Monday, April 30, 2012

You Spin me Round

I love, love, LOVE the way this card turned out!  (Sorry to the original cardmaker, doodle designer... I'm not giving you credit, my bad) I'm taking credit for perfectly CASe-ing the card.... but idea and layout and colors.... not mine. Of course I CASEd this from a view on Splitcoaststampers.  It is so dag nabbit cute!
Here's the little doodled dude up-close holding the entire world in his hands!!!!  Look even more closely and you can see I 'fussy' cut him out.  The hearts have a argyle embossed pattern to them, and the checkerboard background is actually some stiff material cut into a ribbon and then I even cut it further down.  The bright red and robin egg blue work great together! I wanted the hearts to have a button 'feel' to them without the bulk for mailing.  Added some cute two color baker's twine.
The matching tag is from leftover paper scraps.  Hmmmm, now that I see it... it has a more 'fancy' look to it. I like to match the card and tag, oh by the way, this is a special  COTM sent out to Miss O in the Dallas area.  For some reason she is into love ♥♥♥ But I just had to use my new Martha Stewart doily lace punch that I got for %40 off.   But look, there is commonality, there is another argyle heart!  XXX
The world is such a big place, don't you think?
You must be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, April 27, 2012

Stand alone

Every month around this time I send out 4 special creative greetings!! that I have made for those, part of COTM (Card of the Month) club.  Here is May's card.  It could be used as a heartful thanks mother's day card... or a unique thank you to recognize someone who held a special place in your heart.
I always want to make and create something very special for these 4 gals who all received the 'gift' of getting 12+ cards for the entire year.  This card is an easel card, so it props up when set on a table top.  The row of punched art is the tab that holds things in place.  I have made this style of card numerous times before and always follow the great tutorials off of Splitcoaststampers.
A little surprise each month in the envelope have been tags.  I love tags and love trying to create something from the scraps left over from the special card, it is a small challenge I'm willing to take on and I love the results!

Never get tired of doing little things for others.  sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts ~ pinterest

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Journey in the Making

Although it was a labor of love, I'm not going to sugar coat it... making an actual memory book is almost as hard as making the memories!!  A few months ago I took some serious thought in the fact my dad was going to turn 80 this year!!! That my friends is a milestone for any one.  Eighty years on this Earth!!!! 

Sure, we could buy him a gift card to his favorite restaurant, donate money to his favorite charity, surprise him with... whatever.... but who really is my dad?

A few years back my dad gave me a trayful of slides, most the pictures included were of me when I was a child.  We took the slides and had them professionally burned to a DVD.  What a difference a few decades make in technology.  Now it's just a click from a digital camera to the computer and ta-da... instant photo, instant memory!

My dad always loved to take pictures.  He loved his cameras (always top notch) loved his film developing equipment. That is one of the cool things I think I inherited from him... the love of picture taking.  I'm a bit of a ham, so I like to get in the picture myself.  Looking through a lot of my old slides it was hard to find pictures with my dad in them!  But I found a few! Maybe some he didn't remember!

 I started asking for help to make this book even MORE special.  I sent a note to all his 'friends' in his email address book and requested that they send me a story, a memory or a wish for my dad.  The responses came in slow, but the few I got describe my dad to a T.  He is a very informed and organized man, who loves his family, loves his cars and is willing to share a joke or a story.... often!
I made the book through the online Shutterfly store and added the stories after.  I also scanned pictures from some of my albums and took pictures off the disk I had.  I added my scrapiness to the blank pages and made an interactive memory book.
 The fun part now, adding the doo dads and the dots, adding a note or squiggle.... It was almost a difficult thing to actually write in the book.... after all, I was taught not to deface printed material.  But each new page had a twist or a flip to it.... a nice picture, with a fun story.  Something to draw the eye in, and maybe make it a bit misty!!! A great memory!
The book is 8" x 8" on glossy paper with binded pages. I submitted  16 pictures, but through the use of my printer, I added about 8 more.  From poems and stories I got via email, I printed them and  was able to put together a great memory book.

What an awesome life, what an awesome journey.  Who is Geo J. Hub?  A very special man who has touched so many people's lives!!!  Thanks everyone who helped be a part of this special man's story!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grandpa turns 80

A big shout out to my dad, who turns 80 today!!!!  I love you Dad, Happy Birthday!!!
I made him a book on Shutterfly and embellished it with some paper craft pages.... I'll show more later!!

Follow the Pattern

There are so many pretty papers out there, the only thing you might have to stamp is the sentiment.  You don't even HAVE to do that, you can buy a whole sheet of sentiments on sticker form, or print them from the computer... so card making could be as simple as gluing layers together... and following someone elses pattern....easy!
It's fun to see a layout... I just 'quickly' drew a reverse sketch (above)  {well I didn't really draw it, but created it on my PrintMaster program}... that is to say that this card layout was probably a 'sketch' from some sort of card site that had a challenge for card makers.  So, I did the reverse, having only seen a card like the one I made... I then made the sketch after.  If you look at the layout, you can literally do anything with it, but it sure gives great inspiration and guidelines if you are stuck for something!

 I just combined patterned paper, that is already color coordinated from a pad and punched out and cut the other forms ready for assembly.  Here, I used my doily lace punch to get the scallops under the sentiment, Nestabilities circle die, Martha Stewart butterfly punch,  cut the background paper to size and fit on the 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" card front, cut some bakers twine and wrapped that around for the bow, inked the paper edges... and a beautiful card.

I heard this recently from another paper crafter and I agree, I so enjoy the instant satisfaction of creating a greeting card.  I can feel it when I put the pieces together, it truly makes me giddy... wanting to seek out and make more.  I just wish I could give more of my work so others could enjoy it. My hair stylist is willing to take 'old' cards to a senior center she works at (I mean I want to believe her, but she is so nice, it's hard to know if she is double talking me!) , I hope its true, and that I Brighten Someone's Day with a little creative greeting!!!!
Sending FuN MaiL, one card at a time! :0)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just my 'type'

Here I am using my newest SU! stamp.... love this old typewriter with the paper coming up.  It is very cute! I have been making a few mini scrap books and have lots of scraps left over.... so as a boarder around the solid colors I thought that this would be a perfect fit.  Browns and the teal blues are my go to color combination recently.

I'm thinking maybe I'll make some of my own background paper someday soon.  (If I say it outloud, then I might do it) but I have this typewriter, and old grandfather clock, a skeleton key, a hot air balloon and a bird cake.... and make some 'old fashioned paper in browns and sepia tones... antique stuff is still in.... vintage cards are the rage!!!

Tip of the day:  when brushing your teeth, not only should you brush your tongue, but also your lips.  We often neglect our lips when it comes to cleanser, (who wants a soapy mouth) but the brush action on your lips actually exfoliates the skin and you'll find it stimulates your smile..... try it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some other day

Yay!  I'm almost back to a normal routine.  It's true, be careful what you wish for.  I wish for a cool million dollars, that I can share with a few who need it, go away on a nice relaxing vacation at the beach with no worries, save a little.... and then get something wildly fun!!!!!

I tried to play with the photo above, I should have just taken another picture, because it is NOT being shown in it's true color glory!!!  What you can't see is the most important thing.... crystal effects being used as rain drops!!!!!  Another Marisse Carrier inspired card. Doodles with water color pencils.  Easy paper layer frames.  No need for extra bling, just simple... and cool!!! Like the one I showed you earlier (or later... depending how you read my blog), below...

I don't have to tell the rain to go away today.  Bright and sunny day with blue skies... but it is much cooler, almost like 'normal' April weather.

I have a lot to get to, since I had been working full time for the past 3 weeks.  Almost feels like a relief to be back home.  Within 3 weeks the college boy comes back for the summer, and then there is a matter of what's next on our life journey.  My mojo came back over the weekend and it sure was fun to play in my creative office.  Sent any FuN MaiL lately???
Brighten Someone's Day!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just chicken in!

Here's a cute card with some Marise Carrier birds.  I'm not sure if she has a web site anymore, but I just love the simplicity of her line doodles of birds and animals.  I'll have another card to post soon, raining cats & dogs.  But these little birdies are just checkin' in!

The wings have some crystal effects glaze on them.  I'm finding that although I think my cards are totally awesome, they pop with a little bling like crystal effects or stickles. I like the chicken scratchings... the stamp that makes the bird feet is from Stamps by Judith.

Well, I finished up a 3 week temp job at the Accounting & Tax office.  It was really busy the 12 days I worked before taxes were due on April 17.  But after that, things (like the phone and clients coming in the door) tapered off by 80%.  The CPA took Wednesday off... but getting back to their 'normal' work of payroll and checks.... they really didn't have anything for me to do. I'm not the accountant type... leave the finance work for my husband! :)   I hate being bored, or them having to FIND work for me to do.... so, yesterday, Friday, was my last day.

What's next? Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Problem

Disclaimer: This picture has nothing to do with today's topic. My parents came down to help celebrate my birthday over the weekend.  So, who do I look like????

The 'problem' is, that I have a big 'problem' with NO PROBLEM!

Until I did a bit of research, I found that some people have a problem with the over use of the informal use of the response to thank you! No problem!

I must say, I'm a bit touchy about the response because I was trained to say "Your Welcome" when someone says "Thank You". I guess No Problem is better than no response at all, but that doesn't mean that I like the informal pop culture language change.

I'm not an old fart, nor am I a spring chicken, but I don't remember ever being taught to say No Problem, unless I really had no problems (or no math equations). I think that the expression might have come about from songs or dudes from the Caribbean who said, "No Problem Mon".

Tone matters! From my research, if you have a problem with someone in a 'casual' atmosphere responding to your thanks with a 'no problem' attitude, then you take life way too seriously. No problem is defined as easy; not difficult, not posing problems. But when has someone thanking you become synonymous with trouble? Trouble versus problem... thus no problem is no big deal.

Maybe I'm being reassured that I'm NOT a problem when I acknowledge the waitress for bringing me water.... but I didn't think as a customer I was the PROBLEM, I'm the tipper, and I appreciate attentive service. No problem, here's your tip, your welcome!

I think I will stick to the manners and etiquette I was trained with, and the more I hear my co-workers, service people or children with their graceless response to my thank you, I will proudly and loudly acknowledge their thanks (if I get one), with a hearty "Your Welcome". That's no problem for me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shine in the Garden

 I got inspired by the painting here one of my favorite places to visit!

Spring flowers in the garden. They SH!NE.

The second photo is a close up side view.  The paper flowers are just distressed circles layered on top of each other.

Everything is popping up in my garden.  Many around me want to go get their annuals.... but it's still a bit early.  I can wait a few more weeks.  We had some pretty high winds yesterday.... but the mornings are still a bit cold.  I can't wait to figure out my potted plants.  But for right now, I have beautiful flowers that could last forever, on a creative greeting!!!!

Have you sent out any FuN MaiL lately??????

Monday, April 16, 2012

Shabby Chic

A few weeks ago I shared my 'original' design for a tag swap that I was in.  Here are the completed 8.  They measure 4"x6". Underneath the the large butterfly (Martha Stewart punch) you see tan and then pink, below that is cream card stock....two smaller journaling tags spin out... well they are attached at the top with a brad and you can fan them out and two oval shapes are inked and stamped, ready for journaling.  Will the recipients figure that out? Added some material that looks like lace, but is stitched, so I inked that to make it look tea stained.  Paper pink rose that is stickled and punched shapes and butterflies ad the extra special touches!

A tag swap is where a number of people create similar themed items, but it's their own version, in this case it's a Shabby Chic tag.(new and old materials {buttons, lace, flowers, pinks & browns}put together with a girly girl theme in mind}... made to look old  Someone coordinates the swap, so in this case we created 8 tags, and sens them to Washington State.  After she receives them all... she then figures out a system so that 8 different tags get sent back to you.

The fun part is seeing the different level of artistic freedom.  And sometimes you learn a new or different technique.  She thought maybe 100-130 would sign up, but instead over 250 signed up.  She had to get a PO Box to handle the volume.

I'll show you in a couple of weeks what I get in return.

Well, this may be my last week at the temp job.  Gotta get ready for work.  Weird April spring weather.  Last night our entire front of the house got bomb=blasted by rain and wind (Highly unusual).  Looking out my window now.... the north looks like it will bring in some pretty wicked rain storms this morning. 

April showers....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Up to Art

 A few pictures of my last three Art Journal entries.  Working full time has put a small dent on my creative freedom, but I have a few pictures from some of my last few mixed media pages.
I will continue to say that being FREE to paint, doodle, draw, dabble, smoosh, ink ...with this art journal is still quite a challenge... but I'm having fun challenging myself. 

Maybe some day I'll take an online class to learn how to think MORE outside the creative box... or then incorporate some of this stuff for a fresh and fun creative greeting!!!
These pages are all about nature.  Flowers, clouds, butterflies, blooms and blossoms.  I like finding the captions... because they are always true how I feel when I complete the page.  Dream Big!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Geocache

We're going to try again this year... getting out and exploring the world!!!!

Hopefully with no more travel bugs (I found two ticks from the cache of 2 weeks ago, ugh) .  Went Geocaching on Easter Sunday.  The title of the cache was A Pretty Long Walk.... yes it was 'pretty' and yes it was 'long'.... almost 3-1/2 miles (darn, I have to get out my pedometer)... it was a pretty long walk.  We had to collect clues along the path through one of our local conservatory parks... and then put the clues together to find the 'prize'.... the actual hidden box that we sign our name to that we 'found' what we were looking for!
I should have taken a picture of the cache.... the people that hid it, made a special wooden box that they covered with tree bark, then they placed it under a fallen tree and other branches and twigs were lying all around it.  Pretty good hide!!!!  This makes 10 that we have found!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

What's your Type

It has been many, many months since I placed an order with SU!.  Don't get me wrong, I love  their stuff, the quality and the cuteness and the ideas, oh my... I just have been content with all the 'stuff' I have in my stash. 

 When I was looking through their newest mini catalog and saw this cute old fashioned typewriter, I knew it was a set that I wanted.  The set comes with 6 different sentiments you can stamp on the note paper, from thank you, happy birthday, just a note, love you etc....  You might see more cards similar to this, yet different. :0)

It's funny about the typewriter theme. Recently on a blog post we were reminiscing about sounds that we no longer hear.  And one sound was that of a manual typewriter with the clicking of the keys and ding and slide of the carriage. 

And then the other funny thing, while working my temp job, I'm on a computer, printer, fax machine, copier etc.... but they still have an IBM electric typewriter.  The boss lady says, "I bet you didn't think you'd see one of these babies again" and actually no (who types like that, but some IRS tax form). It's funny how two other happenstances had me thinking about the old fashioned typewriters!!!

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Layers of Bliss

Simple wedding card. 
I always like to match the colors for the bride.  Most often you get a glimpse of what they might be from the wedding invitation.  But if you don't know (and you buy a few cards to hold in your stash because you got a Save this Date reminder a few months down the road, and you are ahead of the game *wink*) ... cream is always a safe and easy choice. Punched squares to make the cake, embossed images, flowers and ribbon.... beauty!

I started a 'new' job Monday.  So, although I'm able to create in my down time.... my time and days have once again changed, for the month of April.  I'm working reception at a Tax Accounting Office.... obviously, the busy rush is before the deadline of April 15... in this case the 17th  because of where the days fall.  I made some wishes for change.... and guess what?  Almost everything feels different!  More to come!

Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale (is that a wedding wish? or a mid life crisis of someone turning 48 wish?)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Poof! Magic

Poof!  The little fairy wishes you a great day!

I loved my left over scraps from a previous project.  I couldn't even get rid of the tiniest piece.... and then I found this cute doodle.... matched her magical star wand to the colors of the left over paper... and made a quick card....
Send out some FuN MaiL.... and let a special someone know that you are thinking of them!

Monday, April 02, 2012


It is always a challenge to create heartfelt sympathy cards.  I want them to have feeling and a great sense of respect. I made about a half dozen cards for an order.  Although similar, here are two of my cards.  I just love this bird punch from SU!  I was just able to purchase a stamp set that goes with this.... I've made a cardinal before using red and black punching the paper to fit.... now SU! got smart and created a 2 step method.... stamp the bird that is in fine detail.... match up the coordinating punch set and you have a beautiful result.  One day soon, I will show you how I put one and one together!  So, stay tuned.

Simple, yet heartfelt
I missed writing my blog last Friday!!!! :(  It was spring break week here and part of my little family went on a college hunt in the south east corner of the United States, visiting Wake Forest, Elon, High Point, UNC and Clemson... all out of South Carolina and North. I was picking them up at the Milwaukee airport.

My family is changing once again!  Although Sissy is only a junior, it's time to see what's out there in the world so decisions can be made, ACT tests taken, scholarships sought out!!!

Let's open our minds wide, so we can let more in~ pinterest


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