came upon yet another wonderful sight....

I spied down on this beautiful vision and just felt serenity.  But I couldn't figure out how to get down to the pool to dip my toes.  (Dipping one in the water down, so the need is expressed to renew own forces and to return to the origin.)
And just like that (it was a dream after all) the leaves and trees opened up to my right and there was an easy walkway that opened up for me to get to the waterfalls.  (A waterfall registers the dreaming that he will surround of a spiritual power which he should make use) The sound of the water falling into the pool was magical.  It was peaceful, calm and quiet.  I stepped over the little falls to the right and stepped into a cave that opened up under the big falls.  I was able to sit on a ledge and drop my feet into the pool.  The tiny falls was streaming with cool water, while the larger falls was warm.  All of a sudden the ledge I was sitting on turned into a slide that opened up and swept me down into the pool.

It was an endless pool.  And when I fell in I felt all this fingers touching me.  Maybe they weren't fingers but water bugs? Just lightly touching my toes and feet, my legs and my arms.... touch, tap, touch, tap.... Something tugged at me and pulled me under.  I wasn't afraid.  It held me down and then I was let go and popped up in the middle of the pool.   Touch, tap, touch at all angles..... and I was pulled down under again.  Gently I was let go and I popped up above the surface of the pool.  It looked like a geyser.  It was so clear and so deep.  And then I got turned about in a spin and pushed out to the opening of a river.

It was like a lazy river.  (Moving water, as for example in a brook, indicates at the fact that your emotional world changes is subjected) On both sides of me I saw lush greenery waving .... that eventually turned into people cheering.  I could see that there was a bridge going over the river and was looking for a way to get out of the river, but there was no place for me to get out.  And I saw up ahead another bridge.... but again I was not able to find a way to get out of the river.... so I just stayed floating down the river and let the river take me where it will.... and it popped me back out into the ocean near where my journey began. ( It is a mysterious substance, because it can flow by, about and round things. )

Tired from my journey, I found a place on the beach to lay my head and curl up my body.  My friends came back to me.  Tucker still all white curled up near my head.  I was covered by a palm frond and the ladybug pulled in her legs and the caterpillar, all white wrapped around itself and we fell asleep under the vast sky of stars.  (as the sign of brilliancy, achievement, ambitions or lofty morals. You are great believer of luck and fortune and hence take your crucial decisions depending on them)


After my vivid day dream was over ... I thought that I was not the only person in the world, but in this world I am the only person that is me.

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