Monday, September 03, 2012

Mini Gulf

I can't believe it, but I did it.  During the college move out a few weeks ago, to get the huge hide-a-bed couch out of my creative space... I actually had to clean up some piles of 'crafty' stuff that have been sitting around since we moved in about 6(?) years ago.

I came upon a cute super size vellum envelope filled with pictures and scrap stuff from our 2002 trip to Gulf Shores Alabama.  I think I was going to make a scrap book page.  Instead....

... with the help of tutorial I made a mini album from "Following the Paper Trail".... the covers are out of chip board and patterned paper line the inside pages with pockets and flaps and special pull out sections, and then added the photos and other 'things' I had saved.

I still love to cut up brochures and maps and travel guides as the 'scrap' stuff  that I add to my pages.  One, it keeps me on the frugal side and two, I love to see old receipts and dated tickets (that's what really helps to bring back the memories).  Now that's what I'm talking real scrap book stuff!!!

This is a small mini album.  About 6 pages with room for about 12 'cropped' photos.  In all these years of creating whimsical cards... and scrap books.... and other paper crafting goodness... this week I actually finished an entire mini album.  Pictures and all!!!

It's not just about ideas, it's about making ideas happen.

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K Hutchinson said...

Way to go! Your album is so sweet! Remember all those good times!


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