Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Send A little Love in your Mail Box

Hello Blog Friends,

We are at Week #4 of 2017.

I'm keeping track of the weeks of the year in a few ways.  To challenge myself, if life unto itself is not challenge enough, I subscribe to a Doodle Challenge or two, Word Challenges and Self Care Challenges, that are all documented around the weeks.

As my part of the Year of MORE... and the easy way I put a twist on it... I want to be MORE of myself... (not self-centered, and I'm all that) but just turn it up a notch and be, do, share a little bit more of what I have to offer.

I may have stated it here before... but like computers, cell phones and any technology... you can have the basic model... but once the creators find something new to add to 'it' to make it better... they number it so you can update and be current.  Better than before.

So, the original me ... was, Peggy.  Then I became Peggy 1.0..... right now, I'm way above a 10 currently, (old school, like the movie I'm a TEN) like when people say age is just a number .... trust me... I'm Peggy but new and improved with every experience, learning opportunity and challenge... I'm trying my best to be updated... or up to date.... to give, share, do.... SHINE... with MORE!

Here's one thing I bet you didn't know about me, I make whimsical greeting cards!  
****shameless plug**** 

This hobby of mine really is almost all I talk about here on my blog!  Valentine's Day is coming up.... why not send some snail mail to a friend?

BEE Mine

To be totally honest with you, because when it comes from my heart talking about myself.... I don't know how to be otherwise.... this "hobby" of mine really hasn't taken off  how I thought it would.  

I'm not ready to give up on it, however!  

I thought maybe, I would have returning customers, or new customers wanting cards to send to their friends... purchasing every month, or throughout the year. and buying packs of greeting cards to give as gifts.

From what I can tell, you my friends love to receive my cards as a gift... but after that... the world has become too busy and well ... sales are non-existent. (Poor me)

Love Me... Tucker

I'm a little sad about it. But hey,  I am very blessed and fortunate that I don't make cards or art for a living... I'd really be that 'starving artist'.

Hearts of Love

Meantime, while I work on my purpose, and while I explore  MORE of me to be an even 'better' version.... I will continue to work on art from my heart.   

Cards like the one above don't have to be sent out only on Valentine's Day.  

From the small amount of research I've done (and actually, I've created a few surveys and calculated the data), people love finding snail mail in their mailbox. The hand addressed stamped envelope to them does really improve their mood and their outlook of the day.   It's amazing how they will tear open a greeting card to read it, (nicely use a  letter opener) versus tossing in a pile, the humdrum of the bills and marketing advertisements they receive on a daily basis. Snail mail is a card with the hug in its fold!!

With just a few weeks a way from Valentine's Day, I'd love to create some whimsy for you.  Contact me in the comment section, or send me an email at prdesigns1@sbcglobal.net.  My greeting cards will surely
Brighten Someone's Day!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

I am Accountable for my Doodles

Hello Blog Friends!

We are in Week #2 of  2017, how is it going so far?  

It's one of those things that it's 'hard to believe' how fast time flies', right... I know!

Take a deep breath...

I'm talking accountability today.

Of course doodling and creating a greeting card is not really something that is expected to have to justify its actions, being responsible or decisions making... but for me... my intentions are to be fully in my creative space and make something that will eventually Brighten Someone's Day... my purpose in sharing my creativity... the accountability factor is that I am do this, fully involved and ready to spread SHINE in my corner of the world. How would you know what I do, if I didn't show you???

Love animals?  Here is a super duper Cooper doodle card!

Sweet welcome baby card.

Bottom line, I'm a show off... to make a deliberate or pretentious display of one's abilities or accomplishments.  I consider myself a copy artist.  I can pretty much look at something and recreate it...I can draw something realistic with colored pencils, and by adding shading and highlights... I can doodle a whimsical character with bright markers, watercolors and fun embellishments... and using a computer I can do comprehensive layouts of forms and fliers and other informational pieces.

If you like what I do, I would love to create for you... you can send me an email at prdesigns1@sbcglobal.net

Don't you think it's time to Brighten Someone's Day???
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Monday, January 02, 2017

There's More!

Happy New Year blog friends!
I'm so happy you are here!

It's time to start everything fresh, right!

Shouldn't we do that EVERYDAY?  Each year we have 365 days to start over, there is always such a push on those first few days in January... and then it slowly fades away...

Just now my husband went to the gym and I was going to join him in a bit, but the parking lot is full!  Always that excitement of 'getting back' into shape.

It's not by any means that I think outside the box... which I know I should do more... but slow and steady..... I know that for the past two years I have diligently been going to the gym two days a week, at least, and then doing supplemental exercising with stretches and yoga and walking at home.

I've decided on my word for the year.  Something I intend to focus on.  MORE... I want to be MORE me!  Like a Peggy Sue  2.2 or even higher.
When I do something, consciously... I want to do it a little better, a little harder, and with a tad more intent.  I want to grow and be just a little bit better than I was the last time, or the day before.  So for instance... with the gym... I have an idea that I will walk a mile on the track... but when I'm actually there, I intentionally or consciously... walk another 2 laps, or another 5 minutes... something just a bit MORE!

I'm here to change my world!!! And those who are immediately a part of it!
 I think of these goals, and what is really doable.  By no means am I outwardly putting myself down.... but to be REAL... I'm not a scientist, or a doctor or even a teacher.... (someone who can make a big difference for many others) 

....but in my corner of the world... I can make a difference this year.... I can give MORE (if it's a donation of money or time.... I CAN step it up a notch). I can LIVE more, by being present in my situation and not comparing the moment to any other or any other person.  I can show MORE kindness, I can learn MORE and I can certainly do MORE.

In the mean time....

I will create MORE artwork and share MORE as gifts and orders to friends and family near and far...
So, always a ***shameless*** plug.... cards on my blog are for sale.  Just inquire and I will tell you if they are still available, if I have something similar or I can create it uniquely for you!

Here is to a new year.... a new year of MORE  .... SHINE MORE, and it depends on how you look at it... it could be Less is MORE or  MORE is less.... you'll just have to stop back.... because, wait... there's more!!

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