Saturday, August 16, 2014

Feeling the Love

My creative time has gotten shorter and shorter, but I still can't help myself... I NEED to be creative every day.

After a normal shift yesterday on a hot Friday afternoon, I came home, kicked off my shoes ... and saw some cut belts that I'm making into bracelet cuffs and had to start the painting process.  Just dipping my brush into the paint and making swirls and dots ... helped me relax. Well, it really made me giddy .... just thinking what I could turn the cuff's in to!!

Creating something is part of who I am.

Last week I was working on prdesigns creative greetings for my stash (I keep all kinds of greeting cards in labeled bins so that I have them on hand to give as gifts, mail out for special occasions, or if people want to purchase them)  and I decided that it's not hard to make two cards at once.... using the same papers, colors and themes, but then switching up the sentiments and the layout....

I actually had my paint brushes sitting in muddy water and my acrylic paints near by.... decided to doodle daisies on the front of craft cardstock.  Once dry, I made these two cards, one is a happy hello, and the other can be a happy, but thoughtful get well card.
And then by using thin paper scraps from another project I had laying around (I really must clean the piles in my craft room)  I was able to create these two cards. 
Banners and ribbons are being used every where in paper crafting.  The card base is pretty much the only difference between these to cards.
I was taking to heart the other day, when I read a comment about buy greeting cards from the dollar store.  A penny pincher was doing that.... because the recipient of the cards (gift) just toss them anyway!
And then I'm uplifted when many of my friends 'hoard' their cards, send them only on the most special occasions.... because they are too pretty!!! Or they even frame the card!  Such a compliment ... but I don't think I could create a lesser card just because the recipient will 'toss' it out with the wrapping paper.
Those who receive whimsy from creative greetings feel the love that is behind the crafting!! What a great feeling to accomplish that!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cuff Bracelets

It's all about cute, whimsy and fun.... and of course, uniquely one of a kind!

I've created up-cycled belts into bracelet cuffs. 
And I have a few for sale.

All belt material is slightly used, with imperfections. 

Bracelets snap together to close.  Hand stamped positive sentiments are embedded into a metal plate, attached to the cuff with rivets. Other embellishments like lace, denim and fiber may be added.  Cuffs are painted with acrylic and sealed with Mod Podge.

Snaps on center at 7-3/4"
1-3/8" wide   white belt
Painted hearts - blue red tan
$18 includes shipping

#11 Be Brave
Snaps on center at 7-3/4"
1-1/2" wide    brown belt
Painted flowers - yellow pink
cream lace
$18 includes shipping

Snaps on center at 7-3/8"
1-3/8" wide   brown belt
Painted flowers - green blue cream
$18 includes shipping

#13 happiness
Snaps on center at 7-5/8"
7/8" wide    tan belt
Painted flowers - blue yellow tan
cream lace
$18 includes shipping


Snaps on center at 7-1/4"
1-3/8" wide    brown belt
Painted flowers - blue pink cream
$18 includes shipping

Snaps on center at 7-3/4"
7/8" wide    tan belt
Painted flowers -  purple blue tan
purple lace
$18 includes shipping

Snaps on center at 7-1/8"
7/8" wide    blue belt
Painted flowers - blues and green
$18 includes shipping

Snaps on center at 7-1/2"
7/8" wide    cream belt
Painted flowers -brown tan green
$18 includes shipping
I am an artisan, a crafter who loves to share my work.  I try my very best to create quality work. And I am my own boss.  I request payment (checks or cash) for items I create, up front and in full. Custom orders can be requested.... on sentiments and color schemes.  They may take a little longer depending on what materials I have on hand. All items mailed first class with USPS.
For further information, please contact me at

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Put a Cork in It!

You know, there are things that just make you go hmmm!

Or little things that make you laugh out loud.

Inside jokes.

Funny how you see a bunch of signs that you never saw before?

Since before we really started drinking wine, I had kept a few wine corks, even dated them with permanent markers on  the ones for an anniversary or a special occasion.  Then I started putting wine corks in a semi huge glass vase.

After our walk through a few wineries earlier this summer, I saw that there were special wine cork 'holders' being sold in the winery gift shop.  But for $28 bucks, I thought I could create something more cost efficient!

I couldn't find the materials I was looking for... but I did find the perfect gift for wine enthusiast or your cork-collecting friend.
After I found my great buy (which was 1/4th the cost of a new one) I was watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he wrote a thank you note just for this cause...
Thank you people who save wine corks for basically saying, hey look, I'm a hoarder and an alcoholic.
25 DIY Wine Cork Craft Project Ideas
By the way, I am neither!!!!!
But now, someday and with Pinterest,  I have a ton of ideas what I eventually can do with all of those corks ...
Plus, the new cork holder looks cute, and that's what counts!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I think it's peak season for blooms in my garden.  I thought I'd show you a few gorgeous flowers that brighten my day.
I've been having a tough few seasons with my hydrangeas.... above.  I believe the previous owners planted some beautiful hybrid kind.  But every year it has been hit or miss for these gorgeous blooms.  Only 2 of the 5 plants have blooms.  And they have an amazing pink and purple and blue color to them.  I've read it depends on how much iron you have in the soil.
In the years past we've had 4 blooms, and in a creamy white. So strange.  But this past fall, I didn't cut the 'bushes' down throughout the winter and did it in the spring when it was just beginning to grow.  Every year, it's something new with these hydrangeas!  But they are beautiful on the east side of our house!

Roses .... white roses with a tinge of pink.  I have hundreds of blooms on these. I believe these are hedge roses.  They grow about 3 feet tall and have tons of blooms.  Every year they are different as well.  It's hard to say if they appreciated the very cold winter?  Or was it the wettish spring and the cool nights??  Every fall before the snow comes.... I cut them back to the ground, and every year for 7 years now.... they keep coming back on the south side of our house!

These are orange daylillies.  I think all lillies are beautiful!  But I have heard that some master gardener types think these are just awful weeds.  When we moved in, we had a huge patch of them.  They seemed to grow wild!!!  But then I changed out my garden burm and planted something different in that spot.  But a few of these pop up, year after year.  I like a few orange blooms here and there on the west side of our house!

Star gazer lily.  Smell wonderful!!!!!  I didn't get to see them bloom last year.  Either a huge gust of wind knocked off the blooms, or our friendly deer were brave enough to come all the way up to the back patio for a snack!! They are on the north side of the house and I have exactly two plants.

Every year I choose a color combo for my potted plants, and this year I liked the deep pink color for my geraniums.  I have three pots that I plant that are pretty much the same from year to year, with spikes and ivy.... they grow so well in the sun!

Forget-me-nots!  These are from seed and actually they are from seed of the FMN that I planted last year.  I love the little blue blooms.  And they have a special story behind them.  If you want to know, just ask me!!

Our Rose of Sharon are full of blooms.  We are about to rosed to death.  It's the peak of summer time and our five bushes on the west side of the house are about ready to explode!!! I can't wait.
And amongst all the flowers we have tons of huge green hostas that seem to get bigger and fuller.  We have a secret garden full of gnomes and garden rocks and other fun surprises.  And nature at times, is so abundant!  We have deer, bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, hawks, owls and who knows what else that we haven't seen???!!?
I love to see my garden grow and change!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Weekends Over

I must admit that I miss writing on my blog! 

There have been others who I have followed and they say the same thing. 

Sometimes life gets in the way!  A new project needs more attention!  Sometimes I don't feel I have anything to say! (That is amazing)

But when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it.... writing blog posts for almost 7 years has become habit forming, and when I don't do it for awhile... I feel a part of me is just not right!!!

This 'work' thing obviously is something that has gotten in the way.  It takes away a good chunk of the extra time I used to have.  Blah, blah.... you get it...

I've not lost ALL of my creative fun time!

It's POSSIBLE to find time... just a bit harder to fit it in and sleep as well! 

If you continue reading my next blog post, you'll see that I took a class on making up-cycled belts into cuff bracelets.  I made a few more over the weekend!!

I was able to make 4 cuff bracelets out of this one white belt.  (One painted strip not pictured hasn't been made into a cuff yet) 
I think I love them!!! 
Today is my day off, and I'm going to check out a few other hobby stores to see if I can find the appropriate supplies.  I want them to look more worn and shabby like.... too perfect and then I can see the mistakes. 
If not so perfect.... the 'mistakes' seem intentional.... get what I'm saying???
Still recovering from 8+ yards of mulch we laid in our flowerbeds on Saturday.

And finally, to end this updating type of post .... after getting more acquainted with how wine is made and the different ways wine tastes depending on the food .... we've decided to have a wine and cheese dinner every couple of weeks.  No cooking, just a lot of chopping, finger foods and trying new cheeses, sausages and of course different wines!!!!  
This is what our dinner looked like on Sunday ... it was very yummy!

Here's to a bright new week!!!
Shine on!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Belt It Out

Recently, I took an on-line art class to learn how to convert used belts into bracelets. I thought the creative info I learned was so awesome .... here are my very first attempts to up-cycle and design my own one of a kind cuff belt bracelets.

I have a bit of a 'tool' issue.  Because I'm so frugal, I don't always have the proper tools to create the project as simply as I could.  I try to make do!  So again.... these are my first attempts.  I found that real leather belts work great.... the older and more pliable the better.  I love my painting... but notice that when I take the picture. my eye does not see what my camera lens captures.
I gave away two bracelets already for quality control.  I want my friends to wear them, see if the snaps hold together and see if the 'cuff' might get in their way while doing every day stuff.  And to see if any of their friends comment on that surprising piece of artwork on their wrist!!!
Now, as the original teacher of the class noted.... I'm off to thrift stores to find some old fun belts that I can turn into beautiful new pieces of art.  Good thing I know where to shop and which days they discount old items!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Still Make Greeting Cards

Well, there will be a final post to our vacation out to Missouri, but in-between time ... I thought I'd post a few creative greetings that I recently made for a special order.

Cards, designs, themes, colors, subject matter, size, captions, phrases .....There are so many choices!!! 

I don't know if I mentioned, but when we were in Kansas City, MO.... we actually stopped at the Hallmark Headquarters. 

We took a self guided tour through their entrance/museum.  It was filled with greeting cards throughout their history and then there were ornaments, and collectors pieces.  I must say it was very pretty!
For years I'd have people call me Peggy Hallmark. 
Seriously, I know my cards are good!  
We met a Hallmark artist who was sort of on display working in the museum.  I talked with her for about 10 minutes.  She was born and raised in the Kansas City area.  Most of the artists have worked for the company for over 30 years.  She had been there for just a little over 5 years, considered a newby.  But it was her dream to work for Hallmark, and her dream came true. Her degree was in commercial art and drawing. She has been a featured artist for some winter themed cards.

But with so many companies out there that create paper, and ink and stamps and die cuts.... it's not that hard to be your own card maker.  I truly love the satisfaction of creation.  And don't tell anyone, sshhhh, but I really can copy well!!!
So, for my latest order of 5 cards .... all generic birthday cards.... I used what I had on hand, and here are the results.... creative greetings..... handmade by prdesigns!!!
Sometimes, the most simplest design, is the best.

Here is my inspiration for this card.  It sells at the Papyrus (card site that promotes it's 'hand made' cards,)website for $10.00, called chick with a red balloon.
On and on I went, creating my own little images with the supplies I had.  Yes, I could duplicate these cards, but like I said before, I get very bored creating the same thing over and over and over again.  Five cards, 5 different designs.

It was also fun finding the supplies on hand that I could use to somewhat 'up-cycle'.  For instance, the candles on the cupcake below are twist ties in a small packet.... and they are shiny and perfect for just that little bling 'pop' needed for this card.

I was thinking the other day after our vacation was over.... I have been making greeting cards for over 25 years now.  I've truly got to be over the 5,000 made.  Not every card was purchased.  Some were given as gifts.  Others were bartered for other crafty items, and some were never sold.
I think I've been pretty successful.  Not often do people have a hobby that they get paid to create what they love most,  even if it's a few bucks here and there.  I'm determined to brighten someone's day.... where ever my cards are mailed to.


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