Thursday, April 12, 2012

Up to Art

 A few pictures of my last three Art Journal entries.  Working full time has put a small dent on my creative freedom, but I have a few pictures from some of my last few mixed media pages.
I will continue to say that being FREE to paint, doodle, draw, dabble, smoosh, ink ...with this art journal is still quite a challenge... but I'm having fun challenging myself. 

Maybe some day I'll take an online class to learn how to think MORE outside the creative box... or then incorporate some of this stuff for a fresh and fun creative greeting!!!
These pages are all about nature.  Flowers, clouds, butterflies, blooms and blossoms.  I like finding the captions... because they are always true how I feel when I complete the page.  Dream Big!!

1 comment:

K Hutchinson said...

You are doing wonderful with your journal pages! Just love them!


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