Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not so Bumpy

Similar to the Mother's Day card I made, I found a few more cards on KittieKrafts blog to case.  I really am liking the 'frames' because they make the scene pop, but you don't have to worry about buttons or brads or something making the sending envelope get all out of whack for mailing purposes. (However, you wont see any time soon my cards completely change and go from bling to no bling!!)

Using Nestabilitie dies is a great way to get this framed matting look.  Miss Kittie has a few techniques similar to my favorite Zindorf style.  Beach scenes with sand fences, birds flying over the water and tall grasses swaying in the wind all make for that place we'd want to be enjoying a nice cool drink and day dreaming!

I like this card.  I think with a nice sentiment it would be a beautiful card to receive.  The middle frame is all white with no inking or embossing on it... leaving that area nice and crisp and fresh!  Again, with no brads or buttons, this card is much easier to put in the mail and Brighten Someone's Day.

Although very sad, it yet is a part of life.  Yesterday our family attended the funeral of my Godmother. She was 90 years old.  Aunt Millie was my dad's cousins wife.  They had been married 64 years.  It wasn't unexpected, she had been ill and in a nursing home for the last 4 years after a fall and a broken hip. Rest in Peace.

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K Hutchinson said...

Your post just brighten my day with such lovely cards! They are so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!


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