Friday, November 13, 2009

A blast from the past

Happy Friday!!! With birds chirping outside my kitchen window, I saw this card from my inventory of pics and thought it would be appropriate. Working this week has put me behind, I've not taken pictures of any of my new creations, I haven't cleaned out my old files, I haven't cleaned the dust bunnies behind the antique sewing machine. Like I said, this work stuff outside the home is kind of a bummer ( I have yet to put in my time card to receive a paycheck too!!) Well they did ask me back for another day.... so all of that stuff will be put on hold, again!!!

Cool thing: Bubba is on a field trip to downtown Chicago! His 2nd year Chinese class is going to Chinatown, exploring for a bit (they have to take 2 pictures to share) and then they are going to lunch and back home. I told Bubba to look for a cool Chinese Christmas ornament, we'll see if he meets the challenge!!!

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