Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Spirit of 218 and Highlowaha Claudia, the faithful leader and life coach, has been writing some totally awesome stories about when books come to life for her family. So, I tried my hand at it last night. As you have read in previous posts, both of our kids have been doing quite well in their respective sports and actually, more so, they are great kids and their grades are pretty solid throughout this first month of school.

Once upon a time, last year... Bubba excitedly put his jeans in the wash after a morning of volunteering to clean out the cat room at a local animal shelter. Unbeknowst to the domestic goddess, his cell phone was in the front pocket. It came out of the dryer Nice and SHINEY and clean..... said cell phone did not work ever again. Bubba did not have a job, nor did he have any money to replace the cell phone, so he scrounged around and found a real old model... almost as big as a shoe (not really).

One day, Sissy wanted a brand spanking new cell phone, just BECAUSE. Well really, her OLD, OLD phone couldn't text very fast. She searched high and low and decided to buy one from EBAY (China)with birthday money. When the slow boat from there made it here.... she took one look at her purchase and decided "UGH thiswont do!!!!" So, she sold it to her brother and made absolutely no profit. How horrible! She was once again out of a phone. Well except for the old, old, old one. Bubba had been very happy with his stylus and cool Chinese phone, because after all, he is in his second year of Chinese language in high school. But something happened.... the touch face of the phone cracked and was ringing for no reason... was it code?

The cool parents that we are, decided it was time to renew two phone plans and while the teenage children were away studying hard at school, new phones with texting capability made it into the house. But how to give them to the children???.... we couldn't just hand them over and go "here"!!!

In the Spirit of 218, the Creative One {moi}(according to Bubba, the Fun One, but dad is the Funner One) decided to make a game of finding the phones. We offered both children a crisp $10 bill or a small scavenger hunt! They both willingly decided for the scavenger hunt and were off searching for clues through the palace!!! The last clue "Winter can be very cold ~ what would you wear?" took them to the coat closet and inside their jackets were the new cell phones, already charged and ready for them to put their sim card in.

Bubba and Sissy were very happy and totally surprised, and wondered what was the catch? (Their parents don't really do this kind of stuff very often!) No catch!
So, they lived happily ever after, until new better and faster technology changes things once again and they have to have the NEWEST and greatest!!! The end!


Kim H. said...

You are such cool parents! FUN stuff! cool phones!

Claudia said...

Peggy... I LOVE IT! What a fun way to unveil a treat!

A cell phone can feel like an essential... a necessity or it can feel like a special treat. You turned it into a treat!

And they lived happily ever after, I am sure!

Cheryl said...

love it!

Heather said...

So much fun! See you can be creative with teenagers!!!!

Katie K said...

Peggy! That's awesome. I love that you did this...once again, you are such an awesome mom! Way to live the spirit!


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