Monday, September 14, 2009

Our house, in the middle of the street

I spent more than 12 hours alone driving myself back and forth to Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend. I'm no longer tired, but have discovered that driving for 12 hours (6 hours there and 6 back a little more than that Nancy my GPS took me through downtown Chicago, YUCK!) is NOT something I enjoy doing, and especially doing it alone can be somewhat nerve racking. But I did it... I met my challenge and overcame it!!!! and I went to a great Seminar with blogging friends from Highlowaha !!!I have been awarded with some new friends and a great new insight into what life CAN be about!

So, why am I showing pictures of my house and where I live instead of pictures from the event?? It's such a beautiful day here in Northern Illinois, perfect day for a photo shoot. Someone wanted to get an idea of where I live.... since a home and a community is important to each person, the different cities and different parts of the country we live in are totally foreign to someone whose never been there. Seeing your house gives insight to what shapes who you are!


Cheryl said...

PEGGY! I'm sorry your drive was so long but I am SO glad you came to Louisville.

Your house is WONDERFUL! I love it. You'll have to take the same photos with it covered in snow! :)

Kim H. said...

Sounds like the long drive was worth it :)Your house is gorgeous! Looks like a lot of snow removal in the winter! LOL!

Chaotic said...

so Peggy, how long is it to the Heart of Texas?

Katie K said...

Peggy, it is so great to see your house! And it was great to meet you! I'm so glad you challenged yourself to come and did it. I loved meeting you!


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