Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easel Card

Haven't figured out a sentiment for this card yet, but love the dp that I got a few years ago. Found a few scraps laying around, still, too precious to use. (Waiting for what? I don't know) The butterfly is a punch from Martha Stewart. This will probably just become a beautiful birthday card. Or it will become a beautiful card sitting in my stash box!!
How do you truly write a happy post with a sarcastic tone, because after all... it is life as I see it.... not funny or humorous, nor sad....the life of a stay at home mom in the midwest with 2 teenagers, 2 dogs, a husband.
Yay! Things are starting to look green outside. Sunny and light blue skies so far today. The temps are supposed to get up in the 80s and windy.... it's a tease!

Although I think I keep a "clean house', this job is a lot of work. You really don't know how dirty things are until you are home 24/7 , you play on the floor with 2 hairy dogs and you have the opportunity to see it all. From literally the ground up. Now that the blinds are open, dirty windows (inside and out) dirt and the outside grime in the base of the window frame. Dust on the blinds, dust on the ceiling fans, dog hair "in" the carpet and on the edge by the base boards, finger prints, grime and dust on the doors and frames.... I could go on, but you get the point. Ugh! Don't get me started on the stainless refrigerator or the salt stained garage floor!!

Stromboli for dinner last night! Now that was a good thing!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Punch a bunny

I mean... a bunny out of punches and die cuts.  I would never be so cruel as to punch a bunny...(but to date myself, wasn't there a jester/puppet named Punch & Judy? ) Once I got all the pieces together this was a cinch to make.  I'm always amazed when paper designer people come up with these really cute things.  I mean really cute!
Spring break here.  Day one, primed and painted Sissy's room. For dinner, Fajita grilled chicken with carmelized red pepper and onion in a pita, with a baked potato.

Monday, March 29, 2010


This was a terrifically fun card to  make.  Looks all fancy and stuff!! hee hee I have all my scraps on the side of my desk and have in 'a way' built up my next card project.  I pulled card stock and pre-folded it, then I pulled scraps that match or contrast with the card stock, and they are just laying on the edge of the desk waiting for that inspiration to take hold, then when I see an image or something I'd like to try and case, I pull out my similar matching card and accessories and work my magic!!!  This card idea came from Stamping with Serendipity.

Next up~ the visit to Purdue University this past Saturday.  I thought it was hard when the kids were babies to look at the camera and get a nice picture.  It still happens at 14 & 16.  Sissy didn't like something Bubba said and so she had to give him a love tap. Here they are in the center of the campus, I believe.  It was a beautiful spring day.  We took our own walking tour.  It's a good size campus.  Bubba didn't really know what to make of it.  We were just looking at buildings and classrooms.  I don't know what kind of 'feeling' you take away from that!

Sisterly Love

Friday, March 26, 2010

Specialty Iced coffee, please

My favorite discovery of recent time is learning how to make cold brewed coffee with Toddy maker. 67% less acid!!!
All because Charley's mom offered me an iced coffee one day last summer... my phenomenon started with at home specialty coffee drinks. I bought mine through Amazon and was happy from day one. And since I had time and great interest, I went to the library to find out more... more <------(my Jan 14 post about my first experiences) about where coffee came from, who drinks it and why we drink it. I even bought my own Starbuck-like cup so that I can feel part of the crowd. My mom never understood why I didn't drink coffee as a young adult, but now Iced Coffee with creamer and milk....very, very good to me!!! This cup is from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The money I have saved and the stories I have learned about how and why people drink iced coffee has been a priceless adventure!!
And then of course, I had to make cards with coffee themes. The good ole cup of joe!! So, for today, on my "pad" berry.... not a Blackberry or a CrackBerry... Charley's mom calls it my note "Pad" berry I have titles for my fiction coffee books.

Again, at the library yesterday.... I found my favorite Librarian Services chick because I had difficulty understanding their computer screen and "I know longer want to be afraid to learn how to use things I don't understand" So, she gave me a lesson how to read the screen and if the books are there, where it is and if it's checked out. I was so happy to be learning!!! I asked her if she remembered me.... that I was the 'coffee & tea' book lady? She got a little gleam in her eye and told me that after I left that day way back when, I inspired them to make a bookmark to get others interested in these types of books. She didn't have a bookmark on hand, but would go and print me one.

It reads: Have a Cuppa.... Coffee or Tea Fiction... and lists 10 books.
I was giddy and thankful that my new found interest is not only fun, but gave me a HIGH moment.

So as I sit here and type, with Tucker on my lap, my first Iced Coffee Latte complete, the sun SHINing and the kids home for the first day of spring break.... life as I see it, is pretty darn good!!!!

“Starbucks says they are going to start putting religious quotes on cups. The very first one will say, 'Jesus! This cup is expensive!'”
Conan O'Brien quotes

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swirling cake holder

A recently made card from my stash. Love the colors, working on the shading on the cake. Love those posts about the Copic markers, but at over $5 each, there is just no way.... so working with water color pencils, blender pens and just regular $2 markers.

Can you image what some of these craft rooms look like.. when these ladies buy the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets.... Bind it all, Score Pal, CuttleBug, Sizzix, Silouette, Cricket.... each and every color in a misting spray, Prima Flowers, Copic markers.... glue dots, snail tape, stickles, embossing folders and Nestability Dies, this doesn't include all the ink stamp pads and the stamps themselves and then there is paper... and believe me... I have the greatest admiration for these creative ladies, their posting on blogs and websites is what truly inspires me! And by no means am I criticizing...

Here is just a totally random picture of someone's craft room, for those who don't know what this endeavour is all about. This is a GREAT room.... only one view of the room, a very clean and organized room... and a whole entire room in her house devoted to this craft! Beautiful room... but I've even viewed better!!! The paper crafting phenomenon is just something that blows my mind... it's really outta this world!!! (but so fun when you are JUST a domestic diva on your path to something great)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Foodie Post

Last night we made pot stickers again. Yummo!!!! I thought, since I was in the kitchen for almost 2 hours with Sissy, why not take some pictures. Food angles are always so delish. We made Turkey pot stickers from Rachel Ray <----click there if you are interested in the recipe. Here are some of the cool labels of our ingredients....

I think we made a total of 36, white rice and lightly cooked broccoli slaw as the side dish.

This is what our mixture looks like.... 5 Chinese Spice and Sesame oil make the entire kitchen smell Asian.

Partial clean up. we did it as 'we go' because of the chopping, and mixing and measuring, different bowls etc....

And then for dessert.... Rice Krispie treats with Peanut Butter and chocolate frosting.

What's the occasion? None, just that everyone was home last night and Sissy was in the mood to help me. We made salsa too (not shown). Well we did have an interesting night.... there was a presentation at the high school for Juniors.... information on how to start searching for colleges. They talked about SATs and ACTs, and finances, where to look and how to look for the 'right fit'... small turnout... but glad we are on the right track with Bubba....we are planning on visiting Purdue University on Saturday... helps that Hubby is a big fan, his mom only lives 25 mins. away and his dad worked there for over 30 years.... college.... oh my!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Mr. Mouse

Super simple hello card. I'm sure something else FUN could be added... I'll take the advice if you want to give it.... just one of those cards easy to create and hopefully it will brighten someone's day when they receive it!
OMG! I've been reading too many creative blogs out there and I am blown away by the talent... it's the new keeping up with the Jones-es. Heidi Swapp is getting ready to go to Italy to teach a class! I know Chaotic is gearing up to go to a class with Michelle Zindorf in Texas. Bakerella is getting ready to finish up the book she is getting published. They are SHIN-ing over at House of SHINE (AKA Highlowaha) Photography, cooking, give-a-ways, gadgets, stamps, re-decorating tips and so much more....

Great dinner last nite Chicken Cannelloni with cream sauce....spinich, carrots, nutmeg, onions & garlic.... mixed with a basic chicken.... a few other things.... stuffed in shells ~ baked with a milk cream sauce, topped with parmesan.....mmmmm mmmmm good!

A pretty red cardinal is chirping out my window! It's going to be a great day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Bunny funny

I never know what card I'm picking to post. My thumbnail pictures are so small, all I see is a blur of different bright colors. They are literally smaller than a postage stamp! This was a good choice for today...since it IS Spring...spring break is right around the corner and then Easter. Just a cute E. Bunny card with some Peggy Primas.... how should I say it... they really aren't homemade flowers, but hand formed to look like the 'real' Prima thing!!

Wild weather. Friday it was in the 60's. Saturday we woke up to almost 2-3" of snow on the ground... since we lost all of it more than a week ago, the pavement was warm so that melted... the ground is so saturated. It was a good thing staying in all day Saturday. My head cold was worse, so it was nice to just find a spot to laze around. Then yesterday (Sunday) it got up to 48 and sunny, so almost all of the new snow is GONE!!!! Be gone snow....Yesterday I really cleaned my office, my work station, my studio....I brought out two grocery bags full of paper and packaging(stuff I held on to thinking I could/would use it) and un-usable, a clean work surface to be inspired!!! Now, back to being a diva today, dog walker, grocery shopper, duster, cook and chauffeur.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun scrap book - journal

I was over at Heidi Swapp's blog on Wednesday for her live webshow, I created this booklet with her directions. I didn't use her kit, sorry, but I used a lot of the ideas, so much fun!!!! Click on the bottom of slide to see some descriptions! So much fun!! Yippee!!!!

Glimmer mist book

Friday, March 19, 2010


for a great week!!! Except for this nasty head cold I got! Probably from walking in the rain downtown Chicago last weekend for Sissy's v-ball tourney! Aaah-choooo!

Saw a similar card in SCS gallery and whipped up a few of these babies. I had forgotten about the embossing folders I had and it just completes these cards.

Simple layers, a few left over scrap pieces and two cute Thank you notes!!!

Burgers on the grill last night... the two boys home last night thought they were delish!! It's all in the Dale's seasoning, Well I gotta run, I got a lunch date today in Gurnee and have got to get stuff (take the boys for a walk) done. Thanks for checking into my creative greetings!! blog. I appreciate y'all!!!!
Happy Day!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's up... chicken butt?

Ooops, sorry, corny title, but I'm feeling in a silly mood. I've drawn these two characters before. On this card are some of the paper flowers I punched out and created (and smooshed) myself... I love, love the Prima flowers you can buy, but I've got to try and make my own.

Almost feels like Ground Hog day the movie.... I'm typing this about the same time I have the past 3 days, Tucker is in my lap, and the sun is shining in that same spot on the barn behind the field in the back. The only thing today is that the sky isn't quite as blue... but I'll take it!!!! Compared to some, I live quite a dramaFREE house. I just got done reading Heidi Swapps blog, she is this terrific paper crafter, designer, extraordinary mother of 5, lived in Beijing for 2 years, I could go on and on... but she does a live telecast every Wednesday night from her home. One of her cute helpers last night went out to her car after the show and found in this safe SLC neighborhood, her car was broken into and her purse was stolen. I feel so sad!!! Well, and for a bit of my own non drama drama....

Yesterday, I'm out in the yard raking and cleaning out the flower beds. Cooper (almost 5 year old lab) knows the yard boundary and actually has a collar for the invisible fence and Tucker (almost 2 year old tiny fluffy Pomeranian) is adventuresome and has no boundaries, but 'normally' stays close to me and Cooper. The boys were playing in back near me, but just out of my sight line.... I could see Cooper, but not Tucker... so I went looking after about 1 minute. Couldn't find the Fuzzy Butt.... went to the front yard calling his name... normally I can see his tiny movements... didn't find him... came to the back asking Cooper to tell me where he went... I hear some noises to my left in the neighbors yard.... and I see Tucker struggling to get out of a hole... well, the neighbors have a nice sized pond in the back of their yard, but they had originally started out with this little pond real close to their back door. Tucker must have been sniffing around and fell in... his back end only...they don't really 'use' that pond... it's a cess pool(I think literally).... so I pull him out and wonder what in the world I'm going to do with him (stinky).... I wish I had a camera!! He was a soggy mess from the waist down, that is if a dog had a waist....I had to wrap a towel around him, carry him into the house and give him another bath (he just got one Sunday)in the laundry utility tub... he didn't put up a fight. Maybe he smelt(?) himself and his pride was hurt!! It would cost about $350 to put Tucker on the 'fence'... so now I've learned my lesson, poor boy will not be able to wonder too far with the 10 foot leash around his collar!!!!! My drama!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 chicks

Happy St. Patricks' Day!

Whatever that might mean to y'all. Here is a cute little card with 3 chicks bearing gifts. A little shadow effect going on here, the card front is shorter than the back, so I didn't know how to prop it up to take the picture.... so I leaned it into my supply basket. On the bottom of the back part of the card is a strip of embossed paper with buttons on it.... can't see it! Darn... I've seen a lot of blogs on photography lately, I should have taken two pictures, then one with a close up of the coolness that makes this card unique. Sorry, I'm not running upstairs to take a picture. But darn darn.....

Yay, another sunny day. It got up to 60 degrees yesterday. I was outside cleaning up dead leaves and was working up a sweat. I did not want to complain!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slow, turtle crossing!

Happy Birthday Kim!!!
Here's a friendly turtle by Whipper Snapper that I've done before, but he is so cute that it's fun to draw him over and over and over again.I've noticed with the whimsical cards I need more glitter. I had gotten a clear glitter gel pen through an online mass order.... but it never seemed to work... so I am on the hunt for a clear glitter gel pen.... something that dries faster than Stickles.

What a nice morning to look out in the backyard and see the sun in the back field. Blue skies and no snow. I see new houses (about 8 years old) and then a big Red Barn that the sun is SHINing on.
OMG, how instant is that.... I just got my point and shoot and took a picture and uploaded it.... what amazing technology!!
Our poor (ha!) little bird friends must fend for themselves.... Mr. Squirrel found numerous ways of getting on the bird that was taken down over the weekend.... they are searching the ground for left over seeds.
Tucker is not feeling so well... per usual, he is on my lap as I type this and I hear his stomach making gurgly noises, he didn't eat breakfast. I'm a lucky gal.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shine on....

Here is a special card I whipped up yesterday as part of the Yellow Envelope Project at HLA. Every Saturday we are given the name of some deserving friend, distant relative, co-worker etc... who has done something special just by being a 'normal person'. They wont be on the Today Show, or get their name in their local paper... but they've done something nice and they SHINE at what they do. So, we try to fill their mailbox with Yellow Envelopes as a RAK (Random Act of Kindness). This card is going out to Rhode Island.

So, soon I will hopefully be starting another project 29 Gifts a book written by Cami Walker. She talks about her MS and how when she just started giving every day,(as a recovery tool from a medicine woman Guru) she received so much back. Just tiny things, it didn't have to be an all out present.... putting loose change in a homeless cup, giving tissue and a bottle of water to a friend in distress etc... one comment I read last night I believe on the 26th gift day.... trying to decide if you want your gift to be anonymous. But I think it can be a mix of both.... when you give it has to be a conscious effort. To make "ME" feel better... I might record my steps along the way here on my blog (we will be doing it HLA too), big or small.... one shout out I have to do... I gave a pint of blood on Friday, felt good. Today I got a thank you email from the Blood Center... that place is a well oiled machine (with their reminders too).

Maybe you'll join me and SHINE and give 29 small gifts, just because!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Coffee & tea and me at home....

Here's a colorful spring diddy I did for someone who participates in my Card of the Month club. Each month they receive a card hand created by moi and it relates to the theme, season or holiday of that month. CKB wanted her cards to have a coffee theme so that she would be able to make an effort each month to invite someone to join her. The coffee cup bird houses also have a springtime feel with the colors. Of course the image is CASed.... it would take me so long to come up with something original..... but look at the hundreds of things I can create with all that cool imagery everywhere I go!

Last night was a Hockey banquet for Bubba. Sadly it will probably be our last. In speaking with two other sets of Junior parents whose sons are also on JV.... it sounds as if they are going through the same "non drama iffy-ness" that their sons don't want to return their senior year to play.... with the strong possibility of being on the bubble once again of possibly NOT making Varsity? It's a club team through the high school.... politics like everything else! And Kim.... even bullying is going on amongst the players. A stupid SOB junior (of course not Bubba) is picking on the freshman players making them do idiotic things... and he never gets caught... according to one freshman mom who nervously talked to me last night thinking her kid was the only one being targeted.... when she realized how we openly talked about the 'bully' who was conveniently absent from the festivities. His parents can't face other people. Cowards!!! More about bullies another time.

Almost ALL of the snow if off our yard.... but it's like a sponge. I can't tell you how many special presents I picked up in the yard from my favorite four legged friends! Yikes! I'm off to give a pint of blood today.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out the door

Here is a sampling of mail that went west to my friend BE who is a realtor. I think she was tired of me sending out emails and bugging her, so she placed an order. Thanks BE!! This first one is just a sample thank you I sent her because she didn't want all the cards to read "Sold" she couldn't decide. Sometimes she needs to thank inspectors and other realtors and the bank.... so that could be the next order. They have a Zindorf feel to them!!!

You just get a sneek peek below at the Sell-a-bella was more to see how I packaged them up.

Sonny with a chance??(isn't that a tv show).... or is it Cloudy with a chance of meatballs????(movie?) The ground is quite squishy out there. But this means spring is coming! Yay!

Had potstickers they other night for dinner.... can I say D-lish! The kids have been eating and enjoying these frozen ones for a while, then I say my buddy Rach (Rachel Ray) making them..... very easy to make and they were so good. Had them with steamed rice and a sauteed slaw salad. Yummo! Glad everyone is enjoying trying new things around here... with little complaint I might add.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Told ya!

More butterflies!

I've just realized, well not really... I've come to a realization ... that there are some great designer papers out there, and I'm missing out! As much as I want to use and recycle my old, OLD, OLd stuff... did I mention OLD (its like 7 years) the colors and styles just aren't hip and cool enough.... I could say something in regard to that.... what does it really matter since I'm giving away more cards than I'm selling.... but there is something about the new paper and designs..... what, I can't just toss away perfectly good paper. This is not old DP.... it's from a tiny pad that I got on sale somewhere... love the plum/eggplant and the green/moss color combo. And you can only order this great paper on line... I'm not finding anything worthy at HL or M's.

I can't keep up..... I've been reading too many cute blogs. These ladies are so darn creative. They are on design teams and have been published in card maker magazines. Some have waited two years and they finally see a card they submitted. Wow!!!

Grey day today. I see more ground than snow covering. The yucky thing about this time of year is the mud.... on 8 paws, ugh!!! Bubba finished up some ACT & SAT classes after school the past two days. He is pumped on what it will take to study up for those college exams. Good luck Bubba!!! I bet you didn't know that the entire time I'm writing this post my little buddy has been on my lap! Tucker loves to just lay there with his head falling off the side watching the birdies come to the bird feeder outside the kitchen picture window.
Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tri Fold Wish

Yay! I bought some wide ribbon a while ago and it was in my stash, and it really makes a big difference on this card. There must be a challenge going on over at SCS because there are tons of cards in the gallery with the Top Note form (punch? I'm at a loss here, what would it be called?). I'm so happy I learned from MK how to cut the one down at the dotted edge so that I can layer them.... this looks just smashing!!!!.... the blue and brown flowers are my own Prima... I am bound and determined not to spend that kind of money and create my own paper flowers. Still working on perfecting the worn paper look for that.

Foggy day .... I thought I heard we are supposed to get up to 55 degrees today or tomorrow, but with rain. Made a delish chicken shish k bob for dinner last night with yummy fresh red & green peppers, onions and mushrooms on the skewer, a baked potato and crusty garlic bread. Off to the post office today, I actually had an order to fill so I'm going to mail that out!! Yippee.... I love errand day!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Reverse Negative

I don't know if this is what this is called, but I didn't really know what to call it... and I'm running out of new stuff to show you because I have been gone for 5 or so days. But this image is with the gel pen on the darker card stock... I've done some other flowers like this before. A lot of my cards are blank because I don't know what sentiment to put on them. They are just sitting here for the right occasion.
Cards for sale!!! They make great personalized gifts!!!!!

Well being away for a few days for an event that really doesn't involve me, gave me a new perspective on a few things:

*I love my house and I love my bed!
*I love my iced coffee and the way I make it. Although I am so intrigued by Starbucks, I have to admit I just don't get that place.... they along with Charley's mom started me on the iced coffee thing... but I'm just not asking for it the right way or it's just not tasting the same.
*People are weird! You know? Do you open yourself up for someone who could care
less about you, or are you cautious of what you say and appear cold?
*I love my husband and my life.
*I would not want to be a teenager again
*The GPS is a wonderful gadget.... we named ours Nancy, but I don't think she always knows where she is going
*Okay, so if I got my nails done(you know the real pretty french manicure) would I be able to scrub the floor, do the dishes and other things... they would be ruined.... I love the look but how much do people really pay each? week for that stuff.
Screaming on the side lines, what does it get you other than a horse voice?

Well, I got laundry to do, grocery shopping, doggies who need me, it's good to be home.


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