Friday, January 02, 2015

Possibility turns toward Progress

I'm not ready to give up my word from last year!

And you know what.... that's okay.  

I'm writing the script here. It's my story and my blog!!!! I can use any words that I want to name my year.  Just because last year was the Year of Possibilities, and before that it was the Year of Simple Pleasures and before that it was the Year of Basics, and.... Year of Balance.... I can use each 'one' word forever .... if I continue to  live my LIFE, my artful life.... I continue to see the signs I need... everywhere!!

According to Ben Behunin in his book Put a Cherry on Top, the secrets of creating an artful life, "living an artful life usually requires you to think outside the box, and to look at every situation through a creative lens." "Open your mind to the possibilities."

What is fun about the paper bag in the first picture above, is that I wrote out this visionary statement about 12-1/2 months ago.  I love(d) it.... Image the Possibilities.

And, I met Ben (the potter and author) in September 2014 when I bought some more of his inspirational books and some of his whimsical pottery.  He has quotes every where.... and it was my sign!!!

Open your mind to Possibilities!  Oh yes, I know this potted sign above isn't about Possibilities, but it contains one of my many mantras that I am striving toward..... SHINE.... and I just love that!   This all validates that what I'm doing creatively in my every day LIFE.  And now I will be a 'work in progress' for 2015.

Tomorrow is another step toward .....

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