Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Have fun

I should make that a bucket list item, go surfing on the Pacific Ocean. Wouldn't that be quite the sight? But this too would be quite the sight seeing this cute Whipper Snapper mouse with his own little pint sized surf board. The thing that kills me is thinking how long his right arm is for his hand to be on the other side of the board. Hee hee... but I did have fun drawing this card and working as always on the shading.v I'm really loving checked paper... reminds me of kitchen curtains from the 60s.

The domestic diva did what she said yesterday (dishes and laundry to rimind you).... today I think it's ging to be bathroom mirrors. It's sunny right now, but it looks like some clouds are rolling in from the west. This weekend I'm taking Sissy to a tourney in Wisconsin Dells.... Water Park capital of the world....oh joy! I mean I'll have fun!


Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry said...

Ha! Ha! That is a long arm now that you point it out! :)

I wish a Domestic Diva lived at my house.

K Hutchinson said...

I love this little fellow- made me giggle and I really needed that today! I see we share the feeling about the Dells! LOL!


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