Monday, September 28, 2009

Creative Genius!

I spy with my little eye the image of a frog! Can you find it in my mess??? This often times is what my work station looks like when I'm creating. See that little clear area to the bottom right? That's normally about the area I can work, before I push everything up to create another inch or so!!!

Next is my natural light source to the left, and of course more stuff. I spy with my little eye a card edger! This table is wear stuff goes to when it has been created... or it's my white cardstock for drawing images, or my patterned paper cardstock scraps, envelopes and general catch all! What a mess!!! Creative minds!!!

And finally, my shrine to SHINE!!! Have you heard about it???? It's all the rage. Check it out here! I spy with my little eye, a cute RAY of light!

Bad decisions make good stories


Kim H. said...

te he he! That is how my areas looks too! Sometime just sometimes I pick everything up before I start a new project!

Katie K said...

Peggy- I LOVE the Shine shrine! I hear that guy Ray is the hottest new thing to hit town!


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