Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm Some Piece of Work

Hello, and Happy New Year's Eve.... day!

Is everybody refreshed and ready to start 2015?

If you have followed me for any portion of the past 8 years of blogging here at PRDesigns, you may have seen that for about the past four years I have 'named' my year.  That is, I don't like resolutions, mainly because I've not kept them and most studies show that when someone declares a "New Year's Resolution".... often for most, 21 days later, they have broken down and not continued.  

I didn't like doing that either.  So, a few years back at the House of Shine,  the Year of ... was introduced.  If you Google search around the Internet you will find many positive thinking bloggers have got on this bandwagon.... one word that will describe your year.

I've had the Year of...
Back to B.A.S.I,C.S
Simple Pleasures

This year was the year of POSSIBILITIES .....

And for 2015, I've given it a lot of thought, it is the year of PROGRESS.
*movement forward or toward a place
*process of improving or developing something over a period of time

I was trying to find the most perfect word for 2015, but I was dwelling too much on the words meaning as opposed to what I want the word to do for other choices were: restoration, refurbish, authenticity, movement .... ultimately I want to be ME, but an improved version of me.  I want to find simple pleasure, or balance, or the basics.... but take it one step further!

It's like I'm Peggy 1.0 right now, but what I want throughout 2015 is to be more of Peggy two point oh ... get a few bug fixes and update and then become Peggy 3.2 (Three point two) etc....  

I know along the way that some of the bug fixes and updates might not work.... but I'm going to find a way to go that extra umph  in all that I do.

I already have a few projects in mind that need updating.  And mainly what I want to do, is learn more about making a forward movement with my gifts and abilities and purpose.

There's more than one way to skin a cat (ewww) but what I'm looking forward to in 2015 is to become somewhat new and improved in my next half century. And, of course I'm still going to SHINE and definitely make a point to Brighten Someones Day.

Stop back here throughout the year,  and see what kind of PROGRESS I'm making!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's a Party(napkin)

I have a lot of different 'issues'.  

I'm going to write about one of them on today's blog post.

I collect napkins.  Cocktail and dinner sizes.

I collect all kinds of napkins.  

In the picture below is a napkin over 24 years old. (Extra wedding napkins)

There is another napkin that is 20 years old.  (my #1 child had his #1 birthday)

I need help!

In all honesty, however, I have 4 or 5 each of these napkins. 

The next time we had a family party I couldn't celebrate the event with four napkins.... so, I had to go out and buy more.  If you figure that on an average every year we would have a least 4 birthday parties, holidays like Christmas and Halloween and then special events like graduations and picnics in the park .... and through the years I have just collected them in a box .... but only 4 or 5 of each.... I have lots of unused pretties that I couldn't just throw away ...

.... a pile of fun napkins!!!

As a 'new years resolution'.... I have decided not to purchase every day paper napkins for the kitchen table.  

In 2015 we will use up all of our party napkins.  We will use them every day and make each day a remembrance of all the special parties we've had in the past. It will be a party of napkins.... not on special days.... but every day.... until we run out!

Use up, reuse, recycle ....It will brighten our kitchen table..... every day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reindeer Games

Sometimes, well often times .... I don't think before I speak.

At work, there are plans for a holiday party, a secret Santa gift exchange, and an ugly sweater contest. 

Since I'm not really interested the 'contest' I really don't care to make a big deal out of it.  I actually have stuffed in a corner of my closet a one owner original 'cute' ugly sweater from the '80s that I can wear.

There is a buzz of excitement with some employees of 'what to wear'.  

Who knew that ugly sweater parties were such a big ta do??  Jay, one of the employees has been pressured to wear a sweater and saw that I created a few uglies to sell on the display rack at work.  He took me up on the offer to beautify his purchase.  I made sure that he didn't want to wear his $2 sweater again.  He assured me it was just for the event!

So I took this....

Checked out 'Ugly Sweaters' on Pinterest and found this.... (cute guy)

.... and using supplies I had on hand, a glue gun, some scissors and a strict 1/2 hour time limit.... came up with this.

Now, I don't know if Jay will win the best UGLIEST sweater, but with the little jingle bell added to the pom pom nose.... you can't help but think it's kinda cute.... too!!!!

This is another Pinterest SUCCESS for me.

I'll let you know what my co-worker thinks and the reaction he gets for this silly little sweater party. What will they think of next for the holiday parties..... reindeer games????

Go Brighten Someones Day and SHINE!!!!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Bring on more Men

Every year at about this time, it's quite obvious that I'm obsessed with a certain man. 

Really, there are all kinds of these men everywhere.  And I am pretty much in love with the cuter ones!!!!

Snowmen .... of course!!!

I like to make them.  

This time round I saw a metal spoon, pounded flat and painted with a fluffy figure.  So, I had to go get my own cheap spoons, flatten them (tiny sledge hammer and metal bar from my jewelry making) and paint them.  Then I added a few important accessories to his image, heart, earmuffs, scarf and bird house.... and then a little bling to the handle,..wire, bead and bow!

Oh, I can't make just one!  

And, there might be more in my future.

Add to the gift..... a tag, of course with a stamped snowman and the present is all ready for giving!

These kind of men melt my heart!!! And Brighten my Day!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Keep Calm and Build a Snowman

Some people are worth melting for .... is a quote from Olaf, the snowman from the latest Disney animation move, Frozen. 

You don't always need snow and ice to build a snowman!

I needed to make a teenage girl birthday card and remembered that the movie Frozen is still a big hit. Some like the catchy songs, others like the strong characters and what they stand for, and others love the cute sidekick that bring humor to the story.  

Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!

Once again, I give props to all those creative papercrafters who have come before me and figured out, took the time, had the vision of how to take some paper, use a punch and assemble some circles and dots and make those things pop onto the page and make something fun and cute.

I took the bits and pieces, the circles and odd shapes, added some doodles and created Olaf as well, and popped him on a cute happy birthday card.

I'm happy with the results.  

Let's Brighten Someones Day!

What can I create for you?

Monday, December 01, 2014

Shiny and New

Thanksgiving has come and gone.

The kids were home for a few days for their fall break.  Now they both have gone back to school.

The two inches of snow we had on the ground melted with sunshine and 46 degree temperatures this weekend.

And, the few bucks we had in our pocket are definitely spent!  

One surprise purchase was a new microwave.  Ugh, right before our Thanksgiving feast!  Thank goodness for early Black Friday sales.... we hope, we think we got a deal.

I started to reheat some left overs and the microwave light came on.  The keypad worked as I entered the time to reheat, and the turntable inside rotated as the power started.  Three minutes later I pulled out my food, and it was still cold.  That was weird!!!!

I tried again.  Nothing happened.  Then I put a glass measuring cup filled with water and powered up the oven.  Lights, motor and turntable all worked.... but the water was still cold.  Something was wrong, but what?

The hubby and I ran errands and one of them was stopping at our local appliance store.  The magnetron tube was kaput and we had run out the warranty about a year and half ago.  The part would run us over $170, not including labor.  All said and done, to repair the unit would cost up to $300!  Yikes!

That was information from the parts department.  From the sales department they told us a replacement for the same current model was on sale for Black Friday deals.  He gave us a price of $320.  A new unit for 20 bucks more?  Maybe.

So, the hubby checked online and found a 'great' deal at a big box store near his office and was able to find the exact microwave we wanted for $250.  

Right before the big day I had a shiny and new, working microwave.  I am very thankful.  And I am very blessed.


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