Monday, May 28, 2012

A bit Edgy

Feeling a bit grungy... not dirty, but well worn with a touch of understated class!

I tried to find the definition of grunge... (in paper crafting terms) but it's more of the alternative rock bands of the '90s, than a card style.  But Tim Holtz and other paper crafting gurus have coined a style.... creating perfectly nice papers and embellishments and making them a little edgy or worn... around the outside, the middle...everywhere!
This is a fun LOVE ♥ card and two tags that are going to some Missy in my COTM club.  The way I get this effect is with a scraping tool that roughs up the edges and makes them look slightly torn.  And then by dabbing dark brown 'stains' or alcohol inks, I get the feeling that grimy little fingers have been touching and fingering the edges.  And then I also added dabbles of  acrylic paint, that in my mind creates 2nd hand paper that was being re-used... for something else entirely! The sentiment is off the computer and I added circle clips and ribbon from my stash.

See, I don't have to be 'perfect' in card making.  I even like when I make these tags with stuff a little crooked and hanging off the edges... of course in a completely balanced way... but just a bit off the edge!

Went downtown Chicago on Saturday to see Jersey Boys.  And we just stumbled upon their Memorial Day parade, one block away from the theatre.  There were so many sights and sounds on that beautiful day.  Here is one picture that captures my pride in being an American!  Enjoy and remember this day as we honor those who served us!

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K Hutchinson said...

Love the grundy look! Sweet cards and tags!

Something about the sight of flags that gets me a little teary eyed!


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