Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Significance

I remember in college I was in a Creative Writing class and a book binding class all during the same semester. Going to a liberal arts college I was able to combine two projects into one.... taking all the poems and short stories I and other classmates had written and with booklet and printing skills from and art class, I combined the projects and got graded in both classes. Living in the moment. The name of my booklet was "Little Significance"
A. Because this was such a tiny thing I created, but in a way it was so big to me.
B. I was always trying to be funny or try my hardest to come up with something creative, on my own... which was and still is, very hard to do.

I would take a picture of the cover and post it here today, but I was asked back to work.... so to try and find the book, take a picture, upload etc... not do-able....( will edit later) but the front was a photo of a side of a huge canyon that I had taken on a family vacation in the late 70s. So sad too.... no creative computer fonts, it is electric type written and hand drawn lettering.... (you have to remember the year I started college 1982 PC's were just at the end of their dream stage and cost thousands of $$)

Of no "Little Significance" is Claudia.... she shines!!!!! Everything she posts here at Highlowaha is fun, interesting, personal, yet something we should all do and be a part of. Go check out today's post. She is just amazing!!! Do it for me!!!


Kim H. said...

Your card is outstanding! I love the the pretty yellow on this dark and icky day!

Liberal Arts colleges are the best! I worked at one for 3 years! I sure do miss it! I can't wait to see your book :)

Happy work day!

Cheryl said...

I loved my creative writing class. Wish I had taken more of them. :)


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