Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Framed Jewels

I don't think I ever highlighted my Pinterest inspired Art Framed Jewelry holder.
I made this probably more than 6 months ago after spotting a way cuter one on Pinterest,  I'm calling this my Frugal by Design series, where I take things I have on hand, or items I find discounted and make them 'practically' into something totally fun or awesome.

I've seen some very ornate picture frames being re-purposed and then painted with some stricking colors!! I had this frame for a hundred (not quite) years and it has moved with one ugly picture from house to house with me.  I decided that YOU REALLY can re-purpose or take the dated poster out from behind the glass and actually put a new picture or something else in the middle.

With 20% off coupon in hand, I found the foam/felt picture board at Kohls.  I combined the two, and voila~... the brown felt wrapped foam board with criss crossed ribbons is sightly smaller to the left and right sides, but you would only be able to tell if you were right up to the frame.  Got my level to hang it straight and I added tacks and rings and clips and now have a beautiful way to display my necklaces, they don't get tangled and you can clearly see what's hanging.

I could never have a day without creating something!  It makes my heart sing!

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K Hutchinson said...

This is so awesome! Love it! I only hang a few of my necklace some are to heavy! LOL!


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