Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bump in the Road

I have been going through stuff in my stash in my 'art' studio, looking at stuff in my smash (book) and shuffling through stuff in my mind!  Some is a bit of a clutter scene, but I realized it's all the things that make me .... me!    I'm starting to purge things, and for the other 'stuff' trying to find a place for the unknown to be stored... if I really want to keep it for some day!
I noticed a pattern to some of my cardmaking this month.  Hearts, ♥ big, tiny... red ... not red... perfect and a bit grungy....but all have some sort of meaning of life and love behind them.

On some cards you have to look a bit harder to find the true heart.  Not that the others are fake... but it might be hard to filter out all the other 'stuff' until you truly find what's been there all the time!

And some hearts are very clear.  You just have to enjoy and accept them as they are.

There is more than 1 path to happiness.  The road to happiness has many on ramps!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Cup of Mojo

I've mentioned this before...there are so many talented people out there with blogs and on the world wide web... with so many people, means there are so many ideas.  And with so many ideas, there is so little time! 

However, when you are in between jobs and life is just on this holding pattern... ideas are good!  They keep me off the street (ha ha) and if I have all the resources at hand to use... even better for creating (cheaply)!

Here are two totally different cards, yet they have a similar feel, probably because of the patterned papers. 

You know, I would never say I'm CASe-ing one of these cards because they are specifically put on to the MOJO Monday blog for you to be inspired to create and share everything. 
If ever stuck for an idea, this is a great resource to go to and be inspired, for any card occasion.  It's amazing just seeing a layout of circles and rectangles and the placement on a page can get that mojo working.

Motivation is what gets you started,  Habit is what keeps you going! ~ pinterest

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wind Blown

Flags, banners & pennants... anything that can swing off a card is hot!  Especially for summer time!  Here is a cute card I CASed off of  Pinterest.  I think it's missing something... color!  One of the flags should have been a stand out red hot It can have any sentiment or be used as some FuN MaiL... as a note card!

Getting creative and cleaning out the clutter today!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

A bit Edgy

Feeling a bit grungy... not dirty, but well worn with a touch of understated class!

I tried to find the definition of grunge... (in paper crafting terms) but it's more of the alternative rock bands of the '90s, than a card style.  But Tim Holtz and other paper crafting gurus have coined a style.... creating perfectly nice papers and embellishments and making them a little edgy or worn... around the outside, the middle...everywhere!
This is a fun LOVE ♥ card and two tags that are going to some Missy in my COTM club.  The way I get this effect is with a scraping tool that roughs up the edges and makes them look slightly torn.  And then by dabbing dark brown 'stains' or alcohol inks, I get the feeling that grimy little fingers have been touching and fingering the edges.  And then I also added dabbles of  acrylic paint, that in my mind creates 2nd hand paper that was being re-used... for something else entirely! The sentiment is off the computer and I added circle clips and ribbon from my stash.

See, I don't have to be 'perfect' in card making.  I even like when I make these tags with stuff a little crooked and hanging off the edges... of course in a completely balanced way... but just a bit off the edge!

Went downtown Chicago on Saturday to see Jersey Boys.  And we just stumbled upon their Memorial Day parade, one block away from the theatre.  There were so many sights and sounds on that beautiful day.  Here is one picture that captures my pride in being an American!  Enjoy and remember this day as we honor those who served us!

Friday, May 25, 2012


What is the next card Holiday approaching?

It's the Official beginning of Summer!
There could be a multitude of reasons to send some FuN MaiL... If you are patriotic you may want to send out some stars and stripes for Memorial Day weekend.  Although graduation is not a holiday, it is a season to be celebrated in any young person's life.  And what I'm highlighting today, Father's Day.  Celebrating that male presence in our life or our children's lives.

I learned this card technique more than 7 years ago while attending some sort of stamp class.  There have been so many learning sessions, how could I keep them all straight. I had to improvise a bit.  The technique was to stamp the image on label page, color in and then place the labels slightly separated on the background paper.... I couldn't find the labels... but I made due!

These cards are part of a series in the COTM (Card of the Month) club.  Along with a card that matches the up-coming holiday or season, each recipient also receives two matching tags.

I was so excited a few weeks ago on an excursion to GW (Goodwill) I found an old Accounting Tablet in FULL perfect  condition for $0.99!  Score....lots of eclectic cards and albums are using ephemera which is:  vintage papers including greeting cards, antique photographs, postage stamps, illustrations, matchbooks, postcards, medical papers, labels, ledgers, diagrams, paper dolls, and maps. 

As I've been saying... mainly to myself.... what's old is new again!!!  I love to re-purpose craft items.  I think it helps me to
Brighten Someone's Day!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not so Bumpy

Similar to the Mother's Day card I made, I found a few more cards on KittieKrafts blog to case.  I really am liking the 'frames' because they make the scene pop, but you don't have to worry about buttons or brads or something making the sending envelope get all out of whack for mailing purposes. (However, you wont see any time soon my cards completely change and go from bling to no bling!!)

Using Nestabilitie dies is a great way to get this framed matting look.  Miss Kittie has a few techniques similar to my favorite Zindorf style.  Beach scenes with sand fences, birds flying over the water and tall grasses swaying in the wind all make for that place we'd want to be enjoying a nice cool drink and day dreaming!

I like this card.  I think with a nice sentiment it would be a beautiful card to receive.  The middle frame is all white with no inking or embossing on it... leaving that area nice and crisp and fresh!  Again, with no brads or buttons, this card is much easier to put in the mail and Brighten Someone's Day.

Although very sad, it yet is a part of life.  Yesterday our family attended the funeral of my Godmother. She was 90 years old.  Aunt Millie was my dad's cousins wife.  They had been married 64 years.  It wasn't unexpected, she had been ill and in a nursing home for the last 4 years after a fall and a broken hip. Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Framed Jewels

I don't think I ever highlighted my Pinterest inspired Art Framed Jewelry holder.
I made this probably more than 6 months ago after spotting a way cuter one on Pinterest,  I'm calling this my Frugal by Design series, where I take things I have on hand, or items I find discounted and make them 'practically' into something totally fun or awesome.

I've seen some very ornate picture frames being re-purposed and then painted with some stricking colors!! I had this frame for a hundred (not quite) years and it has moved with one ugly picture from house to house with me.  I decided that YOU REALLY can re-purpose or take the dated poster out from behind the glass and actually put a new picture or something else in the middle.

With 20% off coupon in hand, I found the foam/felt picture board at Kohls.  I combined the two, and voila~... the brown felt wrapped foam board with criss crossed ribbons is sightly smaller to the left and right sides, but you would only be able to tell if you were right up to the frame.  Got my level to hang it straight and I added tacks and rings and clips and now have a beautiful way to display my necklaces, they don't get tangled and you can clearly see what's hanging.

I could never have a day without creating something!  It makes my heart sing!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Surprise Package

I love something that isn't what it appears to be. 
These little tiny gift packages that measure approx 4" x 4" are just the right size to house a gift card. Great for this time of year with grads and dads and all the other hub bub!  The gift lid slides off and there you have a cute little pocket to stuff with actual cash or a gift card.   You could adorn the package with anything, but a sweet bow ties it all together, and then I even added a matching tag to one.  Perfect for the TO: and From: sentiment.  I used two different pattern papers and each was under 6" x 6".  Mix and Match
Why fit in, when you were born to stand out! ~ Dr. Suess

Friday, May 18, 2012

Such a Lovely Card

Oh, I'm so excited to share today's card.  I can do it! 
All the elements are all learned from previous cardmaking sessions, this is NOT a true cased card.  I was given the opportunity to make a card for SS and she gave me 3 ideas, baby girl, teddy bear and the nickname "Lovely"... and ta-da, here is what came instantly to mind.
The teddy bear is made from different sized circle punches and  is a tag that can be pulled out from behind the crib... a secret message can be written on the back. The baby quilt is dimensional because it is embossed and a little floss tassel hangs from the end.  The rattle and block pop off the page and sparkle with a little stickle glitter.
Inside it reads: Oh Baby, you've grown by two feet.

Such a beautiful week.  I am so blessed.  The sky is blue with sunshine today, again!  I have shed a few tears and I have had big smiles.  This journey of life is an amazing trip!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A visit to My Journal

My heART Journal  pages are starting to fill up, slowly, but surely.  I'm trying to explore mixed meda art one page at a time.  And here are a few of my latest pages.
Paper piecing, punches, a few doodles and mono chromatic colors are what I am familiar with.  So, I am practicing coordinating them to make a scene. Although it is not Christmas time, after I was completly satisfied with this page, it felt somewhat like a Partridge in a pear tree... yet with a twist!
Close up: I've been trying to find words, phrases even letters from magazine pages that convey my feeling for the page.  I'm not quite sure I believe what I've pasted, but I am trying very hard to think outside my safe little box.  And I will admit at times I do not feel comfortable.  But that is the whole reason for this journal!

And finally, at times I like graffiti. 
Of course in the appropriate place it is an awesome expression of art, there is a lot of talent for spacial content that is truly amazing when you see good tagging. (hee hee)  I went outside the box literally on this and painted a birthday box that was sent via USPS.  Had to send some really fun and bright FuN MaiL!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ladybugs & Rainbows

 A cute doodle and some punches of red, black and white
 make this little ladybug card pop with delight!

A grand niece is turning one and I thought it would be fun... to create a card that related to the lb spots on the original invitation to the party!  I always think that makes the card even more special when it comes to the mail box as some FuN MaiL!

Saw a beautiful rainbow (and a couple of times a double rainbow) yesterday evening after our short spring time rain. This was the view outside our front porch!

Ladybugs and rainbows in many cultures are considered good luck.  They are of course what myths, legends and stories passed down through the generations are made from.  I don't think it will hurt one bit to truly believe that good luck will come our way.

Ladybugs go back into Biblical times and are related to the Virgin Mary.  Farmers want ladybugs to eat harmful insects that infest crops.  If a ladybug has lucky 7 spots or more on her back she will bring good luck.  The direction the ladybug flies away will be the direction your wish comes true!
Rainbows are a symbol of hope, defined by Noah.  The Japanese refer to a rainbows the 'floating bridge of heaven'.  There will always be a rainbow after the rain.

I wont just believe in luck, but I think it's a good thing to carry in my back pocket as we go through our journey in life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Polka PP

Using the same polka dot patterned paper and similar layouts with the black frame... and look!!! voila` I get two quirky and whimsical creative greeting cards.  The funky bird in her fancy hat and high heels was so fun to doodle, and look at that adorable sweet pea peeking from his pod carriage! (cased)

Word for the day: Polka Dot
Which is a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles, generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters. Polka dots are most commonly seen on  children's clothing, toys, and furniture - wikipedia

Monday, May 14, 2012

Frame It

 What a beautiful day here in the mid-west to celebrate mothers!  The sun was shinning brightly, the sky was blue and the temperatures were a mild 68. Perfect!
Here is a close up of the corner filled with punched flowers, leaves and some of the filling is even snowflakes (out of green).

 On pinterest someone posted beautiful framed cards from KittieKraft and so I certainly had to give it a try.  There are many great things about trying to do different things, think outside the box.... so they say.  But what is even better is having all the supplies on hand, and recycling things from my stash.  It's amazing what wonderful things can be made from bits and pieces of paper!

Saw a beautiful sight on the way home from the post office today (I was sending out some FuN MaiL). Crossing a very quiet street was a goose family, mom & dad and three fuzzy goslings.They were taking their sweet ole time as they crossed the road.  One little friend had stopped to check out something in the road... as his family continued to cross.  He looked up from where he was and ran waddling as fast as he could to catch up, so as not to be left behind.  It was a very cute sight and it made me smile!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

On the Road

Missed posting on Friday.  Was in Iowa City picking up the college boy for the summer break.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bloomin Hearts

Ooh, I'm a bit nervous. 
 I went to the garden center earlier this week and bought some colorful annuals and then planted them yesterday.  Is it to early in the season here in the mid-west to get my blooms popping in my secret garden? It's a beautiful sunny day, yet cool... will I have to worry about planting a week or two too early?

Punch out flower hearts wont disappoint me!  Lots of red and pink!!   Hard to see it completely, ( but I guess there is a shadow box die cut in the world out there), I just manufactured my own with some paper piecing and using my scor tool to give my box some dimension.  Stamped green stems and added some red & white bakers twin.  This card could have lots of different sentiments, love, get well, mother's day.
Send some FuN MaiL and Brighten Someone's Day!

If you were wondering what your purpose is: your purpose is to CREATE one~ pinterest

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Almost completely Stamping Up! 
Here is a card I cased from Stampin Annie.  Which I found by following someone else who liked her card and pinned it on Pinterest.   I love the excitement I hear from people when they discover Pinterest. A place where you can pin your interests. 
I think the site changed once again.  There were advertisements or people posting national stores and give-a-ways.... I must admit it was quite annoying.  Girls like to see  pretty stuff!  It's addictive, but just like anything you do... it's okay if you do it in moderation... you should be fine!
I almost feel like I'm cheating when I do a card like this... all the work is done from a punch or stamp, no PRdoodles.  Well, really, if I am casing, (Copy and Share EVERYTHING)  it's just a nice word from copying, and copying is cheating.  Oh, I will never win this fight against myself!

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,
Show life you have a thousand reasons to smile ~ pinterest

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Heart Shine

Keeping true to some of my goals that I set for this year. 

One, is to work outside my creative zone and try new things.  I'm not much of a painter.  There are so many kinds: acrylic, water color, oils...mixed media is what I'm trying to work on this year.What I do is a mix of what I actually have on hand.... scraps of paper, mod podge and cheap folk art acrylics, H20 pencils, then I also bought some gesso....
Making things from the 'heart' is so easy.  What I did here was punch a heart out of paper to use as my stencil and after I had pieced together (pages from a book)  my background and painted.... I used paint sparingly to make the stenciled hearts.  The photo isn't the best... I like the most in this piece is using the side of some card board and etching it along to get the really stiff red markings.
Up close: I used some scrapbooking cork like stickers to spell out my sentiment for the inspiration of the page! Around the edges I'm using my favorite rubber stamp with ink. See the stiff red lines.

A few things you wouldn't know I did:  A few months back I sent an odd news clipping from our local paper to the Jay Leno show to post on his Headlines segment.  Nothing came of it.  Two weeks ago I sent an email to Bill O'Reilly because at the end of  his show The O'Reilly Factor he says if you want to spout off and send him an email from anywhere in the world, with out any pithy comments.... didn't hear anything from that either. Well, I guess if you don't play the lottery, you will never have a chance to win!


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