Monday, November 16, 2009

Part 2 - Little Significance

Okay, so not the best picture of a booklet I created in college. Squint one eye and close the other and if you look closely, you can see the side of a mountain, the left side are trees in the light area... hey, this was printed in 1983. Half typed,the other half hand lettering....
My favorite poem for this book...

Virginia Dare

There motionless, your lungs scream.
You fall prey and crave her,
you have no will.

You beg for her in torment,
yet she will not listen.

She is deceitful,
You are weak.
Her warmth,
Your ravenous hunger.
Her alluring presence will not come to you.

But she lies:
She is the executioner
and you are the condemened.
you two have become one of the same evils.
Vital to live,
one must die.
In pain, your inner being entices you to stumble,
and with a rush she enters your veins,
and dances amongst your corpuscles,
and smothers

If I recall, (don't know the name of the type of poem) but she represents an alcohol... so it is the liquor that entices a person, and what it eventually does.


Cheryl said...

Cool Peggy!

I just want to thank all of the universal powers, God, Budha, or whoever it was for the invention of the personal computer and design software!

I wrote a poem about alcohol. I posted it on my blog for you.

Kim H. said...

What a great book! It sure is a treasure! I love the poem!


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