Monday, November 30, 2009

In the pink!

Who says the traditional colors of Christmas are green & red? Why can't they be pink? Wouldn't this little snowgal with her pink tassled hat be a welcome surprise in your mailbox? I found a little box of images that I drew last year and decided to just plop them on a few cards and see what I could come up with! Ta-da!!!

Yay! Bubba is home safe and sound. He was at a hockey tournament all weekend in Columbus Ohio.... we didn't chaperone, nor did we attend. It was nice to get him back last night at 10pm. His high school club team were the champs of the tournament, coming home with a nice trophy (that I didn't get to see). Sunny and cold today, it's warmed up to 25 for our frosty walk this morning, the boys were in quite a fiesty mood. Yes, we still have Tucker, we're slow ... he has been the perfect (well) doggie the past week, at times so adorably sweet! Why does he have to turn into Kujo??

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Are you juggling a few too many balls?

Yippee! Look at him having fun tossing up those snowballs! It's that time of year where the rush seems to be here... everyone in a hurry, things to do, people to see, food, greetings and lots of craziness. Take some time to soak it all in, and enjoy!! Martha Stewart snowflake punch.

Went to see the Sandra Bullock movie Blindside yesterday. Very good, I highly recommend it. Painted the half bath yesterday. Think it needs another coat, so I will do that today. Lit the outside lights. Need to get a few more strands, we're like the Griswolds. Bubba is in Ohio for a Turkey Hockey Tourney. He's called us a few times and they played two games, won both easily. The sun is shining, it's a great day!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I punched out some friends!!

Well that title sounds a bit mean don't you think? But the results are actually very, very, very cute. Punches that create holiday friends. If you are a card maker it's very easy to see the circle punch, and the scallop punch, the flower punch, the oval punch & top note. These little guys are so fun! It's almost thinking outside the box of what you can do with these shapes.... ok .... don't think I'm that smart.... at all..... all ideas are CASed. Like usual! But look at the fun!!!

Here's Mr. Owl, with his sleeping half closed eyes! Stars for his feet!

Next: Good ole Santa Claus.... the extra pink inked edges make his nose oh so special. Love cuttlebugging the swirls for his hat and beard! Beady little black eyes.... I need to add a twinkle!

And finally: Perky & Cute penguin with his scarf and holding a snowflake. With his floppy feet and beak!

So fun, so adorable, so easy. Thanks for coming by and checking out the blog! Happy Black Friday!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My 2nd Zindorf for this week of cards. I didn't do it quite right, (and won't tell you where) but I really liked the tutorial and the process, as I usually do. Michelle is so good at explaining what she is doing. Makes things so easy!!!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!! Let the 'crazy' holiday season begin.... go!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zindorf Vases

So, I tried my hand at a recent Zindorf tutorial and loved the results, as usual. I still don't have all the tools and products Michelle has (ha ha) but I try to make due with what I have, and still, I learn so much.

Attended a volleyball award ceremony last night for Sissy at the high school. The 3 teams combined had a record of 100 (wins) 13 loses! Great season. Freshman were something like 27 - 1. Sissy won a special award for best server! The coach knew that in a crunch if she put Sissy in, they would score more points than if she wasn't in. So that was a great award for her to win!!

I'm the only one in our house that has to go to work (or school). How ironic is that???? So think of me when you are shopping with a gift card this weekend.... it's possible that I packed it!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday ~ Make Up

Okay, because I was down, I need to catch up here on my blog and not only give you One birthday card, but two, TWO I say!! My typing skills seem rusty, I'm making mistakes on every word, YIKES!!! Could it be my nimble fingers, full of paper cuts, are having a tough time keeping rhythm on the keys????

The first card is an Old case from Stampin with Markies Mom. She's moved away from all the dots and the layers, so I go into her old posts and find things I like to get more ideas to create. I think I counted on the first card of hers.... over 13 layers. That's a ton! Here there are about 9. Love the color combo. And yes, her cards take more time to create, but they sure are fun!!

Next up: something better in real life, I liked the simplicity. Next time I'll find a stamped cake to use. Embossing powder in a pewter-ish color. Stamp the image with versa mark, then emboss, cut out image and use pop ups, voila!!

On the dog front: we still have Tucker, he's actually sitting in my lap as I type this. We called our vet, and his suggestions are to call the rescue that we got him (since we signed a no euthanasia clause) and find out if they will take him back. We will fully disclose his odd Kujo behavior. He's looking at me with those puppy eyes...... this is hard!!!

Don't know if I'm working Friday or not..... you know if you are out there shopping and buying gift cards? we are the ones out there getting the gift cards out to the people!!! I'm sure there will be.... more to come......

Monday, November 23, 2009

computer problems

Having computer issues, can't really post today. Stay tuned. Hope to be back soon!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Beyond grateful

Is it just me? just the photo angle? or does there seem to be a dorkey extension there on the bottom left side of the card in the creamy caramel color??? Yep, pretty much cased this card. Doodled my flowers, added a cuttlebugged bubble color strip.... don't recall the color, close to guava (but not) the combo with the green and cream really works. The sentiment is from TAC.

Oh, what to do. Tucker was super gentle and nice and sweet last night.... wanting everyone to pet him and play with him. He showed no signs of aggression. At work they asked if I could stay on til the end of the year! Yikes, how will I get my shopping in? They said they were going to change me out from all the box making and packing, to?????..... stay tuned!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who wants to give Thanks?

This image was a little different for me. It does seem as though the original artist was 'child' like in the drawing or sketch of the owls, so I CASed it similarly. Kind of looks primative. Different & Unique. Added the dots with paint on the front using the tip of a stylus. Added some prima flowers.

Well, I have some sad news... we are probably going to have to get rid of our furry Pomeranian friend Tucker. Last night, completely un-provoked, Sissy got down to his level to pet him and he just pounced at her and bit her in the lip. It was very emotional. He had bit her the first week he was here in May. She was afraid of him. But we worked through things.... he has biten and nipped at me 3 times in the past two weeks. Trying to groom him I had to buy a muzzle. I swear it's like Kujo.... we treat him gentle, and totally out of somewhere he bears his teeth at us and tries to bite and nip. When I took him to the groomer once, she said he was so gentle and kind. It is too stressful.... so today we will call the vet and see what our options are. We probably couldn't imagine placing him in another home.... and may have to put him down. He is 18 months old.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Need something a little perky today!

I believe this layout was one of the challenges a few weeks ago on SCS. I don't necessarily follow the challenge, but when I see all the posts in the gallery that have a theme running through them, I have an AHA moment.

It seems this layout had the triangles coming in from the sides. Like I said a few days ago, I really like the pun cards. Some clever person out there in blog land, design land... coming up with all of this stuff. Hats off to you.... I give EVERYONE credit where credit is due!!!! Card makers, paper designers, challenge designers, bloggers.... you are ALL awesome. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

I'm starting to work on Holiday cards, just general Christmas cards.... I have an idea about my family card.... but this year I'm sending out fewer and making it way simple. I will also put my 'newsy' Christmas letter on my blog.... why waste a tree!!!! Stayed tuned for that!

Rainy day, that's okay. I'm off to work day 9. The physical part of lifting the boxes is getting tiring... can't wait to see the first paycheck..... I'm there at least until the end of this week. Can't see doing this job.... FOREVER.... but glad to dabble in shipping and boxing, labeling etc.....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just can't stand it!

How too, too, too cute and talented people are. Over at SCS there are so many cute images using Christmas ornaments. OMG! How fun! SU! has stamps and a punch that makes the job easy.... but not me.... mine is a dollar stamp from M's and I cut out the ornament, oh well.... I get the same affect. I thought I had some sort of pine boughs.... but alas, no.... so I just used a ruler and green marker to get the branches to work.

Season Greetings!! from Creative Greetings!!! This is just the beginning!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Part 2 - Little Significance

Okay, so not the best picture of a booklet I created in college. Squint one eye and close the other and if you look closely, you can see the side of a mountain, the left side are trees in the light area... hey, this was printed in 1983. Half typed,the other half hand lettering....
My favorite poem for this book...

Virginia Dare

There motionless, your lungs scream.
You fall prey and crave her,
you have no will.

You beg for her in torment,
yet she will not listen.

She is deceitful,
You are weak.
Her warmth,
Your ravenous hunger.
Her alluring presence will not come to you.

But she lies:
She is the executioner
and you are the condemened.
you two have become one of the same evils.
Vital to live,
one must die.
In pain, your inner being entices you to stumble,
and with a rush she enters your veins,
and dances amongst your corpuscles,
and smothers

If I recall, (don't know the name of the type of poem) but she represents an alcohol... so it is the liquor that entices a person, and what it eventually does.

Little Significance

I remember in college I was in a Creative Writing class and a book binding class all during the same semester. Going to a liberal arts college I was able to combine two projects into one.... taking all the poems and short stories I and other classmates had written and with booklet and printing skills from and art class, I combined the projects and got graded in both classes. Living in the moment. The name of my booklet was "Little Significance"
A. Because this was such a tiny thing I created, but in a way it was so big to me.
B. I was always trying to be funny or try my hardest to come up with something creative, on my own... which was and still is, very hard to do.

I would take a picture of the cover and post it here today, but I was asked back to work.... so to try and find the book, take a picture, upload etc... not do-able....( will edit later) but the front was a photo of a side of a huge canyon that I had taken on a family vacation in the late 70s. So sad too.... no creative computer fonts, it is electric type written and hand drawn lettering.... (you have to remember the year I started college 1982 PC's were just at the end of their dream stage and cost thousands of $$)

Of no "Little Significance" is Claudia.... she shines!!!!! Everything she posts here at Highlowaha is fun, interesting, personal, yet something we should all do and be a part of. Go check out today's post. She is just amazing!!! Do it for me!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hang in there!

Way to too to too cute!!! Can I say that my own cards are really cute??? Love this stuff! Love it cuz I can draw it, love it because it's clever, love it cuz I have the supplies and tools to re-create it!!! Used some jute to make the clothes line. Used markers to color in. Cuttlebugged the bubble background.

Seems like nothing ever changes, but then all of sudden you look at what you have and where you've been, and it seems like everything HAS changed!!!

It's supposed to be a beautiful fall day here in Illinois, finally a sunny day to enjoy! I'm so excited to get things done (can you believe I'm excited to say I can't wait to do housework).... because I worked this past week... clocked in 37.5 hours this week at the temp job.... that is a lot going from 0-37.... so many things to do, so much sunshine to enjoy. Hope y'all have a great day. Stay tuned for more cards and more family fun around our house!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A blast from the past

Happy Friday!!! With birds chirping outside my kitchen window, I saw this card from my inventory of pics and thought it would be appropriate. Working this week has put me behind, I've not taken pictures of any of my new creations, I haven't cleaned out my old files, I haven't cleaned the dust bunnies behind the antique sewing machine. Like I said, this work stuff outside the home is kind of a bummer ( I have yet to put in my time card to receive a paycheck too!!) Well they did ask me back for another day.... so all of that stuff will be put on hold, again!!!

Cool thing: Bubba is on a field trip to downtown Chicago! His 2nd year Chinese class is going to Chinatown, exploring for a bit (they have to take 2 pictures to share) and then they are going to lunch and back home. I told Bubba to look for a cool Chinese Christmas ornament, we'll see if he meets the challenge!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Emptying the IN box

Weird, weird week for me... working a temp. job. It's really been cutting into my creative time and I'm sort of freaking out! These two cards are the last of my latest! I love drawing these blossoms and blooms. Nothing difficult here, and all is pretty much self explanatory, cute colors, nice layouts, a little ribbon, a doodle here and there.

The flowers on the 2nd card are from Stamps by Judith, a flower stub!

So here's what I've been doing at the temp job: taping together small boxes, unloading big boxes from a cart that hold 500 envelopes worth of Visa cards, separating envelopes into qtys of 200 to go in the smaller boxes, moving the boxes back and forth to the floor, then picking up boxes to reverse the order of the envelopes, waiting to have the boxes checked, putting packaging material into the box, taping shut, moving the box once again back onto the cart. 93 boxes the first day (million $ order) then after that, the days have all been a blur. Putting stickers on boxes, pulling stickers off of Subway gift cards, putting stickers on Best Buy cards, repeat......Last day today? Stretching as I type!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frosty the snowman

What I like about spring and summer is the wide variety of cards I can create, butterflies and flowers, little kids and ice cream cones, purses and shoes.... boom, once the fun of Halloween is over, card makers move on to the holidays and SNOW! That's a four letter word I no longer like! Humbug!!!

Although I do love a cute snowman!!!! Like the saying where 'some assembly required'.... but then along with snow means the holidays, the holidays mean there are countdown calendars every where telling me how many shopping days left! Yikes, then that becomes really scary. Sissy asked me the other day if we could go shopping on Black Friday.... gulp! I'm not a black friday shopper, never was, dont want to be...there is nothing I really need/want that I would be out there with all the crazies!!! How to I tell her gently, she needs to go and find a friend, and her mother can take them, just be careful and I'm only giving you $20!~

Hand drawn snowman.... I guess he looks like he is floating in a sea of snow, cuttlebug embossing folder and Martha Stewart snowflakes!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks a latte!

I love all of these 'pun' type of cards. Now that I expanded my liquid horizons, it's fun to ask someone to join you for a cup o joe, with a cute card like this. Right now I'm drinking some hot Chai tea, to warm my innards. Not that it's that cold out.... warm drinks or I should say "hot" drinks totally warm up my inside.... sometimes so much that if it's just a tad warm outside, I start to sweat. (hand drawn, but not my design dad:0)

I think because of the fuss over Starbucks and gift cards last spring, I started getting interested in iced coffee. I haven't quite found THE recipe, yet.... but a little bit of ice, brewed Starbucks coffee (chilled) skim milk, little flavored creamer and a packet of sweet n low.
Wow, busy.... the temp job I got on Friday that was only two days, last night they asked if I could come back three more days! Little bit boring work, but.....

Monday, November 09, 2009

A Zindorf

Here's a beautiful birthday card.... done at Stamp Camp... and not through one of Michelle's recent tutorials. I always like to try different parts of her tutorials. This was fun!!!

Not much to report today... off to work!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sing, sing a song...

this happy little gal looks like she is ready to burst out into song. At this time I'm not sure which creative stamp company she is from, but I will inform you once I know. She's singing her heart out beneath a window canopy. fun & happy (although she has no lips on her face! hmmmm) I like the yellow shading vs. the always grey/blue I've used previously.

So yesterday I 'worked' 9-5 at a gift card company. If you are familiar with the SCRIP program... or just gift cards in general....(somebody, this company gets the gift cards from the manufacturer and then sends them to private companies as incentives?) We were just dealing with Visa gift cards, but I overheard, PF Changs, Toys R Us, Target..... I 'made' 94 boxes for shipping thousands of gift cards for one order..... after the boxes were made (3 of us) then we packed 200 numbered envelopes into the box, then had to flip the numerical order of the envelopes and then seal the boxes. So, lots of lifting and touching of envelopes numerous times... I go back on Monday to finish the job!

Friday, November 06, 2009

It can't be all black & white

Eight layers I believe.... Have a good day! Simple $1 clear stamp from M's about a year or 2 ago. Martha Stewart butterfly punch, the rest SU! This isn't too elegant... but it could be, if needed.

Hey, thanks for checking in! Have a great weekend. I'm actually off for a 2 day temp. job Friday and Monday... more... later!!!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

You can never have enough....

birthday cards! Although I feel as though I make a ton of cards, I find sometimes that the cards in my inventory, be it they are ALL wonderful, just don't fit the bill when it comes to someone special. I found this layout here, at Lauren's blog and decided to make 2, exactly and only two cards..... no, these were fun, but a little more work than I'm used to. Wow! once again, well always, I'm blown away by the creativity of some of these designers.... I can't imagine trying to come up with something new and fresh all the time. I'm one of the lucky ones and I USE these designers to get my base idea and create from there!

I have to give credit to my dad! I'm not one to actually say this out loud... but "bless him", he thought all those cute critters I drew for my cards were my own!!! Hasn't he been keeping up with me on this blog??? Really!!!! I will state in my post when a drawing is strictly mine.... like Charley the dog is mine... and mostly Cooper the dog is mine... but pretty much everything else is CASED.... now would I get in trouble with a trademark or a copyright.... I'm sure my drawing which is NOT traced... has enough oddities and quirks that I've altered it slightly ~ that although I admit I'm a good copier.... my drawings are very close... yet different!! Some would ask, and there are those who have.... why don't you draw your own characters (or submit your cards to magazines) it's way much easier to copy these cute imaginative creations!!! I'm lazy! I admit it!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wishing you joy!

Here is an anniversary card that required no drawing from me. Yay! Used the Cuttlebug to get the dots for the background paper (prior to I stamped the swirl). Punched out some hearts, stamped the sentiment,the rest is the assembly required. The Purples all look better IRL (in real life). I'm liking the thread (floss) in the buttons, and sometimes I'm liking them plain.


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