Friday, May 25, 2012


What is the next card Holiday approaching?

It's the Official beginning of Summer!
There could be a multitude of reasons to send some FuN MaiL... If you are patriotic you may want to send out some stars and stripes for Memorial Day weekend.  Although graduation is not a holiday, it is a season to be celebrated in any young person's life.  And what I'm highlighting today, Father's Day.  Celebrating that male presence in our life or our children's lives.

I learned this card technique more than 7 years ago while attending some sort of stamp class.  There have been so many learning sessions, how could I keep them all straight. I had to improvise a bit.  The technique was to stamp the image on label page, color in and then place the labels slightly separated on the background paper.... I couldn't find the labels... but I made due!

These cards are part of a series in the COTM (Card of the Month) club.  Along with a card that matches the up-coming holiday or season, each recipient also receives two matching tags.

I was so excited a few weeks ago on an excursion to GW (Goodwill) I found an old Accounting Tablet in FULL perfect  condition for $0.99!  Score....lots of eclectic cards and albums are using ephemera which is:  vintage papers including greeting cards, antique photographs, postage stamps, illustrations, matchbooks, postcards, medical papers, labels, ledgers, diagrams, paper dolls, and maps. 

As I've been saying... mainly to myself.... what's old is new again!!!  I love to re-purpose craft items.  I think it helps me to
Brighten Someone's Day!!!!

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K Hutchinson said...

What an awesome score! Love it!


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