Sunday, January 25, 2015

This is NOT a Hobby

I  don't think I mentioned, but over the holiday break ....I got a 'new' craft room.

One day I may show it, but right now it's in the middle of a creative upheaval.

After getting new carpeting upstairs, my oh-so-smart hubby made a suggestion that I move my 'office' to one of the front rooms, Bubba's old bedroom.  It's bigger and has built in shelves. I was SOLD!

We thought doing this before, but now that Bubba has accepted a job in Kansas City when he graduates from the University of Iowa in May.... he probably wont be coming back to his old room.  

So, we flip flopped.  

My old craft space has now become the 'spare' bedroom, and his old bedroom has become my creative office.  It's been a month and I still can't find some of my 'stuff'.  And I have yet to purge and get rid of things in hopes that I can find another use for them. Creativity in process.... making PROGRESS!

What is exciting is. that I'm back to card making.

I'm taking an on-line class and I'm working in an art journal .... I am being 'creative' every day.  In some way or another I doodle, practice my handwriting, journal, create a background, make a card, edit a picture in photo shop.... something to be creative.... and I love, love , LOVE it!

Today's post it's all about these fun birds.  Simple round shapes, half round shapes, imperfect round shapes.... and a cute little birdie emerges.

Brighten Someone's Day with a creative greeting!!!!

Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Settle for Progress

I love nothing more than a clear cut sign.  

It helps to affirm that I am on the right track.

I got a lot of those signs today! Actually, so far..... 3 signs

  • I found this quote on Instagram from someone who I admire.

We must dismantle our perfectionism and settle for progress.

2015 is my year of PROGRESS .... and I love when I find it!  

I always thought the 'word' perfect is over-rated.  I don't want to be 'perfect', I want to do the best I can at what I do. Strive for progress not perfection.

  • And then paraphrasing my horoscope: While you may already be questioning some of the resolutions you moved into the year with, this is what is making 2015 so exiting, a year full of adventure where you have the freedom to change your mind or make it up as you go.  At this point nothing is written in stone.... and.... you have to be willing to take a risk even though there is the unerring law of Karma which says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Expect the best today as it may indeed be one of those days in which you are blessed with the unexpected.

  • While I was working out today to train for * 13.1 NYC 4.19.15 an older gentleman (35 years older)  that I was riding a stationary bicycle next to started to chat with me just as I put in my headphones.  He didn't think he was interrupting me.... and a half hour later we ended our conversation with how small the world is when you take a moment to listen to the person next to you.

I am so happy that I had the day off from work today.  Because I was able to work on some other things... I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday! 

Now that's PROGRESS

*more to come 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Somewhere in a Rainbow

There sure is a lot in the world that can bring you down.

Sometimes I wonder, should I watch the news so that I know what is going on, or should I turn away and play ignorant to bickering between government officials, the tragedy of innocent killings in the name of evil, the sensationalism of overpaid Hollywood actors and professional sports athletes and the sadness of personal family trauma locally.

Yikes!  This is a dilemma

Even writing that paragraph above upsets me.  I understand that we don't live in a "Leave it to Beaver" world anymore, but where do you draw the line of being an informed, concerned and compassionate human being, to an indifferent, uncaring and unfazed pile of DNA.

Everything in moderation, I guess.  

I am aware of the sadness.  I pray for peace and understanding ... and I do say... I am only one person.  
For now, what I can do, is be the rainbow in someone elses cloud. 

Not everyone can be fixed nor every thing 'needs' to be better.  It's how it is supposed to be.  People are who they are.

When I work, when I meet someone new or when I talk to a friend who is having a tough day ... I can help light someone elses darkness...

....Be the rainbow... rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in droplets of water resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky....In my little corner of the world I put my 'game face' on and hopefully on some days bring some 'color' to others who are having a tough day. That's what I am suppose to do.  

Use and share my 'gift' of SHINE ....  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dog's Adventures

The dogs are back on adventures with me in 2015.  This time they are helping me to name my Year.  

This is the Year of Progress!!!

I found this great quote that sums it up: 
I am just striving to be more me than I have ever been.

I like it!!

Progress is work.  And this year when I do something, in the back of my mind I'm going to do better and get 'somewhere' more efficiently, more positively.... especially with more intention.

And daily ..... be creative in some form.

Today I'm bringing my own sunSHINE wherever I go!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our House is Full

Well, we are into the 3rd week of 2015, how is it going????

It's Tuesday, I've not been scheduled to work today.  

Little fluffy tufts of snow are falling from the sky, it's kind of grumpy out and it's a cold 18 degrees outside.  Last week at this time it was only about -4 out, so today is an improvement in weather.  

It must be brunch time at the bird feeder, I can't even count how many are feasting outside my kitchen window.  It's fun to watch them push their way in to their feeding perch.  And in unison, they fly away.....

The other night with a full house it was just about sunset and I looked out into the backyard.  Walking slowly toward the bird feeder was a big buck.  How do you determine his size... huge antlers and 5 or 6 points sticking out??  He was very cautious as he walked within 10 feet of the house, he had seen movement inside.  That's because I told everyone to freeze and look out back.  School has yet to begin for the spring semester and my two children are still at home, on break.  Four adults in our house now.... we all turned to window and were just astonished at the bravery of this buck.  We've seen deer hundreds of times in our back yard, but it still is an awesome sight.

Cooper the dog sensing something was up, walked to window to peer out ... and was not very happy to see the buck coming so close to his home.  He let out a howl and notice to the buck to go away.... guard dog on duty!!! And in a blink the buck turned and was gone.  For just a moment... everything was still.

In the mean time, I'm doing some painting.  Using acrylic paint and other mixed media I'm attempting to 'create' something every day.  Right now it's these little paintings in an art journal, approximately 6"w X 9"H.  They are still a work in PROGRESS.  I'm searching the internet and looking though books to learn more about painting. This time around I'm also trying to incorporate inspiring quotes that I have found.  I'm mixing it all up and then attempting to put it all back together ... color, shading, realistic, whimsical, positive and uniquely me!

It's Tuesday.  I've finished my iced coffee.  I am in awe of nature outside my window to the world.  And I have just about finished my blog post for today.

I think I've made some PROGRESS.

Found this this other day, watch for it on a 'painting' some day soon.... I am just striving to be more me than I have ever been!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Create, Everyday

I'm feeling a bit creative in this first full week of 2015.  

I actually signed up for two on-line classes and so many ideas are floating in my head.  If I work hard and practice new techniques and follow some new tips I learned... it will all help me PROGRESS in my creative process.

I like acrylic paint, but I haven't quite felt comfortable using it as an art medium.  I think one of the  main issues I have, is that I'm frugal (cheap) and I have low quality paints and even simpler, poor brushes, that leave little hairs behind while I paint.  Painting with acrylic and using brushes is still a 'work in progress' for me.

The good thing about art is that it comes in many forms.  Just like people.... so different, yet similar.  I can always fall back on little pieces of artwork on a creative greeting!! Cardmaking!!! And with the above picture I added the text ( quotes that I will incorporate in my artwork) with Photoshop.  The birdies are just odd shaped circled patterned paper... and then I just add a simple doodle to outline the shape and make them into cute characters with wonky legs and odd feathers.

I've had a little extra me time (even though I have a full house) this week.... 

I have to stop thinking and start doing.  
Stay tuned!  

Thanks for visiting!  
Brighten Someones Day 

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Snow Blocked

Striving for PROGRESS can be stopped instantly when you hit a brick wall!! Bonk!!! I'm hitting a brick wall!!!! Literally and figuratively

All I wanted to do is add photos from my iPhone to my 'new' laptop and I can't figure it out!

Aargh!! It worked the other day!!!  New technology is great, however, when you don't have the tools, skills and knowledge to know how to get what you want, it can also be very frustrating!!

My new year.... my one little word is.... PROGRESS

Okay.... before I got to this point, I had no pictures on my blog post.... so, I have made PROGRESS.  

I want to move forward.  I want to upgrade and improve where I was before.  

As I have written in previous posts.... if asked what my New Year's Resolution is, I would have to be 'different' and say that I've changed a resolution into a brand new Year of.... PROGRESS.  A resolution is the act of finding an answer and so this year, in all things I do... I am looking to make a movement toward a goal.  Same thing, I guess.... depending how you want to put a spin on it.

Half full, black/white, yin yang.... it's all semantics.

I had real trouble getting my day started because I couldn't download my photos.  Boink!  Stopped in my tracks.  I was so excited about my new year, a new post and all things related to this.  

...I just wanted to get up.  It's my day off from work. I wanted to bring my computer into the kitchen to enjoy the morning sunshine (when I'm most creative) and the snow (it was about 5 degrees with fresh snow, beautiful and sunny) in my pj's with my ice coffee and type with my subconscious.

... and then I couldn't load the pictures I wanted.  

As most days.... in the past.... I would be so upset.... there was nothing I could do about my situation. Move on, move FORWARD.... make some PROGRESS.   

So, it's 2pm.... not my most creative time and I'm almost done with this post.  Confusing, I know!  

But I have made PROGRESS.  I learned what I was doing wrong and was able to upload today's photos.  

Today, I wanted to highlight that I'm still 'creating'.... my mixed media snowman, and I'm still taking pictures of the world outside my window..... two things I want to continue to work on.... painting and composition.

And so there you have it.  Today's blog post.  Not exactly what I wanted, but for right now.... I can end with.... I'm still a work in PROGRESS.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Possibility turns toward Progress

I'm not ready to give up my word from last year!

And you know what.... that's okay.  

I'm writing the script here. It's my story and my blog!!!! I can use any words that I want to name my year.  Just because last year was the Year of Possibilities, and before that it was the Year of Simple Pleasures and before that it was the Year of Basics, and.... Year of Balance.... I can use each 'one' word forever .... if I continue to  live my LIFE, my artful life.... I continue to see the signs I need... everywhere!!

According to Ben Behunin in his book Put a Cherry on Top, the secrets of creating an artful life, "living an artful life usually requires you to think outside the box, and to look at every situation through a creative lens." "Open your mind to the possibilities."

What is fun about the paper bag in the first picture above, is that I wrote out this visionary statement about 12-1/2 months ago.  I love(d) it.... Image the Possibilities.

And, I met Ben (the potter and author) in September 2014 when I bought some more of his inspirational books and some of his whimsical pottery.  He has quotes every where.... and it was my sign!!!

Open your mind to Possibilities!  Oh yes, I know this potted sign above isn't about Possibilities, but it contains one of my many mantras that I am striving toward..... SHINE.... and I just love that!   This all validates that what I'm doing creatively in my every day LIFE.  And now I will be a 'work in progress' for 2015.

Tomorrow is another step toward .....


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