Thursday, September 27, 2012

Layered Fall Colors

Here is another card from stamp camp for your viewing pleasure! 

This is sooo cool.... cool fall colors, cool layers, cool stamping! 

Just like one of the other cards made at stamp camp.... you could use this same technique over and over for any reason or season... just change colors (red/green/white and candy canes.... pink/blue and and hearts)

Although I'm feeling immensely creative, I have lost more than 30 hours a week... because I got a real job outside the home.  Part of me is really sad, because my mind and body crave being artistic... my job is not so creative... and now I'm tired at the end of the day so it's hard to just sit and create.

What's a girl to do?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love this Day

 How big do you think this is????
Last week it was Funky Flowers, this week it's powerful words!!!

It's 11" x 14".
This is next project for the on-line art class I'm taking over at Brave Girls.  The letters are printed out from the computer, then I pinned them on to some fabric that I had laying around, cut them out (that is called fussy cutting), next they got mod podged on the  canvas board, and then I painted over the Love and Day....  the close up below is just the fabric only of 'this'... so you can see the texture. It's all about textures for this class!!! There is other painting and inking going on for the background and edges.... with these  type of 'paintings' it's hard to know exactly when I'm done.
One of the many neat things about 'learning' more with mixed media, is that everything can be a creative experiment, a work in progress.... hmmmm, I'm not sure I really like that... with card making... I get the instant satisfaction of completing a card in 10-15 minutes.  Painting and collaging and mixed media... I could be putzing on each work of art for days. But, I could make this design into a creative greeting!! stay tuned.

However, the main reason I'm taking this class is.... to stretch my creative muscle. And I must admit... I really

Monday, September 24, 2012


What's even better than just getting an awesome creative greeting in the mail?  Getting a card and a special gift too!!!

I went to a mini stamp camp last week, where I learn something new every time!  Here is super cute card that holds a tea bag! 

 It could hold ... a gift card,  hot chococolate, tiny flat candy bar or a instant soup packet..... it could be anything to 'warm' somebodies day.  I'd be careful about mailing the 'bigger'  individual packets (or the chocolate)... but a small tea bag like this..... I think it could be sent FIRST CLASS. 

Any of the other things can be added to the card if you were hand delivering this on top of a pretty gift!  So many choices to make!

Another great thing about going to a class, now I tons of ideas and I could make any variety of cards with this same theme, just change the patterned paper (and or sentiment) out for he season.  Couldn't you see this as hostess gifts, or a card sending get well wishes, or even a specialChristmas treat.... (yikes, who said Christmas??)

Anyway... I love to learn!  I love to go to stamp classes to learn about making cards.  I love to make cards with new tips and techniques.  Then, I can
Brighten Someone's Day
with even more unique and whimsical creative greetings!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Never Easy

A friend recently had to put their fur baby down due to a bone illness.  It's never easy, a pet is one of the family too!

I still just love, love ♥ the fact that I can go into my creative space and figure out how to design a personalized card.  Be it a happy occassion, or sad, a joyous milestone or just a simple 'hello'.  My mantra continues to be...
Brighten Someone's Day
and I am so happy that I can do it with a creative greeting!!
You should too!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cute as Button

Just like an inked thumb print, every little button has it's own story!

This is an actual tag that can be pulled off the card and used separately, or the message can be put on the back and then tucked back into the card front!

A few weeks ago I showed you a little character card made with a simple thumb print.
Then of course on Pinterest I found a sample like I created above... Change the ink out, add a few doodles and anything can be created from inky fingers.... from wild animals to people, from simple hearts to an entire picture of fall leaf thumb prints.  Amazing!

I love cardmaking designs with buttons! 

 I would do more because I have a tin full of (mostly used... old) buttons.  The thing that stops me from creating more with this 'do-dad', is sending them through the mail. 

Buttons are bulky.

You know me, I follow the rules.... you are supposed to add additional postage and somewhere put on the envelope, hand sort (or something like that).  I heard that postal workers don't always like crafters because we send things that can get caught up in their sorting machines. 

I understand that! I don't want one of my friends to receive a ripped envelope... it mars the beauty!

I think the one button on this card is okay.  It's a cute little birdie with a wing and then a few doodles for beak and feet!  How much of a problem could he be???

I'm continuing to work through some of my copying issues and according to Steal Like an Artist... I'm copying because I'm going to fake it until I MAKE it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bloom & Shine

Real simple card today!  With love!

A few little doodled blossoms and a cute ♥ tag with some floss... and voila` a great creative greeting!!
But I do not hang my head in shame, I got the idea from Pinterest, a place that inspires my imagination and the credit goes to a blog: This & That and everything in between!

Lots of things inspire my imagination.  I have a ton of notebooks, and sketchbooks, and 3" x 5" index cards, computer scanned images, magazines, favorite blogs, creative opportunities ( in other words, big mistakes) all with greeting card ideas!  More ideas than I have time for.  And all that fun stuff surrounds me in my office.
"It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected." Mark Twain

I'm just trying to follow some advice that really SHINES!
Go ahead,
Brighten Someone's Day!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nine Lives

I'm free!

I just purchased a new book Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon . . . and he says it's okay for me to 'steal' some of my ideas for card making.

Remember? I often say that I CASe projects.... a term used in the what I'm familiar with in the paper crafting world, C-copy A-and S-steal E-everything!!! (or the S could mean SHARE)

Creative work builds off of something, so nothing is EXACTLY original.  Whew.... I said it and now I feel better!

I recently got an order for some birthday cards, so instantly that gives me a spark to create more for my stash.  It gives me a purpose to focus on one genre.... now, to figure out some fun and whimsical birthday greetings.  Above is one!

The smart kitty cat is a doodle from Penny Black designs. I found a 'similar' layout while blogging.  What I eventually ended up with was built with the papers in my stash and then I played with the tilt of the image,  then I punched out swirls and popped up flowers with sparkly centers. I changed the balloon colors a bit to match the paper colors. I added a sentiment after the picture was taken.... Happy Birthday!

I think there is more to my fun new project of  'stealing'.  Well, mainly, not feeling so guilty when I build something creative off of existing wonder!

There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Brave...but not like some

 Okay, as part of thinking outside of my creative 'box' and working on my SELF, exploring a different kind of art other than keeping an Art Journal (oh and of course my little faux creative greeting card company), here is my first mixed media canvas board from Brave Girl's Art School.  It's a 6 week online art class that I signed up for and the first week we are making Funky Flowers!
The flowers are created of  'lots of things you find around the house'.  So, there are petals made from patterned fabric, patterned paper, lace, buttons and other do dads.  Then I used Sparkling paste (from Home Depot) and colored it with acrylic paint to make texture, texture and more texture.  And then pieces are 'glued down' with Mod Podge. Many layers of Mod Podge.

To me, this has a cottage feel to it.  I can't say it's my 'style' but then I don't know what my style is when it comes to painting. I still love the detail my ink pen gives me.... but I'm trying to be FREE and paint what I feel... la dee da!

It's an extremely beautiful sunny day .  Just like I remember watching the Today show at 8:46 am 11 years ago... I was kid sitting with my kids and 3 other teacher's kids...before school started for my first and third grader... and then life in middle America and every where in the United States was on hold... for days... what the hell was going on!!!!  I will never forget.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just call me Ar-teast!

I love, love doodles like this! 
When I'm blog surfing they catch my eye and then right away, I just have to try and recreate them.
(sorry I don't have the name of the original artist)

I think a flat on picture is too boring... so that is why it is fun to work on my shading.  These BIC markers I have a great, because when you add another layer of color it does make the base layer darker and seem like I am adding shade word.  People have to pay big bucks for the Copic alcohol markers to get the same affect.
Cut out some blue patterned paper and it looks like a jean pocked, even with a stud!  and the swirls add just the right flair!

You can do anything
but not everything
 ~ david allen

Friday, September 07, 2012

Hello Friend!

Although I have plenty to keep me busy, I like to find a good challenge. 

Lately I have been participating in the Mojo Monday challenge.  (I haven't submitted my card, but I take on the challenge of creating with the design sketch given on the Monday)  They give you a sketch of a card, and you see what you can come up with.

This was actually last weeks challenge.  But you wouldn't know that unless I told you now, would you???

Things I like best about this card?  The color combination with the argyle patterned paper.  And that, is a doodle of my trusty furry friend Cooper.  He's always curious!!!
There is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Welcome Baby!

Here are two baby cards, similar layout, similar design, similar doodle... but the cards seem so different.  I'm not sure who the original doodle of the little baby in a buggy is (sorry) It's not mine.... but it is sooooo super darn cute.  And that paper pieced buggy that is sort of a sweet pea shell.... super cute as well!!!

Just by switching out colors you can go from a boy/girl card to a unisex card.  Adding ribbons and golden thread give the card a different feel as well.  I like the flower in the center of the wheel best. Dots and dashes, and stars complete these two FUN & Whimsical baby cards.

Today is the oldest you've ever been and the
youngest you'll ever be again
 - pinterest

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It's No Can of Tuna

 What do you do if no one in your house eats tuna? 
You find the next best thing.... Altoids.  Okay, let me clarify the situation.... a SHINEworks challenge was given  to re purpose a Tuna Can, but since we don't eat Tuna in our house (never quite acquired the taste)... I just used the next best thing I had in my stash.... a mint container.
I admit it! 
It is so much easier to 'come up with ideas' while surfing through Pinterest.  You can find anything there, from meaningful quotes to amazing cupcake recipes.  There are fantastic fashion combinations, to ways to decorate the perfect gift.  And there are even ways to re-purpose an Altoid Tin.... check out the link here at the Nature of Crafty Things!

I have some really cute patterned paper that I thought would work perfect for this little tin.  Its a little Hippy Chick by DCWV.  Matching ribbon to go around the lid base and then "lolli" flowers with a button on top. Perfect, easy and ready in under about 10 minutes!

 I just traced the can shape on to the back of the paper.  Cute inside the lines and then glued the paper to the can. Added a few matching embellishments.  Notice, I also added patterned paper inside the tin!

A gift card fits inside perfectly!!!! 
Hey, if you are a small hoarder of Altoid tin cans, save me a few, I'd love to make a few more gift card holders!!!!

It's amazing what you CAN do when you try!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Creative Greetings!

 Hey, thanks for stopping by!!!  Today's blog post is brought to you by..... thanks!  I appreciate when you visit, love it even more if you make a comment.  If you can't or don't want to sign up for 'blogger'... you can always send me an email at

If you didn't know... I have my own little greeting card business.... PRDesigns.  I have been working with paper crafts for over 20 years now.  I have my own little faux company 'creative greetings!!'.... most cards are only $2.50! ....if you just want to see my paper crafts and not read about the 'family stuff' click on my blog here. Or, look on the right column --> there is an icon for creativegreetingstoo... click on it and it will take you right to the cards!!!   I have lots in stock, not as much as Hallmark or the 49cent store.... but lots of cards and mini scrapbooks for those extraordinary people in your life that you want to recognize with a special, whimsical and unique greeting card! 
Here is a cute scarecrow card and some gift tags that 4 Card of the Month members got as their September surprise card.... the theme of course is Fall!!

Think ahead, have any special events coming up?   Help a small business out.  You gotta admit my cards are pretty cute!!!!

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Mini Gulf

I can't believe it, but I did it.  During the college move out a few weeks ago, to get the huge hide-a-bed couch out of my creative space... I actually had to clean up some piles of 'crafty' stuff that have been sitting around since we moved in about 6(?) years ago.

I came upon a cute super size vellum envelope filled with pictures and scrap stuff from our 2002 trip to Gulf Shores Alabama.  I think I was going to make a scrap book page.  Instead....

... with the help of tutorial I made a mini album from "Following the Paper Trail".... the covers are out of chip board and patterned paper line the inside pages with pockets and flaps and special pull out sections, and then added the photos and other 'things' I had saved.

I still love to cut up brochures and maps and travel guides as the 'scrap' stuff  that I add to my pages.  One, it keeps me on the frugal side and two, I love to see old receipts and dated tickets (that's what really helps to bring back the memories).  Now that's what I'm talking real scrap book stuff!!!

This is a small mini album.  About 6 pages with room for about 12 'cropped' photos.  In all these years of creating whimsical cards... and scrap books.... and other paper crafting goodness... this week I actually finished an entire mini album.  Pictures and all!!!

It's not just about ideas, it's about making ideas happen.


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