Friday, May 28, 2010

Statue of Liberty

Hard to believe, but a week ago at this time we were climbing the stairs to the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York.  My picture looks like a postcard, but I think any picture, anyone takes, would look like an awesome postcard!  What a beautiful lady, rich with history and charm .... how many people have seen her from this view?  Through the walking tour you get to use a head phone sound system that you press to hear in each separate area of the tour.  It was interesting to see the middle school boys just rush through the historical area to get to the 'good' part and climb the stairs.
Another pretty picture is a view looking at my porch and the fuscias I'm trying not to kill.  I want to be a hanging plant person, but I'm just like that commercial on tv.... water too much?  don't water enough?  root rot??? Positive, positive vibes, here's to healthy living and healthy plants!!!

Yikes, the kids are home from their 2nd to last day of finals.... so much to do all of sudden!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top of the Rock

We did a lot that first day in NYC.  We even went to the top of the Rock.  When did it change?  I mean I thought it was always called Rockefeller Center, I know they have to change the marketing ideas.  We walked all the way around the center, where they skate in the winter time, where the Christmas (or is it the Holiday) tree is lit, where the Today show films, SNL etc.... Lots of people, lots of flags, lots of tourists, and lots of police!!!  I will probably have to check DH's pics to see if we got any night time views.  The city of lights, the city that never sleeps....We went to the top at 10:20pm.  It was strange, lines of people waiting to go in, but then there were others just walking into the building.  We didn't want to cut and seem rude... but found out it was a tour group waiting for their time to go up! DH and I both have a very different perspective of the city now that we actually now what the New York newscasters are talking about!!
And if that was the top of the Rock, then the top dog of your family would be Pops, here is a male-ish card for father's day. A slider card, You are Special.  This was the card I sent out to 3 of my peeps who are part of the COTM (card of the month club)  I felt the deep colors and the star were more masculine!!

Today is the beginning of finals for high school.  The kids are still home, waiting for their scheduled exams.  Summer is about to begin!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you believe my tweet, I have a bridge to sell ya!

So many projects, so little time.  Over at the House of Shine (formerly Highlowaha) I have been working on some things... some secret, some not... eventually they are hoping that some of my creative greetings!! can go in their on line awning shop and so those interested in being involved in the Yellow Envelope Project can purchase my cards for that, and/or actually any occasion.  Here is one of the cards, sticking along the yellow theme!  Because you SHINE much better with yellow and orange tones, don't you think??
I'm also working on the mural for the pre-school.  I've brought my supplies in from the garage and am painting on the ping pong table in the basement. Much cooler down there!  I'm just waiting for my styrofoam cutter to come in the mail and that project is almost done.  Pictures to come... some day.  I also notice in my files I have pictures of my garden from the front yard I haven't posted yet, pictures of Bubba's million dollar smile and a few other secret projects.  Today is the high schools last official day before finals.... so I've got to do some secret shopping before the kids are with me 24/7!
Up close and personal, the Brooklyn Bridge! You learn so much when you take a tour, the guide gives out facts, fast and mostly with a Brooklyn (so I think) accent.  The year built, who built it, one of the first suspension bridges.  It is magnificent and huge and all built before 1900.... what technology for those times!! Our tour guide Mindy and bus driver Russell, who of course are in the service industry and work for tips... stopped on the side of  one of the roads below the bridge and near the East River.... it was a bright and beautiful afternoon for a tour of Manhattan.
so I took a picture of our shadows from atop the double decker bus, so you can pick us out, DH is waving! Silly me, I had no idea that Manhattan was literally an island.  I mean I figured Long Island was an island... but didn't know New York City was an island.... all the bridges and ferries. Amazing!  I loved the tours!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sphere

This is a beautiful sculptured globe that was between the Twin Towers in New York City, downtown Manhattan. We visited there last Friday, May 21, 2010.  It now is a memorial in Battery Park, the entrance to the area where we hopped a ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  You can check out what it originally looked like before September 11, 2001, here. What a beautiful day, a beautiful park and a very fun tour guide who took us on the subway from Time Square to get here, the southern tip of the city.  Our guide, Darrel looked like a tall Matthew Broderick from Brighten Beach Memoirs, with the Brooklyn accent and the wide grin. I'll have to check through dh's (dear hubby) photos to see if he has a pic of the Squirrel Man.  A nice older gentleman who must enjoy entertaining the tourists (and getting a tip or two) .... he sits on a bench near our group of 34 and squirrels from the park come from all over to eat nuts from his hands.  Then he summons people over who are watching him, teaches them how to hold their hands, and the squirrels jump on them to nab a nut!

Laugh out loud, I got some new paper, saw a layout and came up with this simple (hee hee) layered card. Love the butterfly!
I'm about 4 hours behind in my day today!  Bubba got his braces taken off early this morning, 2 years & 2 months!  His smile is gorgeous!!  Some time soon, I'll show before and after.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Got Coffee??

Happy Monday morning!  It's supposed to make it up to over 90 today!  The dogs and I have been up for hours to try and walk as early as possible.  I watered a few plants so they don't wilt!  Here is a card I made for CKB.  She is part of my Card of the Month group. (COTM) Each month for the entire year, she and 3 others get a 'surprise' card in the mail. This special card relates some how to the season or holiday of the month.  For instance, the rest of the group got a "you are special" card.... male-ish looking.  They could use it for Father's day.  (I'll post at a later date)
CKB requested 'coffee' themed cards.  She then would use them to invite a friend out for coffee  I love the faux postage stamps!  This is actually a 'digi' card.  Images I created on the computer (clip art???)

On our first day in the Big Apple, within the first hour of wondering about Time Square, we were approached by many types of people, selling stuff, requesting stuff etc.... we were leery, but had fun with all the excitement.  One nice looking, tall, young man approached us and told us he was with the David Letterman show.  He showed us his 'official' I.D.~ would we be interested in seeing a live taping of the show that afternoon?.... Jeff and I looked at each other and said, yes!! He asked a few questions, looked at our ID asked us to promise him that we would really be there for the FREE tickets and told us which street to go to.  So, here we are!!!  We got to see Kathryn Heigl (promoting Killers with Ashton Kutcher).... last Thursday at 4:30pm.  Although we USED to be David Letterman fans... it was a fun FREE experience and totally un-expected!!  The band was excellent!! How fun!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New York City- Time Square

We just got back from 3 days packed with complete touristy stuff in New York City. We were there to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on May 19. Here is the view from our 22nd floor window, looking down and north of Time Square Check out all the yellow cabs. The red area, bottom left was a fun place to sit and people watch. All around that 'stand' was the lines of people waiting to purchase half price tickets to Broadway shows that were NOT sold out. Tall, lit and unlit billboardsk signs, advertisements, huge, flashing, amazing. Also, notice the red double deck bus, we eventually took a ride up and down Broadway and 5th Ave, enjoyable! Stay tuned for posts all this week about our trip to New York City, or as we learned.... originally.... New Amsterdam.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

20 Years of Wedded Bliss

The twentieth year of marriage is one of the big milestone anniversaries. As we celebrate this special 20th wedding anniversary, we will reflect on the commitment to a lifetime of marriage the two of us have made.
China is the gift for 20 years
I've shown this picture a couple of times over the years on my blog and the first time I wondered how come I've always used this picture, no other close ups... then I am reminded... our photographer said the lab lost one to 2 rolls of film from that special day, all the pictures that were close ups and candids of us at the wedding never were found. That is such a bummer.
I'm also reminded that a 5 year old can use a digital camera and post pictures to the www on a PC and within minutes, her dad working in China can see a picture of her artwork she did in her kindergarten class in America... the technology is awesome!
Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Perennial Farm Visit

Turn up the volume.... don't really listen to the words, but the music kind of adds to the pictures. Last Friday I took a stroll around a perennial farm with some girlfriends, then I cropped my pictures. Technology at it's finest!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Its a matter of engagement

Wow, what happened to my blogger headline (prdesigns), it went back to what I actually posted a few weeks ago, versus that little corner it was showing all last week.  You probably didn't notice, but this blogger thing seems to have a mind of it's own. 
Here's a cute little pre-ordered engagement card.  The request was yellow and some sort of daisys or black eyed susans.... I love those little challenges. Simple and neat.
It was a very nice weekend around here.  A bit chilly, but I will take that over rain.  Everything is so green, now I have to take care of it.  My next photo up, the front yard and my hanging fuscia plants.  I hope I can keep them surviving through out the summer.  Plant friends all said to me when they saw them... "Oh, those are so hard to grow, I've never had any luck with them"  oh oh!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I need a hero!

Okay, this is so funny!! Last week Bubba had a half day of school. I've been telling the kids that I am not their personal maid, nor am I a slave. They need to start helping more around the house since their dad is traveling with business more. I will help them do things, but I will NOT do their laundry if it sits in a basket folded for weeks, I will NOT clean up their kitchen mess, I will not put away their shoes.... they need to take responsibility. So..... Bubba was having friends over for lunch and I told him to figure out what they were going to eat, and he'd have to make it! Thus the Dagwood!!!

Hilarious when I opened the fridge and saw it STANDING there with press & seal wrap all over it, I had to take a picture!!! He made all the sandwiches but then wanted me to put them on the panini press just before they got home from school. I thought this was a hoot!!! Especially when I placed my diet coke next to it!! Now this, I could do.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where do butterflies go when it rains?

Wonder if they have done a documentary on that.  I don't know, but it looks like the rain gauge is over the 3" mark combining the last two days.  Thunderstorms rolled in this morning at about 3am...but a few days ago I made an awesomely cute card with a 3D butterfly.  I was going to be a better blogger and list where I get my ideas, but I have yet to perfect how to get the info down here when I made the card a week or more ago, then put the pictures in the computer, and then a week after that I spotlight a card.  So, I'm sorry to any blogger who comes across my cards and something looks familiar and I don't give them credit!
This is actually 3 butterflies glued together to give the look.  Just love it!  Tried to do a close up to give you the full affect of how gorgeous it is to have the wings like this.  So cool!

My mission today is to find a Styrofoam battery operated cutter.  Getting that I can cut the polythyrene Styrofoam insulation 4'x8' sheet to start making my animals for the wall in the 2 year old pre school classroom!  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hanging around - garden part three

Okay the good parts, I love the pansies and the multi colors, I love the reflection of what looks to be a very clean window, I'm not so sure I'm loving the hanging pot itself with the grassy moss, but the first two things make up for that!! I have a few more hanging pots, but they are in the front yard, and I didn't get pictures taken there, so that's one of the teasers where you will have to tune back in and see what they look like.  That may be in a few weeks, with this cold and rainy weather.... who knows when we'll have another nice day!!!
Circle round.... okay, this photo was doctored... well really the earth was.  I actually had the rock garden started, I actually had it in a circle going around the chives and when my friend KLL was here, she pointed out that I was 'IN" when I created the coil going around the plant in the center.  So, we just worked it a bit more to really show that swirl and coil growing out.  Love it!
Light, dark, shadows, sun... this photo needs a little more work, it is kind of hard to see EVERYTHING.... the rustic fountain, the texture of the tree, the birdbath, the different greens of the hostas, the rusty metal of the flower pick, the patio blocks and the view of my neighbors backyard.

I can't wait to take more pictures.  Today I am off to give blood.... my goal is 4 times this year, or is it 5?  I signed up to do a 'season' of giving.  Also I'm checking out a foam board cutter so I can get started on the 2D animals for the 2 year old class room and the pre-school.  (That's that volunteer project I'm doing) At least for now, the rain is done and I can take the boys for a walk!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Light the way

Hmmm, I had a great post typed up for this card, but it seems that I did not save it to cyber space.... or that it is IN cyber space!!!  Anyway.... a very cute card I doodled.  Thank you to the original artist out there in blog land!!!It's a rainy cold day here,  April showers bring.... oops, wrong month!!  Now as I come back here to revisit during my lunch hour, my day is kind of off!!!  Maybe I'll be directed onto a new path this afternoon.  Happy Day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

On the side please

Here are two cards from the past week that have color swatch on the side.  The focus is more on the tiny image, but get the color pop from the side panel.  I don't know if this is a true layout design.  These two weren't certainly done on purpose.  But hey.... they look good, right???
This card is actually one sent off to a Yellow Envelope Project recipient.  If you want to learn more about that, click here. 

 I had a great Mother's Day, how about you? I pretty much got to do my own stuff!  I read on my lovely front porch... from the library... the Sarah Palin book Going Rogue.  Was treated to yummy chips and salsa  (and a nice lunch) from Chili's.  I got a new GPS as my gift.  Yay, another electronic device I have to figure out.  But I must admit, I do love a good GPS that gets me to that new place and tells me how to get there!!!!  For dinner I was made Shrimp and Pasta, and they all pretty much cleaned up the messes.  Yay!! I got to pull weeds from my garden, that's always fun and I got to spend time with my lovely family.  What more can a mom ask for????
Today I'm off to a pre-school to volunteer painting a Noah's Ark on the wall above the 2 year old's classroom.  That's all I know.... more to come!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Garden Pictures - Visit two

Well, I thought another visit to my garden was due, since it has turned into a typical spring day here in the midwest.  A few days of dreary rain and now temps in the high 40's.  I was spoiled on Thursday when I took these pictures.  I love my bird bath.  Bearded Iris's, Lily's of the valley... and things only true gardeners know the names off .  I just planted whatever bulbs my mom's neighbor gave her!! This view is back to the house with the patio.
Another view looking toward the side of my yard with the bird bath in the forefront.  Look in the bottom left corner you will see my Goodwill find of a couple weeks ago. A heavy metal doodad... I think it was part of a couple of pieces to make a little gate of some sort.  But I like it!  My garden has rocks, gnomes and a tiny fountain too.  We'll visit those pictures another day.

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling. ~Mirabel Osler

Friday, May 07, 2010

My Garden ~ visit one

The view out my kitchen window is a very beautiful one! I love my back yard. Of all the things right and wrong with this house in Illinois, my yard is one thing (right) I like very much. Every morning I wake up and bring the lap top to my kitchen table, to catch up on events, to visit with people, to write my blog and to look out my triple kitchen windows. My window to the world. This is what I saw in February. See the cute red barn, near to the big barn of a house???
And as of yesterday here is what I see....
Lots and lots of green..... still see the barn? Obviously I have more of my yard being shown in this picture, but I wanted you to experience what I see when I sit in my chair with my iced coffee latte and my little furry friend in my lap. Tip, tap, tip!!!Now that I see these pictures I have so many nooks and crannies in my garden that I need to share each special area. In the middle to the left you see a cute chair....
then go to a close up... although it's weathered a year on my front porch here is a perfect plant holder for these pansies. My mom is my chair finder. I actually have two chairs hidden on my porch to painted and 3 more in her attic. Yikes!!! Sunflowers now faded are on this chair. But for some reason.... I love scratched and tattered chairs placed carefully in a garden, and with pretty flowers!!!
It's been raining all night. We need it! So it's in the house I stay this spring day. The kids are home early from school. It's prom tonight.... Bubba's date got asked by someone else and she accepted the other offer :(... so he is going to Ironman with his guy friends. Sissy is going to a team bonding sleepover. And I get to figure out what's next for my secret garden!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Note of Love

I was blurfing and saw this cute layout for a love you card and thought it would work perfect for an anniversary card.  I used stamping off as technique to give a light hint of the wording behind the bigger notables of the hearts and swirl design.  Now looking at it, the note of love should have been in a light grey or even red... it sort of looks like a mistake instead of in the background.  :0)
I liked the card so much, I did two versions.  Can't have enough anniversary cards.

It looks like it's going to be a good good day! Cool temps, blue skies and lots of sunshine!!  I got some hostas and other perinials replanted yesterday.  I'll try and do a little more weeding, it's amazing how weeds grow like weeds.  Poof! a new one pops up... poof, poof!!!! And I will take a cute picture of my backyard.  Oh, and work on my blog header.... and do some laundry, vacuum the upstairs, clean a toilet or two and wash dog smudges off the glass doors.


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