Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Heart Shine

Keeping true to some of my goals that I set for this year. 

One, is to work outside my creative zone and try new things.  I'm not much of a painter.  There are so many kinds: acrylic, water color, oils...mixed media is what I'm trying to work on this year.What I do is a mix of what I actually have on hand.... scraps of paper, mod podge and cheap folk art acrylics, H20 pencils, then I also bought some gesso....
Making things from the 'heart' is so easy.  What I did here was punch a heart out of paper to use as my stencil and after I had pieced together (pages from a book)  my background and painted.... I used paint sparingly to make the stenciled hearts.  The photo isn't the best... I like the most in this piece is using the side of some card board and etching it along to get the really stiff red markings.
Up close: I used some scrapbooking cork like stickers to spell out my sentiment for the inspiration of the page! Around the edges I'm using my favorite rubber stamp with ink. See the stiff red lines.

A few things you wouldn't know I did:  A few months back I sent an odd news clipping from our local paper to the Jay Leno show to post on his Headlines segment.  Nothing came of it.  Two weeks ago I sent an email to Bill O'Reilly because at the end of  his show The O'Reilly Factor he says if you want to spout off and send him an email from anywhere in the world, with out any pithy comments.... didn't hear anything from that either. Well, I guess if you don't play the lottery, you will never have a chance to win!

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K Hutchinson said...

Your page is awesome! Love the colors and the textures! Love gesso, so much you can do with it!

I've sent stuff to Leno and Reilly too and nothing! So. don't feel bad! SMILE!


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