Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little note

I believe this layout must have been a challenge over at SCS .  Lots of cards in the gallery looked like this, so I took on the challenge and created a few cards too!! I have to play along!!  I guess if I wanted to challenge my card skills more I would actually join into these weekly events, but I like doing it on my own, I don't feel any pressure to have to have complete talent and unique designs... on demand!!! but then a few days later I make the cuteness!!
Watch out, bite you tongue....I need a job!  The tension in the house, kids home needing to be entertained, cleaning, the dogs wanting attention, 4 adults/heads personalities clashing.... we still have weeks left of summer, how to motivate??  What is my purpose?

Sunny days, low humidity, beautiful blue sky, minimal skeeters, life is a challenge sometimes... trying not to sweat the small stuff.
There is no key to happiness…the door is always open

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reach for the Stars

Here is my Toy Story collection as promised.  I have about 4 Woody's and 4 Buzz's because when they little toy characters came out, they were in multi packs... so if you wanted Slinky, you got Woody, if you wanted Jessie, you got Woody.  These guys make me happy.  I forgot to take a picture of my toy telephone too.  Mine is an original, probably circa 1965!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ice Cream or I SCREAM

Looks like Orange Sherbet Ice to me.  Like the web and flow of ART...different ideas, themes and designs.... ice cream cones are the go to summer design....   other hot hot designs... butterflies, cupcakes and swirls.  Inside it reads : find the joy in little things.  A nice cold ice cream cone on a sunny hot summer day.. dripping down your arm, falling on your big toe!!
My nest is full once again. All the little chicks back home. We made the 5-1/2 hour round trip to pick Bubba up Friday afternoon at his summer CSI class at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. He's grown a bit...interested now in Bio-chemistry. This weekend he caught up with all his DVR'd shows he had missed.  He had no access to tv or computer for 5 days.  The horror of it!!!

We had fun on Saturday, went to Woodstock (where  one of our fav's Ground Hog's Day was filmed) to see Toy Story 3.  Sissy discovered the little theatre off the square where they don't charge regular theatre ticket prices.... $4 a ticket for the matinee... Yippee, almost seems like a bargain.  We all enjoyed the movie.  It even made me weepy.  Oh yes, I'll have to take a picture of my Toy Story Collection.

Thought for the day: God wants spiritual fruit…not religious nuts.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Birdie, birdie, birdie

Trio bird, tri bird, three bird, stackable birds, here birdie.... just trying to come up with a title.  I'm thinking I need a skinnier pen to do some of my doodling... like a fine tip sharpie, these lines here seem very thick now
that I see the photo.
 Another card for the Yellow Awning Shop.... which I will tell you about soon.  The background paper is from a sticky back small card pack.... lots of bright fun colors. 
Yay! It's another beautiful day here in Northern Illinois.  Warm, but the humidity is not suppose to come back until tomorrow.  Hubby and I go pick up Bubba from CSI camp early this afternoon... I haven't seen him in 12 days.... this is just a taste of the rest of his life.... boo hoo!
Cooper has been shedding, so I have to do some major vacuuming.  Tucker had a tummy ache yesterday, but appears to be feeling better.... me.... happily creating cards.... I got two hits on my
***shameless plug****
and it's Friday, who could ask for more!!! SHINE On!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's the Buzz??

Fun, happy, yellow, SHINE!!!  That's what this card is what 'I'm talkin' bout!!!  Yay, not a rain cloud in sight, it seems the humidity is gone for at least the next hour, as my hubby says, it's going to be a Golden Day!!!!

Isn't this a fun little bumble bee doodle?  His wings are stickled to shimmer and there is gold stickles inside the flowers I punched.  I do think, however, this card is going in the House of Shine.... YELLOW box, more deets to come on that.
Well, we all talked to Bubba last night on the speaker phone, day 3 at college CSI camp.  They had to go to the basement because of tornado warnings in the area. He is a different person already.  He is greatly upset they have no access to TV or the internet.  They had gone to a drug store 'lunch' counter for dinner last night and he had to hear on CNN that General McCrystal had resigned.  Bubba is a big WWII buff, but is really into politics now because of a high school civics class.  It appears Bubba has opened his eyes a bit to the possibilities out there in the real world, since we have sheltered him. I can't wait to pick him up on Friday and see how he finishes his summer before he starts his senior year of high school.  And that's the buzz!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Bride

A wedding card we made at stamp camp a few weeks ago.  It will come in handy!  In July my nephew is having their wedding reception.  They are actually going to Las Vegas and getting married tomorrow!!  We can watch it here You can click on the link to (you might have to play around with the site, quite interesting... I think it will go live at 6pm for Brandon & Tori. Thursday)... I guess weddings are big business.  
The reason I love going to stamp camp is the techniques I forget to use.... like this vellum overlay.  Makes the card seem so elegant!! I have been in my 'studio' making cards and booklets with my bind it all.  I am hoping that some of my 'feelers' of sending emails and 'giving' cards away will help get business moving.  I love everyone who suggests I go and 'sell' my stuff at local downtown boutiques... but my cards, right now are just personal... I like the one on one sale... unless you want to become my salesman and do the leg work!!

Bubba just texted me from camp? college?  He is very very tired.  He stayed up late last night.  What does that mean?  And with who??? He got to see a cadaver Monday and thought that was cool!! Rainy day today, I have to clean out my computer!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anniversary Cards

Although unique, one of a kind and different, I am now into making two cards at once. All the extra paper and stamps are just sitting in front of me anyhow.  Then my card inventory seems to grow quicker, too.  I've given away a few cards in the past weeks to try and jump start the faux business, again.  I sell my cards very reasonable,  for $2-$2.50 how can you go wrong??  I was in a stationary store in Orlando and saw these really cute cards... checked out the back and they were 'hand crafted'.  I copied down the email and will  CASE one so you can check them out as well. 
Those cards were going for $6 each. I should have bought one of the cards because they had a cute synopsis on the back stating how each card is whimsy and unique, and of course these cards are for special people.  Maybe I'll ask CEW to help me change my wording a bit. from 'to those friends and family who deserve more than just a last minute grocery story card'.... they had the word whimsy and 'like 10,000 of the same card' in their mission statement.

I am waiting for a call from Bubba.  He is at CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) camp at Augustan College in Rock Island Illinois.  2-1/2 hours from here.  His first over night camp and being away.... if we don't count hockey tournaments.  Yesterday's text was he was feeling terrible.... bad night sleep, he could hear all the noises.  Today's text is much better... but he has to call me back... I need to hear his voice, he is hopping into the shower.  My oldest baby.... will be getting ready for college one year from now.... Yikes!!!  I got a little pommy licking my foot while I type this... life is grand.... lastly.... Sissy got her ears double pierced yesterday, she is happy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in Illinois

Weather culture shock!!!  I was almost getting used to the high heat and humidity of Orlando Florida, when you are there for six days.... and then fly back to the beautiful midwest of right now 64 and overcast with a chance of rain.  But it is good to be home.  I need to get back into my routine, my blogs, my peeps, my cards, my gardens, my cleaning and cooking, my DOGGIES!!!! much to do, where to start?
Volleyball took on a very intersting year this season.  I for one, am happy it is over.  Sissy's team was seated or seeded? 73rd going into the tournament over 110+ teams in their bracket... they ended up at 69th.... glass half full... that IS better.... but was it worth the drama and cost?? But without experience, how do we become better and more knowledgeable?
 ho hum... on to my cards. :)

A couple weeks a go I went to stamp camp and made 5 cards.  Here are two, the first Happy Anniversary with the two toned bird.  I love that punch.  My stamp camp leader (hee hee) is no longer a SU! demo, but she had so much product and loves to have the girls over to make things for a small fee, so here is card 1.
  And then we made this cute birthday card.  MK likes to buy crafty stuff to see how it is made and sometimes takes it apart to use the pieces.  The paper for the dragonfly card is water color paper from a scrap book that she wasn't going to use, but she liked the paper, perfect for creating an image, using a little water to smudge up the water color pencil lines we added to the stamped image, and wa la!!!  A card with a water color effect, but very subtle.
I'm off to wak the dogs before it rains!!!
Happy to be home!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Hellos!

I thought this was a bright and sunny card to add to my blog today! Since I am in sunny hot, hot Florida!!! The sun SHINE state!!! And you may wonder how I can add pictures to my blog while I'm in the middle of a Marriott Lobby in central Florida.... technology is cool, but I'm still so behind!  My computer is slow and wont connect in the room, so I have to work from the lobby and the FREE WiFI.  And because I save everything now to my laptop because of the dreaded BLUE screen of death last year... I upload my Kodak pictures that I take of my cards.  This card is YELLOW, thus is was sent out to some kind sole nominated on the House of Shine as a Yellow Envelope Project recipient!!
Well, thanks for all the good wishes... Sissy's team is not faring too well.... they were seeded 76 out of 120(?) teams, they are  now 89th.... they lost all  3 of their matches yesterday.  They played really hard during the 2nd match against a team here from Hawaii!!!  There are 4 teams here from Alaska.... I don't remember how many from Hawaii.... lots from Porto Rico.....Sissy is sad. she tries so hard... because she is a Libero (,<- click on the link for a great description ) or DS (defensive specialist) she has played every game, every match without much of a break.... she is doing very well.  Thank goodness I'm in a hotel away from some of our die hard parents... there is some drama going on... and I'm happy it doesn't involve ME!!!  The team plays again today at 3:30.... tomorrow is the Finals and then we fly out at 8am Sunday morning.  Bubba says the dogs miss me!!  He'll be off to Augustana College for a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation camp) Sunday afternoon, so I wont see him for 12 days..... Go team WHITE!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love Blooms

And lots of things bloom here in Orlando.  All the flowers and blooms on all the hotel properties, gorgeous!!

Today has been a great day.  All about ME so far!!  I woke up before 8 am eastern time... just put on my suit and went out to the pool.... early sun and a pool to myself!  I swam laps, read my wonderful book and enjoyed peace and quiet.  With 30 SPF, really don't want to burn at my age!!!  2 hours of it!  Showered and went out to the Outlet mall we have discovered.  It's like the 2nds store for Disney gifts.... one of Sissy's team mates liked my Mickey bag and wondered if I'd get her one.  What a great reason to go back.  But I must admit... I really get lost and messed around on the streets since they all seem to run parallel.  I also found a Starbucks to get a $5 gift card for the chaperones, just a small token, since 'we' payed for their flight, housing and food.  Found myself a taco bell.... and now I have 1-1/2 hours to search the net.... before I'm off to watch Sissy and the team at 2:30.

Well my card is CASed.... oh yeah!  I think I was NOT going to say that anymore.... because all my cards are CASed..... I will just remind you.... although they are CASed.... it's pretty much just the layout, so is that really Copying and Sharing Everything???.... I mean all the papers and stamps or doodles on my part are quite different.  Well, I need to check out a few blogs and put on more deodorant before I go back out into the 92 degree weather!!
Happy Day!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, here's a good one

So many thoughts in my mind, I can type as fast as I think, or faster, but then formulating complete sentences is at times a challenge. I think mainly if you don't use it, you lose it! Here is a card from last week, although I feel appropriate for the day. It's actually a digi print (or something I created off of Print Master) and I CASEd it from Heidi Swapp, peace, love, smiles and fun.... her's is a bit different. I just love the new 'clip' art that they come up with... and since I haven't purchased any new computer programs, in forever.... I have to make due with the old stuff.

I could see a couple of Mickey ears on top of the smiling face.... ooooh....maybe I should go over to the Kodak program and doodle and repost.... but I am typing this in my hotel lobby on the WI Fi since I can't get service in my room. So, don't hold your breathe about the Mickey ears!!!

Sissy played 3 matches at two games each first thing this am.... they are at 2 wins and 1 loss.... seems that they are second in their 'pool'... so tomorrow we play at 2:30.... it's very overcast and warm out, maybe this would be the perfect time to nap poolside.... since I'm on vacation!!!

Happy Day

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1,000 Post hit by Mickey

o o

Hello from HOT, HOT. HOT Orlando Florida!!!!! Above is my cyber version of Mickey Mouse!!!!!

Traveling is an interesting adventure. I do not recommend connecting flights on different airlines. I do not recommend leaving in 61 degree fog and landing to 96 degree night time and disorientation. I do not recommend going through the toll way and not paying, but relizing too late you can't get to the pay part of the toll road. I do not recommend a bully as a car agent!!!

But other than that I am fine! I just got internet connection and I will be on later tonight after I sign Sissy over to the parent chaperones..... all I can say is BLESS those two moms who will be in a house with 10 girls!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

You got a friend in me

This title has so many meanings!  The new Toy Story moving is coming out on the 18th.... I love Toy Story!!  Some day I'll have to show you my collection.  It is so fun to look at, Buzz and Woody and the gang.  My most exciting double meaning, or triple title meeting.... After about 8 years or more , I went into a music store and bought myself a new EASY piano book.  I have been playing songs over and over from high school.... one of my FUN piano books is Grease and that came out in 1978!!  This new piano book is Disney Movie Theme songs and the song I love learning how to play is "You got a friend in me" by Randy Newman, Short people got no reason to live!  Are you a product of the late 70's/ early 80's?  Then you  know what Im talking about!!
Although I quit taking piano lessons around 1978, I've been playing ever since, I love it and wish I was better at it... but for right now it is helping with deteriating coordination skills and brain cells.  Not to worry, it's just 'old' age I'm talking about.  Next, if you were to take the title literally, it is a true statement.... one of my mottos,  but I'll say it like George W. Bush, don't mess with Texas.... I mean if you mess with prdesigns, you don't got a friend in me! If you know what I mean!!! And finally, look at these young whipper snappers.... don't they look like they can be friends???  I am amazed with the bright color, am using very old markers they still have a lot of life and ink left in them.  These type of cards are very fun to give out!!
Happy Friday!!
PS If all works out, next week I will be blogging from a secret remote location.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

Score!!! Big time! Oh and before I forget for the rest of my family.... Go Hawks!  Striking game last night!!

Back to me!  Sissy and I went shopping yesterday morning and I was trying to have ideas in my head before I walked into GW. We have to almost drive 25 minutes to get there! Here's what we got for $20!!!! 
 A. Picture frame, solid, Sissy's new room is painted Robin's egg blue, with french tole (tulle?) Eiffel tower etc.... may keep the flower pictures, looks great. 
B. Brand new paper making kit (never opened).  Cool thing to add to my cards, especially for this gal who has an organic store and likes things homemade.  Made my first three sheets last night, so cool! I've always wanted to make my own paper. 
C & D. Small black picture frame and ornate photo (book holder?). Frame already with a black and white photo in the downstairs bathroom. 
E. The item I was looking for... fun and comfortable dress for nephews wedding reception in July.  Awesomely Hot!!! (hee hee) 
 F. Curling ribbon (never opened) for all the cool gifts I give away. 
G.  Yellow shred, bargain for the House of Shine (secret).  H. Applique (?) two butterflies (on the pink) and on the blue, crochet collar.... that, I some how can put on a card. 
I. Not pictured.... a fork.  I'm trying to remake a really cool wind chime out of silverware (more to come on that). I probably would have bought more, but Sissy kept pushing the cart toward the check out.  She hasn't felt the thrill of shopping at GW.... someday, right mom????

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

3 Posts away from 1,000

Special request, but the colors look better in real life!  The sun is shining today.  Looks as if we got about 1" of rain. Short and sweet, not too much to report.  I'm sort of on a kick of not complaining.  But I admit there are a lot strange things going on out in the world.  Strange people as well.  Life is good when I get time to create!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Eat more Cake

It's time to monkey around, and hide behind the birthday cake, peek- a- boo!!!! happy birthday to you!!! Great CASe (copy and share EVERYTHING). Love the fork in the tail, love the party hat, love the purple and green!!!
If you look closely, you can see the monkey reflection.... that is a little bond book I made in matching colors, it is the acetate cover sheet, you can see a little scallop edge which is part of the binding. Gift with matching card!!
Yay, I'm glad blogger is working. Then I can get on with my normal routine. However, the dogs will have to take a rain check!! I had more to say, but for some reason I am getting booted off everything I write today, and my mind can not work and re-work the same thought twice.... so, I will go and wish my viewers.... Happy day!!!

Monday, June 07, 2010

How are EWE today?

Seems as if blogger was having some trouble today. Or maybe I was having trouble, but I couldn't post until after 3pm. Boy, that puts my entire day out of whack! Routine, routine.... well, never with two kids and two dogs. Here is a cutey pie-ish card I made with really cute matchy, matchy paper. I believe the Ewe is Whipper Snapper. I don't know why I was so excited to post... I really have nothing to say.... hmmmm... no news is good news? Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Graduation envelope

This is so cool!  A regular A2 envelope, cut off about 1-1/4" of the sealed envelope.  Decorate the bottom part, ink the edges in school colors, add stamped images, ribbon, doo dads, etc.... then crimp the envelope.  Embellish and then use the 1-1/4" as a topper.  Inside you can put a gift card or a little note card.  I saw this on a tutorial for Splitcoast stampers.  What a fun idea!!! You could really use any sized envelope you have on hand.

And you know what else is awesome... sitting on my front porch typing on my lap top.  It is a very overcast day, but  there is a breeze, and my windchimes are chiming, the birds are chirping and the neighbors across the street are getting ready for a big grad bash!  All is good in our little world.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Doodle & Shade

I love these little girl images Ketto from Stamping Bella
so fun to draw, and I think you can tell, I'm obsessed with learning how to shade right now.  The right tools make the job simpler.  Blending pens and copic markers.... but those copic markers don't come cheap, even when they are %40 off the $6.49 each price at Hobby Lobby.
Hey all, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world, some of you leave little RAYS of sunshine in your nice comments, some of you buy my cards.  (shameless plug, cards start at $2.50 which includes shipping ) Thank you, thank you!!!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I like to move it, move it!

Well here it is, all 16 feet of happiness!  My mural that went up at a local pre-school.  The request came in via email, where I get updates of volunteer needs in the community.  "Paint a Mural for a 2 year old pre-school room."  Thought, "I can do that". 

When the director contacted me, she said they wanted to fill a space above a window with Noah's Ark.  So, I came up with a sketch.  But when I visited the school, they already had a painting on the wall done by a boy scout.  It was quite cute.  So, we brainstormed and the director let me have free reign. 
Although I consider myself an artist, if I had to put myself in a category (are there artist categories?) I am a doodler, not an oil painter, or a water color painter. I can copy anything!  But I work off of 4" x 5" cards, not feet!!!  The right paint brushes and the color combos for shading are the un-known for me.  Yes, it looks great, a 2 year old wont know the difference, neither would a 40 year old.... but there is something...

It's hard to tell from these pictures but all the penguins and most of the palm leaves are another layer of painted foam board.  The nails (ugh) that hold the mural are behind those two dimensional areas.
I used ink from my stamping to create the clouds.

I am going to estimate 12 hours of volunteer time to create this masterpiece. On to my next project, whatever that might be!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What can you do with a paper bag?

Here is an amazingly cute way to give a small or flat gift!  Perfect for 1 or 2 creative greetings!!! Over at the House of Shine a recent challenge had us using a paper bag and a grocery store.... and you come up with what you will from those two things.  I unfortunately did not participate in the challenge, but am now showcasing how I altered a paper lunch bag! Cute huh?  Got the idea from Mish Mash.
On to today's card, adorable (whipper snapper ??)friends stacked all together.  I don't think I have a sentiment on the inside, but it could be used for... Wishing you happy birthday from the gang!  Sorry we're so slow.....
Finishing the pre-school mural today.  Stay tuned, because I like to move it, move it!!!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's June!

That's the most powerful title I can come up with!  It's June 1!  Hot and humid here in Illinois.  Yes!  I will take it, but sometimes we like a nice day to open the windows, 78 degrees no humidity... well, we did have that on Friday, beautiful!!  But it seems so long ago.... the boys went to the Indy 500 on Sunday and had a great day in the 96 degree, hottest race on temperature. And Sissy and I went up to Milwaukee to visit friends.  Now it's on to the LAST day of school for the kiddos!
Love this bird from Whipper Snapper!  He was holding a balloon, but once again, my images are too large and it wouldn't fit, (and what that means is I cut the white card stock to a small size, no real measurement, then I start to doodle and then I realize I run out of room) so I matched the purple tulip with the paper and think it's grand! He's ready to party for your birthday, chirp chirp hurray!!!

Trying to finish the nursery school mural this week, need to get it out of the basement.  I'm loving it!


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