Friday, September 11, 2009


September 11.... 8 years ago I was watching 5 kids at my house before school started. Three were kids of teacher's friends at the nearby school and they had an early morning meeting I was entertaining them! I always watched morning news at that time and was watching live when the NBC camera went to the towers trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

Okay, to turn things around a bit. Gotta start making those cute Halloween cards now. Love the oranges and browns and tans and peaches!!! This cute little boo guy is from Whipper Snapper.... wouldn't you like a spooky greeting from him???

Natural Highs. .
A hot shower.
No lines at the supermarket


Chaotic said...

he IS adorable!!
Today was the beginning of a rough week for me in 2001. Grateful to see how things have changed in 8 yrs. I miss my Grandma tho....

Kim H. said...

This is a very emotionally day for me. All the 9/11 stuff , my son was baptized on 9/11 and today I will be putting my beloved cat of 16 years to sleep at 2pm! Sorry, I just made this a very sad post!

Moving on- your card is adorable! I want to see a bat next! You know I love bats! SMILE!


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