Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping Friday

Isn't that what you are supposed to do?  If you are 'born to shop' ....go shopping on Friday so you can find great buys to look FAN-Tab-U-Lus all weekend long???  Here would be that great card to send off to 'said' friend who shops.  Inside it says: You go girl!!  I'm not sure who the original design is by.... I'm seeing a lot more 'fashion' stamps come out with purses and shoes and bling! Flowers for broaches, lace and sparkles!
Sending good wishes my dads way.  This weekend he is partying it up with his high school classmates for their 60th Class Reunion. He was on the planning committee.  I've been 'out' for 28 years... right now I have no desire to meet up with highschool classmates.  It was a different era!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pink Blush

I borrowed this stamp set from MK, it's SU!  You know how simple this line drawing is?  Too simple to doodle myself and actually fun to stamp!  That's how simple!!  While I have the stamp set on loan, I'm creating lots of images to put in my stash.
Looking at this photo the card looks kind of wrinkled... I wonder if I have to iron it? hee hee
Well in other news, not much to report...DH has decided that it's okay to have a week of vacation and not really do anything or go anywhere.  It's not that he's having fun at this, but he's glad to be getting some of the piddly stuff done.  And you know, as the honey do wifey... I'm glad he's getting that 'stuff' done. 

It's time for school to start back up.  You hit that wall and the boredom and the novelty of sleeping in, staying up late, lounging on the couch watching tv all day... sets in.  It's time to have something to do!!!  Now I better get off my butt and do something!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recycled hand made paper

A month or two ago, I scored at Goodwill.  I found a paper making kit, cheap.  It had a very small frame with a screen and felt and the directions to make your own recycled paper.  You take all your materials,  recycled paper, napkins, newspaper.... cut/rip them up into tiny pieces.  Then there is H20 and a blender involved.... once you get mulch or mush.... poor it out on to this screen, squeeze out the water and let it dry... and voila`.... hand made recycled paper.
Here are 4 different designs...with stitching....
inking simple images, and ripping the paper to give it that non perfect edge....

punching out and using and embossing folder....

and then just giving a simple look, to a beautiful note card!!

For the company that wants 'green' products, here is my small contribution!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adventure number 1

We rented a pontoon boat Monday afternoon on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.  Here are a couple of views of the fun.  It was a beautiful day to go tubing.  First shot with Kyle out on the tube.

He is that little spec in the the back, I like the puffy clouds.

Captain Jeff steering the pontoon boat.

This is so cool.  But don't take off before we hold on.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some things make me happy

I just like looking at the cover of this mini scrap book I made a few weeks ago.  It makes me happy!!  I love the colors, I love the layout.  I love the butterfly in the circle punch.  I love the 3 little flowers on the bottom right. I'm willing to give this awesome mini scrapbook up.  Why make things if you can't set them up to let them fly away and be free.  Inquire within!

Vacation week.  Not really for me, but DH.  I have recently heard two tv shows with tv moms saying.... going on vacation with your children is a business trip with very little benefits, because you take your job with you, it's just in a different location.  You'll have to stay tuned to hear what adventures we took. Job interview that I teased about last week was cancelled.  They have to 'think' before they re-organize.  I'm refreshed from my one day temp. job though.  Dealing with the public is a very, very funny thing!!

Happy Monday.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a note, inside and out

Here is a complete card, inside and out.  I CASed this one from Pam at Stamping with Serendipity
or as she goes as the Smiley Collector.  I've followed her for a few years and she makes very complete cards.  If I recall, she sells them for over $5 each.  You can tell this is a slightly different card for me...
 for one, I'm actually using a stamp (Stampin Up!) and yes, the inside of the card is inked and ready to use.  I like the color combo, the inking of the edges and the stitching from my sewing machine, on the edges!!! Used my Martha Stewart punch to get the edged ribbon on the left for the inside of the card.

Here's a for instance.... how many ways can you politely tell someone that you are a temp worker answering the phones and that you will take a message for someone in the office to call you back? That was me yesterday.  I got a temp job for the day answering phones at a town hall in a city 1/2 hour away from here.  First of all... not that I'm dumb.... but living in Illinois for only 4 years I really only know my own city (not even how the government runs it... I know that we have a mayor)  The city I worked in, has a board president and from what I can tell, it is a very, very rich city ~ think horse farms.  This one guy called in complaining about his speeding ticket.  I had a feeling the town hall didn't handle that situation, but all 4 of the other people working in that office were either gone for the day or in a meeting. I was very nice and calm on the phone and said to the gentleman, that I was just answering phones for the day, I would take his information and pass it along to the appropriate person to have the call returned.  He tried another angle... but I have another question, he said.... (a few things ran through my mind.... does it not say on the frickin ticket who you are supposed to call? Police Department??)  And totally, I understand when someone is frustrated and wants an answer, but I calmly said again, that I can only take the message and pass it along.
I worked for 7 hours.  Felt a little grimmy.  I forget to take cleaning wipes with me.... other peoples germs. It's always much more fun to talk about other people, than myself.

In other news:  Sissy in Whitewater experienced Tornado Warnings.  She had to go in the basement of the dorms for hours.... it was a crazy stormy night at volleyball camp!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

You're the bees knees!!

Excellent... and a cute thing to say!!  If you want to know more about the origin of the Bees Knees (the gecko says it in the Geico commercials) saying go ----> here.  This is a super cute Hedge Hog from the Penny Black line.  A sweet little note card to send a friend.  I think any sentiment can be put inside this fun card! Bright colors!  The flower petals and the wings all have Stickles on them. (glue like substance that has glitter in it... ooh, is it the combination of stick and sparkle????).  Not sure if my Copic marker (the one I used to color in the skin tone, not his quills)... or is it my black sharpie pen... they are not liking being combined... I have a fear of the 'smear' then I blended in a water color pencil to even out the skin tone.
Took Sissy up to UW- Whitewater Wisconsin for a volleyball camp.  She seemed really comfortable in the dorm room.  Thinking of  how she would decorate the stark white brick walls with posters.  For some reason I don't feel as nervous with the thought of her going to college than I do Bubba... who will be going next year.  Go figure!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mini Scrapbooks

A few weeks ago I showed you a mini Special Delivery Scrapbook I made.  Well, here are a 'few' of the other books I've been making.  All from the tutorials off Following the Paper Trail by Laura.  I think I have made over 6 different books, all with different bindings and page layouts. If interested, the mini scrapbooks start at $20 and they are ready for you to add pictures and journaling. Give me a fun alternative to the card making.

Cross your fingers... the temp job agency called me today.... they are going to submit my resume... more details if something comes about.

Happy 17th Birthday Bubba!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FlowerPower to the people

Paper flowers are the rage.  Tons of tutorials on You Tube.  So, I had to try my hand at creating them.  This first picture from the thumbnail on my Kodak Easy Share download page, almost looked like water lilies in a pond.  But, they are pansy's. Little hearts cut out with the edges turned up, inking a bit to give a cast of color.
Next up are Paper Roses!  Only if I could combine technology and put in the 1973 Marie Osmond hit serenading you as you look at this post.  Although these are quite cute, a little involved to make... I don't think they'd work on a card you were trying to send through the mail.  Some of these card tutorials with the big 'stuff' hanging off... you never see them trying to stuff it in an envelope. Added glitter to give it a bit of bling and dimension.

And finally, a Just a note card with a grunge {Grunge is about realism, organic shapes and distorted patterns, sometimes beautiful, sometimes aged and ugly. I think a good analogy to explain Grunge is the way jeans are marketed. The spotless, clean jeans cost 50$. The damaged, bleached, torn jeans cost 150$.} flower on it.The inked edges of the paper and the slightly worn/torn look to it.
Okay, enough with the clouds... it's still humid and hot.... why don't you just rain!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I could be a contender

A few weeks ago I mentioned, while in Florida, I stopped in a stationary card shop and saw these really cute hand made cards by Tumbalina.  I copied her name down, and should have bit the bullet and bought the card for $6.95 plus tax, then I'd get all the marketing/packaging/wording info correct.  But if you click on this link here, it will take you to her website and the card, the very simple card that I recreated (CASed.... Copy And Share Everything) . Scroll down a bit on that page to find the 3 buttons with twine. 
So, now it's a matter of what to do in trying to sell & market my cards.  Although you, my friends and family and those you give my cards to, think they are UNIQUE, whimsical and a party on a card... that doesn't go very far if your inventory is high and sales are low. 
 Now, some of you have suggested I go to my local downtown and 'sell' myself to these 'cute' store owners who sell eclectic fun things.... like homemade cards....don't wanna say "can't do it".... just that I've done it twice and there was no further interest after that the initial visit.  (Well, I must admit it's a good thing I'm not in this 'hobby' to make a living, because I'd be on the streets)  Others have suggested going to craft fairs.  And not that I have a denial for ALL things.... but to buy the packaging (slip covers) to put my cards into so that sticky fingers don't leave my cards amuck is a great investment.  Having been to craft fairs (and hearing about those from card making bloggers) some kind person will buy 1 or two cards (often times to copy and see how the card was made) and it really isn't worth the money down payment for the table to sit and see everyone walk on by.

I don't want to mass produce my cards, ... the whole point, at least I think... Is that I have tons of UNIQUE one of a kind cards in stock... (for $2.50 ea) I'm happy to fill special orders, I have cards for all occasions (really CUTE cards) .... it's simple to look through my blog... I even created a card blog creative greetings!! too ---->here,  where you can check out cards by categories.  Unique and whimsical cards, these are for special family and friends who deserve more than just a last minute grocery store card like 10,000 others. Thank you honey for letting me have such a fun 'hobby'.

Friday, July 16, 2010

For Every Season, turn, turn

Along with the fun and whimsy of card making and paper crafts, there is a serious and heartfelt side.  As a card maker you should make all different kinds of cards, and with that comes the comfort of sympathy.  Here are two examples.  I'm loving the butterfly stamp... they can be used on any type of card.  Same stamp, different colors, different layout... but very sincere.
I love the dimension of a popped up butterfly.... cutting out another stamped image and using pop dots!

Shortly, I will be showing you my progression in this new endeavor... the Sketchbook Project 2011.  You can check it
out here---->
I got my sketchbook in the mail yesterday, they are saying
 It's like a  concert tour with Sketchbooks.
The theme I am working with is A View from Up Here.  I'm looking forward to altering the sketchbook a bit and adding a few tags, fibers, pockets and tags.  Stay tuned.

Bubba and I gave blood today.  My fourth time this year.  His first time ever! I'm a bit tired.  Yay, it's the weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


The 'operator', according to my DH, is having some technical difficulties.  Yesterday I took some sweet pictures ( with my tiny Kodak Sure Shot) of Bubba before and after his Senior Picture session, and only the outside pics turned out. Aargh..... so, here is my handsome first born, the summer before his senior year.... before he flies the coop!!! I never had problems before, really, but then a lot of my pictures are just the close ups of my cards... speaking of....

Here is a sweet little tweeter.  I was watching a web show, and they were talking about how much 'tabs' were in... so I added the 'hello' tab. Added stickles to the eye and wing, to give it a little bling.

One of those lazy dayz of summer.  I think we are going to get rain today.  Good thing I washed my car last night!!! You should see Tucker.... just imagine your cutest stuffed animal that weighs 10 lbs, sprawled out on your lap, feet up in the air (think animal road kill), head hanging off the side.  All this as I type.  Too cute, too funny!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Be Marvelous

Sissy thought this looked like an actual card!  I asked her what she meant by that (of course knowing what she would say)... what has all my other work look like?  Fake, faux, non cards I guess!!!  This card's tutorial was on Stamp TV  and was so easy to make and looks very cool in real life, like a REAL card.  Using Versa Mark ink and embossing powder to get the stamped butterflies, when that is heat dried I used a sponge with ink in  3 different colors and  pounced the ink randomly.  Making sure a dark ink was surrounding the embossed image itself.  Then wipe off the embossed image from any excess ink, mount card, add a sentiment... and voila~
Mid July, the dog days of summer.  The kind of day you wish you had a pool.  Or you wish you had a friend who had a pool.  Got info in the mail that school starts August 20.  Graduation for my senior is Saturday, May 28, 2011... so mark your calendars people. Sissy has been at summer volleyball camp all week through the high school... can you believe their gym is not air conditioned?  Today, Bubba goes in for his Senior photos.  Had yummy turkey potstickers for dinner last night.  I think I will tackle the 'piles' today. 
It's hump day!!! I really need a part time job, just a little job, please?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simple & Clean, Cute & Adorable

This I thought was a very simple card layout.  The lines are crisp and clean and it was very easy to do.  I actually made three cards with this similar layout.  Wow! If all cards were like this I could whip out10-15 an hour!  Now it's the matter of selling the cards or giving them away, that is the challenge.

What I 'love' about card making is that you can easily make Simple and clean cards, or you can painstakingly take hours to put a  lot of color and detail into a little piece of artwork.  The reward and the challenge!!
Here are Sissy & Bubba before the wedding reception last Saturday.  The Holiday Inn had a beautiful lobby!  Can't say too much about the rooms, all four of us together, snug!  Bubba even found the last tenants food still in the tiny fridge!  ugh!!!  Sissy just turned 15 and Bubba turns 17 next Tuesday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's a shower

Here's a special card I made for a friends' request for a wedding shower.  Get it???  I saw the idea for a shower curtain and thought it was quite adorable.  I used a skewer for the rod and cut it down and then propped it up on foam tape.  The curtain is material that I punched holes into, so you can actually open and shut the curtain.  Cross your fingers and hope that it stays together!!!
This past weekend we went to Southern Indiana for a wedding reception for one of my DH's nephews.  B & T got married 3 weeks ago in a Las Vegas destination wedding.  We got to see it LIVE on the computer.  That was real interesting to witness the wedding via the computer.  They then had their wedding reception this past weekend in Terre Haute Indiana.  It had a gambling theme, with dice and bingo, prizes for the guests, a candy bar that we could fill up little Chinese takeout containers.  The dancing was fun, the couple was gorgeous ( they had their tux and gown on) and it was fun to see some of my DH's family. First time wedding reception for the kids. Sissy didn't like the way I was dancing... I think she wouldn't like anything I did. Then before we came home yesterday, we stopped and walked around Indiana State's campus.  Hubby's Alma mater. 
Back to 'normal' today. 

Friday, July 09, 2010

Special Delivery Mini Scrap Book

This is so fun!!  a mini scrap book in the shape of a diaper bag for someone expecting or who has a baby girl! I found out how to make this in a 6 hour (yes you read that correct) tutorial off of Laura's Ustream channel....
Following the Paper Trail she is a material pattern maker(?) by trade, or originally an interior Architect... but she puts on these tutorials both on You tube and U Stream, sells kits to make these cute mini scrap books.  I love her because she makes things from 'scratch' because SHE CAN!! She is funny and has the gift of gab, but her instructions are wonderful!!!  Click on the bottom of each page to see what is unique about the layout when the slide show rotates. 

 I may have another post today...I made about 5 other mini scrap books, why?  gifts of course.  for who???

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I forgot your birthday...

Ahhh... Nuts!  This was simply an adorable card to CASE.  I've been making more than cards in my creative greetings!! studio... you'll have to check back another time to see the cute mini scrap books I've been making.
Just got done taking Sissy to her early morning v-ball practice, walked the dogs, went to the vet to pick up heartworm tablets, took Bubba to the eye doctor to get some new lenses for his glasses, gas in the car and replacement sunglasses from Kohls (since I dropped mine on the tile floor and SMASH!!)... and it's only 10:15 am....I like that everything is within a few square miles of my house.  One good thing about a small town.  Now, I'm going to go sit on my BUTT for a few... and see what blurfing and CASe-ing I can do.  Bring on the humidity... I'm inside with happy fans and airconditioning!!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

3 digi cards

I'm giving my hand at Digital imaged cards... that is to say that the paper, sentiments, embellishments are all created on a computer program, given dimension and so the card is all designed and created, just waiting for you to print it and then slap it on a card stock base.  Fun?  I signed up for a FREE 2 week class with Jessica Sprague

Card 1: Hi... it does look dimensional, there are words in the long word bubble bottom right, but they were so tiny and not clear, I just covered them up. Creative license.
Card 2: Thanks, one step up, print the image added brads.  Not sure if I like the color combo.

Card 3: Congratulations.... pieced the patterned paper, cut it out and used decorative edges. Stapled the sentiment.

She had some other images, but I think you need a specific Photo Shop program.... you are able to adjust the size, color and shape of things.... I couldn't figure it out.... go figure... but if I went to my Print Master Program, I could sort of copy it.  Digi cards are very interesting.... but right now, I'm still having fun piecing together REAL paper, doodling images and creating shadows with COPIC markers.... but I can see how  people like this digi stuff (some call it brushes, I thought it was clip art).... some images you can purchase on line for .99 cents.

Thanks you Kim for all of your sweet comments.... but you need to read between the lines.... I'm really not that busy of a girl.  I need a creative job... somewhere!!!
Hi Dad!  Did you figure out the Video?


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