Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Fall

Brrrrrr.... this morning it says 40 degrees on my little thermometer. Brrrrr again!! I think I'll wait another half hour til the sun is higher to take the dogs for a walk. Look at this fun card! The background paper comes from a small fall paper pack, I just love it! Then I saw a sketch for this layout and thought, perfectly simple!!!

Last night I went to watch Sissy play an 'away' game. The city is Woodstock, best known for the filming of Ground Hogs Day with Bill Murray. They built a new high school that opened up last year. I thought... I'd see where the new school was. I turn on Nancy (the name of my GPS) and plug in the address.... 20 minutes later I'm in some farmers field. Wrong turn??? I go back out the way I came in and see a eeenny tiny sign at my last turn that says the highschool is the opposite direction. Mmmmm, something tells me that google search has put in the wrong address for the school! I show up a few minutes late and walk in.... the score is 18-10 we're up! I'm thinking I wasn't THAT late.... come to find out it was actually the 2nd game, they started 30 minutes early because this new school doesn't have a JV team! Sissy's team won by the way!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flower Power

Here are two simply adorable cards that I CASed from Stampin with Markie's Mom.... too too cute!!!! I love the smooshing of ink in a few areas of the lighter card stock, then coming back with a white gel pen to add the petals and then enclosing that with the black or brown tip of a marker. Wow, in real life this first card looks like it matches colors much better!

I think the 2nd card would be a perfect birthday card. I'm seeing thicker or wider ribbon on a lot of cards, I guess I have to start looking for that now!!! Yikes, always something to buy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Creative Genius!

I spy with my little eye the image of a frog! Can you find it in my mess??? This often times is what my work station looks like when I'm creating. See that little clear area to the bottom right? That's normally about the area I can work, before I push everything up to create another inch or so!!!

Next is my natural light source to the left, and of course more stuff. I spy with my little eye a card edger! This table is wear stuff goes to when it has been created... or it's my white cardstock for drawing images, or my patterned paper cardstock scraps, envelopes and general catch all! What a mess!!! Creative minds!!!

And finally, my shrine to SHINE!!! Have you heard about it???? It's all the rage. Check it out here! I spy with my little eye, a cute RAY of light!

Bad decisions make good stories

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zindorf pumpkin

This one was quite challenging! So many pieces and parts. I really loved how my card background turned out. There is a SU! big background stamp with the distressed lines, but I don't have that... so using my ruler I just randomly added the lines to give it that cool look. Once again, I'm just amazed at how the card can turn out by rolling some ink here and there, adding a post it note, smooshing ink above it, sponging ink around the!!!

Ever go to Recipezaar? Such another cool place. Last night we had copycat Taco Bell Enchirito's they were soooo good. We've made the Taco Bell Mexican pizza too! I just love Recipezaar, easy to use and navigate around and find really good recipes to try!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Real Creepy & Hairy Too!

This is a real fun image, but kind of gross when you look real close! I drew the image last year from a CASE. Must have used a water color technique... but don't quite remember. Have a great Friday!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Spirit of 218 and Highlowaha Claudia, the faithful leader and life coach, has been writing some totally awesome stories about when books come to life for her family. So, I tried my hand at it last night. As you have read in previous posts, both of our kids have been doing quite well in their respective sports and actually, more so, they are great kids and their grades are pretty solid throughout this first month of school.

Once upon a time, last year... Bubba excitedly put his jeans in the wash after a morning of volunteering to clean out the cat room at a local animal shelter. Unbeknowst to the domestic goddess, his cell phone was in the front pocket. It came out of the dryer Nice and SHINEY and clean..... said cell phone did not work ever again. Bubba did not have a job, nor did he have any money to replace the cell phone, so he scrounged around and found a real old model... almost as big as a shoe (not really).

One day, Sissy wanted a brand spanking new cell phone, just BECAUSE. Well really, her OLD, OLD phone couldn't text very fast. She searched high and low and decided to buy one from EBAY (China)with birthday money. When the slow boat from there made it here.... she took one look at her purchase and decided "UGH thiswont do!!!!" So, she sold it to her brother and made absolutely no profit. How horrible! She was once again out of a phone. Well except for the old, old, old one. Bubba had been very happy with his stylus and cool Chinese phone, because after all, he is in his second year of Chinese language in high school. But something happened.... the touch face of the phone cracked and was ringing for no reason... was it code?

The cool parents that we are, decided it was time to renew two phone plans and while the teenage children were away studying hard at school, new phones with texting capability made it into the house. But how to give them to the children???.... we couldn't just hand them over and go "here"!!!

In the Spirit of 218, the Creative One {moi}(according to Bubba, the Fun One, but dad is the Funner One) decided to make a game of finding the phones. We offered both children a crisp $10 bill or a small scavenger hunt! They both willingly decided for the scavenger hunt and were off searching for clues through the palace!!! The last clue "Winter can be very cold ~ what would you wear?" took them to the coat closet and inside their jackets were the new cell phones, already charged and ready for them to put their sim card in.

Bubba and Sissy were very happy and totally surprised, and wondered what was the catch? (Their parents don't really do this kind of stuff very often!) No catch!
So, they lived happily ever after, until new better and faster technology changes things once again and they have to have the NEWEST and greatest!!! The end!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zindorf bats

I'm batty for my blogger friend Kim... this one's for you! Here's a card from Zindorf's tutorials a few weeks ago.... so creepy, huh?

Sports update: Both Sissy and Bubba had games last night. DH is on vacation this week (I guess he has a big honey do list!)we worked the concession stand at the highschool. Then went to watch the v-ball game. Sissy's team won, and probably could have won big... but the girls seemed to be off a bit in their playing. And then Bubba had an 8:40 pm game (yikes) and they won 7-1. He had one assist. The boys looked really good out there on the ice.

How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" before you just nod and smile because you still didn't hear what they said?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Remains of the day

Well, here's whats left in my picture inbox from cards I created two weeks ago, but took pictures of last week, to post on this weeks blog! Got that? I don't have to explain my cards anymore, do I? I think those of you.... lovely people who come to visit my blog are here 'cuz you support me, and want to see what's new! If at any time something looks so wonderfully cool on a card I create and you have to know how I did it.... I'd love to tell you...

This one is based off an inspiration from Stampin with Markie's Mom. Inked my flower to match.

This one I believe is a Fluffles? Stickle glitter on the petals.

And this one is a Stampin Bella... ooo was it a Ketto?

Natural Highs
The beach.
Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter.
Laughing at yourself.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pretty Purple Flowers

I probably should know what these flowers are, but can't really think at the moment. And I realize too, I took the picture before I put the happy birthday on the front, it does look like it's missing something!!! Color combo of 'eggplant' and 'moss' tie in together quite well. I don't know what else to say.... I'm just having fun creating cards that all look a bit different and unique if not from each other at least the 'original' artist who I might be CASe-ing from.

So, Bubba had a long weekend of hockey 2 losses, 1 win and 1 tie in this first of the year tournament... about 1-1/2 hour away... he got in about 4 hours of drive time!!! I didn't go to any of those games... being the domestic goddess that I am!!! But Sunday afternoon they had their team opener and they won!!!! Big time... 8-0.... and my boy... I told him to score me a goal and number 7 was his! Yippee. He had two assists as well. That was really fun to watch... he was one tired puppy!!

Even if I knew your social security number, I wouldn't know what do to with it

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zindorf Swirl

Here's another cute card from the tutorial of Zindorf. I could sing her praises for a long time, y'all know I just think she is a great artist and a great teacher. Look how cool my stuff turns out because of her! Check out other cards from the past condensed here

I'm trying to get a bit more blog savy. I really want to change my page up a bit more... have tried a few things, but don't like them... so stay tuned!!!

MapQuest really needs to start their directions on #5. Pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My ghost buddies!

Is three times a charm??? Three ghost and three tries at posting the cards to this blog???? I think my computer is having issues, but I don't know how to deal with them! Slow, slow, slow... or am I so impatient????
I may have posted a few of these guys already... all from Whipper Snapper, all hand drawn to delight you! It wasn't as cold this morning for the walk, but our hearts for some reason weren't in to it. Maybe because we started out late! My side has been hurting for a few days... not sure what it is... maybe its some of my extra tummy fat complaining about it's tight quarters!
Any hoo... I don't think I need to explain anything about my cards. Just cute and whimsical, how I like them. All cards can be for sale.... just send me an email if you are interested.
Weird hockey tourney last night and for the rest of the weekend. Bubba's team tied at 1's. DH was truly disappointed, all that work (1-1/2 drive there and back) they had about 75 shots on goal and scored once... 20 guys on the JV team too. The other team had about 10 shots on goal and 10 guys.... who played tougher??? Sissy's v-ball team won as well.... but the coach just harped on how bad they played and she was embarrassed by their show (I wasn't there) poor kid, I feel bad for the team, but told her she needs to document the freshman coaches negativity and present their side intelligently to the Varsity coach and have a meeting how it 'really' is to play for a negative coach! We'll see!!!
Whenever someone says "I'm not book smart, but I'm street smart", all I hear is "I'm not real smart, but I'm imaginary smart".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The leaves are changing!

Whirl and woosh... fall is coming! It was 50 degrees out when I took the boys for a walk. I even saw a hot air balloon very near to the open Com Ed field behind our house, that is so neat to see!

This is a $1 stamp from M's.... thought it was very cute... you could make it into a very scary Halloween tree, or a cute fall is coming tree! Patterned paper is from a small pad that I got 50% off. Can't beat the hunt for deals! But really? How much more craft/card making stuff do I need????

Natural highs...
Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ornament Twig Tree & Wacky Treasure Box

Hey.... here are two ideas posted for Highlowaha.... if you are curious, go back to that blog and check out what I mean!!!

A sample of a twig tree.... but you could make your own

I did take a picture of Cheryl's boxes!!!

PS: make sure you scroll down to today's actual post below this one!!!

Zindorf Scary night

I'm so giddy! Maybe because I've been up since 6am to make the rugrats eggs & bacon!!! Yes, I know, thank you.... good mom!!! Crazy mom??? It's going to be an interesting day and next few days, too boot... today someone had to be to school by 6:45 am, then there is early release, one has practice until 3pm and needs to be picked up... one needs to be at the rink at 3:10, one needs to be picked up by 6:45 then it's parents night at the highschool and somebody is flying in to O'Hare in between all that time.... so mmmmm....that 3rd drivers license is starting to look interesting to the main chauffeur!

Okay, on to my cute Zindorf card. I don't have Michelle's image, so I had to wing it, but just love the spooky scary night results of the card. So fun!!!
Natural Highs
7... Taking a drive on a pretty road. 8... Hearing your favorite song on the radio.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, oh oh it's magic

You know....o oooo..... never believe it's not so!!!

Take a look at this little guy... Whipper Snapper I think? Now that I look at him... I'm not sure if he's a pilgrim with a top hat? a magician taking a bow, or a mouse in costume wearing a tux! I guess that's a good thing about some of my cards, they are multi purpose.... we can make them be what ever we want them to be to fit the occasion! Ta-da!

PS There are pictures on my blog somewhere with our lovely snow covered house and driveway... it's a pretty picture, but don't want to go there unless someone personally emails me the fact they have to see it!!!!

Natural Highs.
1 Falling in love.
2 Laughing so hard your face hurts.
3 A hot shower.
4 No lines at the supermarket.
5 A special glance.
6 Getting mail.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our house, in the middle of the street

I spent more than 12 hours alone driving myself back and forth to Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend. I'm no longer tired, but have discovered that driving for 12 hours (6 hours there and 6 back a little more than that Nancy my GPS took me through downtown Chicago, YUCK!) is NOT something I enjoy doing, and especially doing it alone can be somewhat nerve racking. But I did it... I met my challenge and overcame it!!!! and I went to a great Seminar with blogging friends from Highlowaha !!!I have been awarded with some new friends and a great new insight into what life CAN be about!

So, why am I showing pictures of my house and where I live instead of pictures from the event?? It's such a beautiful day here in Northern Illinois, perfect day for a photo shoot. Someone wanted to get an idea of where I live.... since a home and a community is important to each person, the different cities and different parts of the country we live in are totally foreign to someone whose never been there. Seeing your house gives insight to what shapes who you are!

Friday, September 11, 2009


September 11.... 8 years ago I was watching 5 kids at my house before school started. Three were kids of teacher's friends at the nearby school and they had an early morning meeting I was entertaining them! I always watched morning news at that time and was watching live when the NBC camera went to the towers trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

Okay, to turn things around a bit. Gotta start making those cute Halloween cards now. Love the oranges and browns and tans and peaches!!! This cute little boo guy is from Whipper Snapper.... wouldn't you like a spooky greeting from him???

Natural Highs. .
A hot shower.
No lines at the supermarket

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Then and now

So then, here is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and me, taken back in 1985! I never grew taller than my mom. Now I am taller and wider than her, 24 years later, time changes everything!!!

Now, here we are at a Kewpee's (check on the link to read all about it) burger joint downtown Racine. We went to lunch for all three under $15. My dad remembers his first time going there about 63 years ago. They have great burgers/fries/ and Rootbeer!!!! Can tell it's an iconic place, saw another guy taking pictures inside and out... had a feeling it was this guys brother and he hadn't been there in 20 years, and they were coming back to revisit a place with good memories and great food, when Racine was a busy town!

And here is a picture of my parents celebrating 50 years (2008) with a picture shoot last June.

Natural Highs.
1 Falling in love.
2 Laughing so hard your face hurts


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