Monday, August 31, 2009

Zindorf 8/24

I haven't shown a Zindorf in a few weeks. Here's one that I did almost two weeks ago. I love the colors. She has a ton of different stamps, I can't even imagine what her craft room looks like... or how she comes up with these great ideas and then gives them away on her tutorials. This image was fun to draw. I realize I need to get some different tip black markers if I 'm going to continue this. Happy Day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Up, Up and away

in my beautiful balloon! This is a card totally CASed from Heartprints. I love the idea of using half the cuttlebug embossing folder. I think this blogger was one of the first to cut up her embossing folders (actually cut that plastic of the tool, OMG), and use partials on her cards... and then what do you know.... Cuttlebug came out with embossing folders about an inch wide and you could use them to create cool ribbon effects, or just a thin row of embossing on the paper. That isn't seen here, but if you check her blog, you can see where she did that. Neat thing to... I just colored in a few spots with a marker, and then came back with the icicle stickles... and what a great added sparkle to a few spots on the embossing. The bear and balloons are colored in with water color pencils, blended.

Sissy had her first v-ball game last night. They lost. Watching high school is a little different than watching club. Sissy feels the coach is just going to make them run because they lost! (That's what a lot of coaches seem to do.... make the athlete run (as punishment) as opposed to teaching the fundamentals they were lacking in the game.) JMHO as a parent. Better them than me! hee hee

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wiper Card

Tried my hand at creating a card off of Splitcoast Stampers resource page, and it's called the Wiper Card. Very cute, and now much easier since I got my Scor Pal. My review of the Scor Pal... it's a great tool to have. Do I NEED it.... no! But thanks to a few great customers, I made a little money this month and decided to TREAT myself to a new fangled tool for card making, my decision with the 30% coupon at Archivers was the Scor Pal.

The thing I learned reading a few message boards, the Scor Pal is great because you don't have to move your paper to make multiple scores. My folds are straight, and not too deep in the paper. The tool is very simple to use. Two very small problems... it's as large as one of my cutters, so there is no real space to leave it out. And the second problem, because I have it behind a cabinet door, I forget about it and actually start folding my paper before I remember I have a cool new tool that needs to be pulled out and will Score it perfectly!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you born to shop?

Isn't every girl? Saw this layout and thought it would be fun to try. I've been using up scrap cardstock.... this is about 10 layers.
Inside is says: You go girl!

I added gel pen dots to the ribbon. You should be able to click on the image to enlarge it. Most all cards on my blog are for sale... $2.00 ea plus shipping costs. You can always click on a category to the right side of the blog and see the wide variety of whimsical, serious, fun and personalized cards I make. My email address is upper right on the blog page.

We've had about an inch of rain overnight. We need it... but the primary and secondary kids started school today..... everybody with their cute little umbrellas!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Notebook Paper means...

...'tis the season and back to school. Day two.... or dos....

I was blurfing on Markie's Mom's blog and found this adorable card I just needed to CASe. It has notebook paper on the top layer. I just loved the plum/purple colors with the tan/brown. I sponged in the purple ink, then came over top to draw the flower image, then came back with a gel pen to make the centers 'pop'.

I had to make two images from the same theme and think although quite similar, they are two totally different cards.

Off to run errands.

Monday, August 24, 2009

An eclectic day of sorts!!

Hello from the first official day back to school for my kids!!! At least I slept well, cool weather in the upper 50's, windows open.... and the sound begins at 6am with the first dog sneaking up in my bed at when Bubba placed him there! I've taken the dogs for a walk and it is now peaceful yet again at 7:45 am.

Here is me and the hubby at the Packers game from this past Saturday night. Pre-season game against the Buffalo Bills. Packers won 31-21. It's been a while since I was in a crowd of 68,908 people. Very interesting to people watch!!!

While taking pictures of my creative greetings cards, I thought I'd get a picture of one of the desks in my office. Although the piles look quite neat, there is not an inch of open work space. I think something needs to be done about that!!

And finally, a card inspired from Gina K. I actually followed along on her StampTV website. The whole cool thing was inking the cuttlebug argyle embossing folder and then running it through the machine.... to not only get the embossing, but the right areas inked to give this cool effect! Also something I need to keep in mind is using that hole template rather than small punches to create the correct spacing for brad placements!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun things you can do with punches!

In blogsurfing the other day (can you tell I don't have a REAL job) I came across numerous posts with very clever designers who came up with wonderful ways to use their punches (which include the Nestabilities). Punch art. Until I see some of this cool stuff, I forgot that I have most of the tools and am capable of trying to re-create the fun!

The first one uses the Cuttlebug embossing folder just on half of the card. (You should be able to enlarge the card by clicking on it) Then I used the Nestabilities scallop circle and punched the outer part of the card, a smaller size with the image is placed on the inside. I feel you need a heavier cardstock to make this work more effectively. The big gaping hole in the front makes it somewhat flimsy.

Love the little EWE! I work in one part of the house and have the computer in another part... so often I don't keep a link to where I've found inspiration. If you'd like to know how I do any of these, I will gladly email you the link, or direct you to places I think I found the original inspiration. Google search punch art.

The frog is just so fantastic! All done by SU! oval, circle and word window punches. Then after I added a basic flower punch to create the toes on him!!! These would be fun with google eyes as well!!!

We are off to Wisconsin this afternoon, we were able to get Packer Pre-Season tickets. Yay!
Have a great weekend!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Big Day

The time has come when many parents do a little happy dance, squeal with delight and then say a little prayer. The first day of school!!! Yippee!!!! Technically, it's Freshman orientation, the first day of school is Monday! My baby is going to high school!!!

A few shots from this morning. Even the dogs want to cheer Sissy on! Bubba is at school too because he is on the LINK crew, which is the upper class mentor program.... they put on today's events for the Freshman orientation.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gate fold cards

I broke down and purchased a Scor-Pal!! I made a little money selling cards this month and bit the bullet to buy another toy for my card making. However, I did these cards before I bought the Scor-Pal. Gate fold where the card folds into itself and then I'm using the embellishment on top to hold the card closed. Sorry for the first blurry picture, but you get the idea with the dragon fly scallop, it's attached only half on the left fold, then it is tucked under the 'have a good day' (which is popped up).

The second picture is with the card open. The cute bug images are based on those from TAC. I create cards for a few customers under the "Card of the Month" which is a year long... around the middle of each month they receive in the mail a 'surprise' card with matching envelope that reflects what's coming up, by a holiday or season. The card is blank so they can send it on to a special friend.

For September I decided on the bug theme and in fallish colors, there is a leaf punched into the envelope. Next month would be a Halloween themed card.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sundae Shoes

Can you imagine all the images out there, then think all those images are created to rubber stamps, and then those rubber stamps are purchased by card makers and stampers and scrapbookers! Who could buy so many different stamps and use them all? Expensive hobby!! How could anyone do that? Well they don't.... but I'm sure a lot of people out there in this hobby spend quite a bit to get lots and lots and lots of different images. Where do they store them all? Not me... I draw them! This sundae is simply adorable!! But how many times would you stamp the cone and sundae and create a card? It's a very intricate design! Lot of coloring in. I have to come up with a saying to go on the inside!

Edit: this card is colored in with water color pencils, blended... and also BIC markers to highlight in areas.

Well, I'm off to paint the railing on the front porch... and back and forth to school taking Sissy to v-ball.... Freshman orientation on Friday and school starts for both kids Monday, woo hoo!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Even more cupcakes

Found this cute adorable cupcake paper at a local downtown eclectic shop and thought up tons of different ways to use it! At first I didn't even notice that it had dog bones on one of the rows of cupcakes! Perfect for a card for any of my doggie friends. And one occasion presented itself... so... here is how the card turned out....It is 5" x5" square, so best for giving with the gift not having to put extra postage on it to mail!

Here is the inside with my buddies Cooper and Tucker! This card is actually going to Charlie's mom... who is also Gus' aunt. It's so fun to give these dogs character!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blast from the past

Although I created fresh new cards last week, just haven't gotten around to taking a picture of them. So, I will highlight an oldie, but a goodie from 2 years ago. Once we are done with August..... zip zoom, bam..... we are into September, Fall and October then Halloween.... all as quickly as I just wrote that! Here is a cute and fun card. A tease of what fall cards are to come!!

I need to get working and take some pictures of creations from last week, clean and de-clutter my office, get a few pieces out in the mail and then play! In between trips to the high school!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello Sideways

This card to me looks quite simple but elegant.... 7 layers so I guess not so simple. The fold is on the left side, but I have the eyelets and ribbon there and there is a crease line where the card folds up. Used the cuttlebug to emboss the card stock base. Nothing extra ordinary for a cordial how do you do!! Love the eggplant and mellowmoss.

So on Thursday, with volleyball tryouts, Link Crew Leadership, Freshman Registration and the Freshman Dance and Friday with v-ball practice, Link Crew work and a team bonding party.... we went back and forth to the highschool for both kids 11 round trips.... good thing the highschool is only 2 miles away. Now yes, it seems in excess... but one kid needed to be dropped off by 10 am, then the next was at noon, then someone had to be picked up by 1:00 then the next time was a pick up at 3 pm.... ridiculous to stay there..... we need to find a car pool... not sure yet about other students driving my kids home though, this is scary.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Humiliating thing the dogs must endure

Over at Highlowaha we were given a challenge to create a funny photo. Here are two in a series I took to pass along the message to SHINE in all you do. I submitted the one with Tucker.

Hope it makes you giggle a little bit!!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just chicken in!

How's it going? Love these little chickens! Whipper Snapper I think. This layout has been used many times, and with many different animals peeking their head into the main view. What fun, what whimsy!! To distress the red paper a bit, I used some old white pigment ink....ugh... then filled in with a white gel pen, just to give it a worn look.... like the siding from a chicken coop! Bird foot prints of a stamping nub from Stamps by Judith. Added some twisted hemp to the top of the card.

School stuff countdown has begun... yesterday and today are volleyball tryouts for Sissy... wish her some good vibes! And today is Freshman registration. Bubba is like a Junior advisor/mentor.... so he needs to go to school and help be a tour guide for incomining Freshman. Good! Glad (sort of) I'm NOT working... back and forth from the high school 5 times today!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

M&M Mosaic

Sissy and I were put to the challenge at Highlowaha: create a mosaic of your choice with one 12.6 ounce bag of M&M's.
Look how good these little chocolate bits of delight shine?
First thing is to separate them by color.
Then create.
Sissy's design: The M&M dude
Peggy's design: Ray the light bulb from HLA

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daisy Note Cards

I had fun the other day creating 20 note cards with the Daisy stamp by SU! Inspired by Nature. So I have 5 different designs with all different color cardstock. Just plain note cards... you know ... just for writing in!

Have you ever seen a flower downSometimes angels skip aroundAnd in their blissful state of gleeBump into a daisy or sweet pea.~Jessi Lane Adams


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