Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Geocache

We're going to try again this year... getting out and exploring the world!!!!

Hopefully with no more travel bugs (I found two ticks from the cache of 2 weeks ago, ugh) .  Went Geocaching on Easter Sunday.  The title of the cache was A Pretty Long Walk.... yes it was 'pretty' and yes it was 'long'.... almost 3-1/2 miles (darn, I have to get out my pedometer)... it was a pretty long walk.  We had to collect clues along the path through one of our local conservatory parks... and then put the clues together to find the 'prize'.... the actual hidden box that we sign our name to that we 'found' what we were looking for!
I should have taken a picture of the cache.... the people that hid it, made a special wooden box that they covered with tree bark, then they placed it under a fallen tree and other branches and twigs were lying all around it.  Pretty good hide!!!!  This makes 10 that we have found!!!

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