Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's a Dog Doodler's Life

I am a pet owner... what the heck... I'm a mom to a fur baby.... Tucker... is not an unusual breed, but I've not met many Pomeranian dog owners.  

He may look different to some, because we get his hair... coat.... trimmed.  He is considered a Toy... of small stature.  He is cute and cuddly... and he is NOT a puppy.... I think he is over 10 years old, we got him as rescue ... and as the years go by... I'm not sure anymore his exact age.

He is a cutie!  I've  talked about him on the blog before.   He and his big brother from another mother Cooper, who we lost in September 2016 to bone cancer, have certainly given me something to doodle about! Clink on the links on the left side of the blog, you will see the Adventures of Cooper & Tucker!

Here is my digi doodle version of Tucker.  I've made him into greeting cards.  He's had blog posts and Instagram posts..... doesn't he look innocent?  
Who me???
This is one of the things I like best about being a doodler... I get the chance to create what I see in my mind... and share it with others.

Sweet Caroline - Dream Believer

Another thing I get to do... being a creative, card maker, doodler... artist extraordinaire.... I get to make gifts for friends and family.  Note cards as gifts... you will see doggies (and other animals) Caroline and Gus made into fun cards...  I sure hope the receiver used these fun personalized cards.... sent them out and spread the SHINE.... brighten someone's day....

Sweet Caroline - Wishing on a Star

Doodling someone's pet, or creating them as a whimsical caricature... with their hobby....school colors... favorite flower.... you name it.... is a great way to give a special personalized gift!  We need to send and receive more FuN MaiL..... happy mail, not bills and junk mail!

Dotted Doggie - Paper Pieces

And ... of course... there are all kinds of cards to be made with all kinds of colored paper, shapes and textures.  I love paper and I love putting colors together in unique ways!

I come and go with consistent posting.... but I'm pushing ahead a little bit more about SNAIL mail, cards, affirmation, love, recognition ... bottom line... people love to receive FUN MAIL.... validation that friends and family are thinking of them.... a card with a few words can truly 
Brighten Someone's Day!!!!
contact me via email if I can create something for you
Many unique cards in stock, starting at $3.50 + s&h


Saturday, October 07, 2017

Greetings by a Creative

If you don't use it...
you might lose it!

And frankly, I don't want to lose it!

If you don't know already.. my blog... my id... who I am.... is a creative person.... I am prdesigns/creative greetings!  Peggy cardmaker.

I have been making all things crafty & creative for many, many MANY years!  Did I mention I create 'stuff'? If you need a refresher.... click on one of the links to the left of this blog, it will take you to something I've made!

My passion has been Greeting Cards.... but I couldn't do that if I didn't have some interest/talent in doodling, drawing, painting, digitizing, stamping and mixing it all together... what an awesome gift from God!

I am thankful and grateful!  

And I kind of forgot where I was for a little bit.... but I know I am much happier, at peace, in my zone, finding my purpose.... when I am MORE me when.... I'm doing,  creating every day and keeping the skills I've learned in constant motion!

I'm not behind!  I don't need to catch up!  I just have to work on ME a bit more .... and what I do is create for the love of it.  I share because I want to brighten someone's day.  And I need to continue and practice my strengths EVERY damn day!

Today I have a few cards made in the last few months!

who else could you be?

monster mouth
silly giggle grin

Stripe Cat

Most all of my cards are unique and one of a kind hand made!  But don't let that stop you!  This blog and clicking on my links to the left can give you hundreds of ideas of the different cards I can make just for you!

I always have cards in stock starting at $3.50 each.  I can pretty much re-create anything.  And I can custom make and personalize most all!

If you are looking for a whimsical gift or want to send someone a special card... I'd love to create for you!

Brighten Someone's Day


Monday, September 18, 2017

Local Artists Need Support

Hello and welcome to my blog!
I am a creative soul and love to make 'something' every day!

Layered HELLO card

For too many years, (more that I can count now, but I have a few cards I made for my husband almost 30 years ago...) I have made hundreds and even thousands of greeting cards.  

They are such a creative outlet for me.  

I love that God has given me a gift that I try and use every day.  I practice all the time to make progress... which in turn, has become my version of perfecting what I do!

Get Well Soon

I hand doodle all kinds of cards.  Doodle, draw, sketch.... paint, computer generate, ink/rubber stamp... and all unique, one of a kind cards!  Yes, I admit that I am a copy artist!!! Sometimes I get my ideas from other places... but I do not trace or use someone elses image... unless it is from the paper I get from one of the craft stores.

Smiling Frogs

I admit that sometimes I'm like a kid in a candy store... there are so many cute ideas, posting, blogs, Pinterest and other adorable things out there on the internet....and I am greatly inspired to recreate some of the cuteness!

And I feel guilty.  But, I am often reassured that it is okay to Steal Like and Artist. by Austin Kleon.  So, if he says it's okay... then it's okay?   Right???

Gift Pack of cards
Birthday Gift

Oh boy do I love to make money supporting my habit, I mean my hobby! My cards mostly start at $3.50 each.  Yes, according to 'some' people.... whomever you are... I sell myself short!  I am blessed and fortunate this isn't my only livelihood.... but it makes my living lively!

 It's my gift to you, if you like what I do!

I'm on a resurgence if you will, a big kick, on the bandwagon...on my soapbox... support local artist!!!!  If you know someone who is a creative, buy from them.

Come back and visit me here again at my blog.  On the left side you can click on any one of the labels and it will take you a post of my made cards. It gives you an idea of the variety of cards I can make!

Send out more FuN MaiL
Brighten Someone's Day

Peggy Sue

Friday, September 15, 2017

Memory Keeping

Hello Friends! 
There is an ebb and flow to writing and creating!  
I can't tell you how much I missed blogging!!!

This is the place that I wrote stories and shared experiences, and where I would show off my creations.  Sometimes, I thought why bother?  And then there were times I thought I had something good and positive to share and I just couldn't get myself to fully express a thought.
Cliches'... I'm willing to get back up in the saddle.

Another reason to come back to blogging and sharing pictures of daily life or cards that I create, is because it may the best place to keep it all safe! Right here on the WWW for the entire world to view! 

I have been following Becky Higgins
and she is in the business of Documenting Life.  Because of recent weather disasters, she wrote a very important blog post for family history documentors , memory keepers and scrapbookers ... how to keep these important memory books safe... during natural floods, hurricanes, tornados and unexpected fires and other natural disasters.  
Heavy Topic!

(insert cute picture here)

I still have a way to go in reading her post (it's long, but full of great content).... but I feel the topic is important for me to share as well.  I have been a journaler for-evah....I have made scrapbooks (faux and real), I take digital pictures, I edit digital pictures in apps and save them to computer hard drives... but what would happen 'IF' .... all those hours of creating scrap books, baby pictures, photo books etc....were tragically left behind and lost.

Pop Up Card - Custom made
card folds flat for mailing

It's important to back up, back up, BACK UP!  

But right now I'm so confused.  I don't know the difference between a USB, Hard Drive, Thumbnail, Icloud, Dropbox, fidgit spinner.... and if I'm going to be my own designated keeper of memories... I need to do it with some semblance of order.

So, come along with me on this new journey!!!!
... well, maybe not so new journey
..... and if you feel it's important to keep your memories safe, maybe I can help you get focused and we can share what we learn.

As always, I would love to hear from you!  I am open to constructive advice.  If you can't access a link on my blog, or something doesn't make sense, please send me an email.  I always say, I don't know, what I don't know!!!

Also, I make creative greeting cards and other hand drawn items.  Support local artists!
What can I create for you????

Brighten Someone's Day!!

Peggy Sue

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Love Fits

Life happens.
So does death. Sadly
When it is a furry friend there
are so many different emotions.

Greeting cards are simple.

I create them from the heart.

Pet owners are my kind
of people.


Peggy @ prdesigns

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is What I Do

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I'm a doodler/artist, writer/blogger (almost 10 years) , crafter/cook.... I just to love to create and I try and create something... every day... mainly because it brings me joy!

Scroll through my blog to see all the different kinds of art I do!  Most posts are labeled and those labels are in the list on the left side of my blog.  Click on anyone of those and it will take you to a labeled post.

Another intention of my art is to 

Brighten Someone's Day

If you like my whimsy.... contact me at prdesigns1@sbcglobal.net.... I'd love to create for you!
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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Hoot More

Hi Blog Friends!

Are there some days you really couldn't give a flying hoot about what's happening in the world???

Not give a HOOT: to not be interested (or give a damn)

There is always a lot going on... but if you turn off the computer and the television, don't read the paper or listen to the radio.... are you really better off not knowing what's going on? Is ignorance bliss?

I get caught up in this dilemma often!!

Is it important to care about what's happening in the world around us?  Certainly!!

Are there a lot of crazy things happening out of one's control?  Absolutely!!!

Should you try your best to treat others with kindness and compassion?  Yes, definitely!!

Can you be all things to all people?  No, it can't be done!

So, with that as my justified answer, I'm going to try my best to continue and SHINE in my corner of the world.

Here are two recent cards I created in a series of Owl Creative Greeting Cards.

Book Page Doodle

Most all of my cards are invitation size, A2 which is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".  I doodled on an old book page and added watercolors.

Swirly Owl

This one is cropped close, you can't even see the card back.... but the recipient surely could color in the swirly owl!

Do you wish to BRIGHTEN Someone's Day?  FuN Mail is a good way to do it!  

I've said it for years, we often don't look forward to going to the mailbox anymore because it's filled with bills or ads for things we don't need.  However, if we started a movement to send out more HAPPY Mail, or more FuN MaiL.....  it would be a way to let a friend know that you were thinking of them. 

Who? Doesn't need a little more SHINE in their life???

I make FuN MaiL!!!

What can I create for you?

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