Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daisy tags

- For You -5 and under Yay! With sunny days... I feel like I get more time to play. Last night and today I made these mini 'collage' tags. I ripped pages from a book and distressed them with ink around the edges. Then I used white acrylic paint and dabbled a bit around the tag. Then punched out the petals and the daisy center. Added a few doodles and dots and glued it all together....and put my heart into the project. ;)
I could add them to a cre8tive greeting card, or to a fun package.... OR.....anything. They were really fun to make!
Sorry to any blurfers who have children under the age of five.... but my observation in the pharmacy.... do not go at 3:30 in the afternoon... I mean the mom and the wee ones.... especially if your kid has NOT had a nap.... I really don't want to stand behind you for 10 minutes seeing your kid stomp around you, fall on the floor in distress, drop his hat or sticker or whatever grimy thing he's holding and then stomp on it, around it.... around me to try to get attention from the mom... the moms just stand there... then say... "get over here".... but they can't budge from the line to go get the kid.... so he goes and hides down an aisle peeking to see if the mom is looking for him.... then he comes stamping back, pouting.... it was funny.... but annoying because the pharmacy DIDN'T have my prescription ready and I had to go back twice... and felt as if the same parent and bratty child were in front of me both times.... karma????

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Found, a cute Bunny

- Spring Day Well, a simple picture post. Although I have been cre8ting (making a baby album) all other paper crafts have been put on the back burner. Nothing new to show... so I'm going back in the archives. Found this cute bunny card.

Great dinner last night.... Caprese Lasagna.... not tomato Ragu sauce.... but chicken broth with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese... no bake lasagna good. Yum! Tonight it's baked French Onion Soup.... we only have 3 'special' bowls though.... ones that can be put under the broiler... the other one... Sissy was drying it, holding the handle and the rest of it fell on the ground and smashed in to smitherines!!!! She didn't drop it... weak handle? Tiny fracture from washing or dishwashing??? Now we are down to three!!

Sunny day and 47 degrees at the time of this post.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Post about Posts

- Great recycled paper We got this amazing sales catalog from Vera Bradley ( a purse designer). The magazine is huge, like 12" x 14", and it's not like a glossy catalog, but a heavy card stock, textured. I didn't want to throw it away, because: A: the pictures are fantastically bright & fun B. I could certainly find another use for it's awesomeness Perfect!! for hand folded envelopes!! Trim, fold, glue the edges, find a cute cre8tive greeting, then, Just pop a mailing label on the front with postage and your recipient will sure to get FuN MaiL!!!!
I'm almost thinking about using a few pages as a 'canvas' back drop and distressing it, then punching cute daisy flower images to paste on and make a collage page. We'll see... check back again and I'll post something more in a few days!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Try to Get You

- Pure awwwww Today's post is to try and get you to say, awwwww.... how adorable and cute!!! I have posted Tuckers' pictures on Facebook already, but thought I'd share here too! It was time to get a little hair trim for our fuzzy guy.
We didn't think we were going to go this short. But the groomer called and said he had lots of matting going on with his undercoat. I know he was getting bad.... but you know... it costs a few bucks to look this handsome!!!
See for yourself, how simply adorable our almost 3 year old fur baby is. You can't help but go, awwwwwww!!!

Early post today. Going into work late. Sissy has an orthopedist appointment to check out her lower leg... stress from track????

Friday, March 25, 2011

Monkey-ing around

- Safari Mini scrapbook

Upon request .... baby girl scrap book with a safari theme. I had so much fun creating this little mini. Since I've blurfed enough, plenty of clicks checking out other awesome blogs where great artists have show cased their work.... I remember... you think of any animal... and you can certainly punch it with ovals and circles.... a few cuts and doodles, a run through the paper crimper... and wa la!!! The above photo is the sweet monkey! On the cover accompanying him is a great giraffe, and a loving lion!
The flap opens on the front cover and there is room to add the baby's name or the birth date.... and through out there are spaces for photos and places to add journaling. FUN.... now to get paid for it.... the 'gal' was out of the office.... why rush anymore!!!
Glad it's Friday.... lots of numbers imputed into Excel spread sheets.... I'm ready to play with some paper and enjoy my family!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mini Photo Albums

- Mini Photo Albums
- CHOOSE wisely

I had a request for personalized mini albums..... I could find them anywhere when I wasn't look for them... even the dollar $tore. Last weekend I needed to pick up 3 to do this 'job'... and couldn't find them at the 3 stores I went to. Eventually found some 'dopey' ones at Big Lots and had to pay $2 each, sheeeshh! They have sleeves on the inside to just hold 4x6 photos. Not as much profit as I hoped... but I think all three turned out aDORKable.... dorky and adorable together. Three different color schemes, but the same layout and design. Makes thinking easy!

Fun patterned paper!!! Made big puffy flowers with a little bit of glitter, added ribbon and found a use for my big BIG buttons. Those buttons are too big an bulky on my cards.... so they work perfect on the mini photo albums and for the mini scrap books.

Look for what is right in EVERYthing....don't choose to LOOK for what is wrong.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gorgeous Lady

- Hey

You know when you are doing something right and people want multiples of things... cards, scrapbooks, scarves, notebooks, meals.....Hey Lady is right.... be it the card lady, the lunch lady.... the gorgeous lady!!!!! That's A-okay with me!!! Her name is Stella, an image from Stampinbella stamps....... now that I've done a few.... I almost can do it without looking to CASe completely.... so I can add my own twist. Stickles on the special parts like crowns and wands and maybe a cherry on top! I think I need to carry a magic wand... with fairy dust.... she seems so happy!!!! This is an easel card... so it pops up and is held in place by the popped circle with the cupcake on the bottom inside part. Will people figure this out if they get the card with their gift?????? Once it's out of my hands... who knows where my things end up... on a shelf, in a box, in the circular file... maybe on Ebay??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15, 30 Happy Birthday & More

- Happy Bow Wow
- Philly cheese steak

Another 2 cards with cutie pututie Charley..... wishing his human sister a happy 15th birthday(shes a shamrock baby) and a family friend turning OMG30!!!!!.... fun, personalized.... glittery.... these cards are exciting and inspiring to cre8te, and to make. I look at other cards for layout ideas.... and then draw my doodle, in this case the labordoodle. Figured out how to make tasty Philly Cheesesteak at home.

We used to get roast beef from our local deli... I warmed it full slices, put it on a bun and made aus jus sauce for dipping.... that was it... kind of blah.... now... I saute` sliced onion and peppers (can be green, but we like the sweeter red... but I actually like combining what ever I have, even jalapeno) I caramelize both on the stove top with a little olive oil. In another pan I chop up the roast beef... and saute` it until heated through with a little bit of olive oil .... mix in taste salt & paper and then add the caramelized onions and peppers. Take a fresh roll, slice down the middle... put a slice of cheese on top & bottom half.... add mixture, wrap rolls with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for 15 minutes..... we are just loving the flavorful dinner. Yummo!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I have all the Angles

- Another Charley card
- Quiet

Here's another cute Charley card. I made her mom 6 different cards to go in her stash... so when ever a birthday pops up in their lives.... and the person is EXTRA special..... SS has adorable cute wishes from Charley to send to the birthday person!!! Inside and out of card.... close ups....have to have all the angles for the pictures... so you get the entire feel! This is the personalization part of my Faux card company!

Used a Cuttlebug Birthday embossing folder. I love it as a background paper.... I think this paper has a sheen to it (Winning!!!) so it makes the embossing pop!!! Sparkles on the candle and the signature hearts...
It was odd at work throughout my day today.... either people were extremely busy.... so it was very quiet... or they were done and it was very chatty. And I think that two people who work in the department my cubical is set in were mysteriously absent.... so there is mumbling going on.... but I couldn't hear it. Really, I don't want to know... I'm just the temp worker... I don't want to get in the way of business politics.... its a nice position to be in right now! But I have a new name... I'm known as the card lady!!! hee hee

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bits of Sweetness

- A Corner of Heaven
- How fast can I type?

Here's the corner of one of my cards. All cuteness just right there... ribbon, pretty birdcage patterned paper, some bling pearls.... things that add just a fun touch to a card.

And here it is.... full size. Love this little girl!!!!

Exciting news.... I sold some cards at work. I got some lovin' and kudos from people who appreciate paper crafts. Ah... to get 'rid' of some of my babies.... it's time for them to go... in with the new.... but now where to find the time to make the new fun stuff! Such a dilemma.... I'm exhausted!!! Yay! It's Friday.

Off to watch a train wreck.... or a Ustream channel... or a reality show.... or play a game with the family.... so many things to do!

Thanks for stopping in!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Petal Power

- Beat, beat
- Sneak alert

Happy St Paddy's Day!!!!!

Ok, it's the sneak peak close up view of some of my latest cards. Using punches of ovals and circles I created daisies. Added doodles and squiggles, then placed the flowers popping up on a OMG! ripped page from a greatly used book that was a thrift store find. I distressed the book page with ink and paint, dribbles and swipes. All cards with the daisy flower seem to have a monochromatic color theme, or scheme. And then to add a 'pop' of color... a little heart is added somewhere. These cards have a cute beat!

I was sneaky... but not.... I gave away a card to my cube mate... and she shared it with a lot of co-workers after I left work. I was oogled today..... so tomorrow I'm bringin' in the book of cards.... lets hope I pick the right one$ that need a new home.... so a whole bunch of FuN MaiL gets sent.

Off to watch Sissy get initiated in the French National Honor Society.... small cookie and punch reception to follow!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


- Blowin' my horn
- Time

This is another fun and whimsical Charley card... it's a party on a card with Charley having a party and this will be giving to someone who is having a party... or a birthday. I love pink and orange together. Charley's mom thought there should be a Martini glass in the picture too because Charley is sitting kind of catty wumpus. Tipsy!

Yay! Sunshine and in the 60s today. That's a reason to party! But I'm tired.... the time change is catching up to me... working 34 hours outside of the home is catching up to me. I was sooo used to a different routine, and now we are all switched up...

Don't feel so up to tootin' my own horn.... cuz I want to play and create, make a great meal, play with my fur babies, enjoy the sunshine, but I must also do laundry, clean dust doggies, shop, dust.... just not enough time... now!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Excuse me, what did you say?

- Inspire to c-cre8te
- Vent

This is a very adorable mini scrapbook I made a while back. You can use it for pictures, a journal or tiny keepsakes. I'm very happy how it turned out and love the colors and the embellishments!! Inside are paper bags that create the pages and spots to hold tags. I'm once again taking pictures in natural light on the photo easel.

Although it might get annoying to those close to me, I admit that I whine and complain about a lot of things in every day life. Someone doesn't use their turn signal as I'm waiting for their approach to the corner.... I do talk about it and say 'hey, thanks dude, that would have been nice to know'. Or, I'm in the grocery store and someone stops to pick out an item and they block the entire aisle, cart and body and they are oblivious to the presence of other people trying to get by. I'll comment about that (in the privacy of my own home, or here on the blog).

However, I do think to the average Joe or cordial acquaintance they may think I'm nice, communicative and have manners... heck, I might even tell a joke or two...have a little SHINE about me.... but let me tell ya... I'm sick and tired of people who promise things and they can't or don't deliver. I don't want to reveal too much... I'm sure this person(s) doesn't visit my blog... but I will generalize none the less. You may figure it out... it's not you.... I'll call said person "Erma" for ease sake.....

Erma is very talented. Really, very, very talented in the paper crafting world. She has an eye for things. She lucked out, and found her niche..... go her!!! Momprenuer extraordinaire near the Canadian boarder. But I think she is a train wreck.... every time I see her, she makes excuses for not 'keeping to her word', or breaking her promises. I ask you.... why? why.... why, why? Promise anything? Why even give yourself a deadline to finish a spectacular awesome paper craft (for us to view).... when you NEVER do! It is soooooo annoying. The said thing is a 'paper craft' project.... not something life or death. So no worries... it's just one of those things like a reality tv star, a hoarder, a crazy teenager or a fallen sports athlete.... just one of those things that makes you go.... hmmmmm. How do they get through life?

I, would feel extreme guilt if I 'promised' someone a cre8tive do dad... and I didn't finish it.... or didn't even attempt to get it done.... or if I devised an un-attainable goal date. Others allow this creative genius to, or enable Erma by saying... "oh don't worry! life happens! give yourself a break!" I say.... Quit promising things! Quit saying you'll get it done.

I will apologize if I did not complete a task ... but Erma.... every time ... I'm sad to think that she is raising four children who probably make excuses all the time for their behavior and actions. Quit over extending yourself. I think that's one reason I say here.... stay tuned... because life does happen and get in the way. If I say I will get it done by Saturday... by golly unless and Earthquake or Tsunami hit.... I will get er done....

But then on the other hand... it's a good thing.... there are some people... like ***Fern, Valli, Smokey and Jayne .... who do exactly what they said they would... and their paper craft work is totally amazing, refreshing and inspiring... and they are worth watching on the internet, or visiting their blog or getting their newsletter.....*** all names and locations in the above story have been changed for security reasons!!

Thank you.... I will step down off my soap box and go back into my perfect quiet little world... until the next time....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Eat Cake First

- Charley cards
- March Forth

Learning, learning, learning (although at times it is scary).... I love it!!! Made some Charley cards over the weekend. Re-cap.... Charley is the female dog of my favorite neighbor SS! She is one of my fur babies' friends! I haven't designed her for a while..... but now, learning Photo Shop... working on my 'new' label of cards (changing and update PRdesigns... cre8tive greetings) ... I felt I saw her in a fresh... spunky and fun new way of doodling. And... I'm learning how to take 'more' interesting photos.. natural lighting.. using the easel, nice background....still working on it all....being C-creative in my Back to BASICS in my mantra for living out 2011. It's part of the FuN MaiL Charley's mom will be sending out!!!

I see on other blogs how there is a full shot of the subject, and then a close up to show something special. Here is the super cute doodle cake, the stickle 'sparkles' on the frosting... and then the heart.... the heart is part of the 'signature designer' on this card.

A new week of work... day 8. Data entry on Excel spread sheet... fun!!! @@ I'm amazed with the Photo Shop on line class and learning Excel.... computers are one amazing tool!!! People are excited because it was a mostly sunny day.... still cool at 39 degrees.... but it seems like spring is in the air! Nice!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 73

Top of the bakers shelf... oops, wrong blog...... well.... you can check out my photo blog here if you want. Become a fan, become a follower.... is anyone looking at me,ME.... ME!!!!

Day 73

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Spring

- It's like a heat wave

47 degrees and partly sunny
or is that partly cloudy
posting some oldies, but goodies
testing my new stand, and partial
window lighting
didn't know my supervisor wasn't in the office
until 1 pm,
couldn't go to the next task
I left early
on a friday to boot
Yay, it's the weekend!


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