Saturday, June 03, 2017

Love Fits

Life happens.
So does death. Sadly
When it is a furry friend there
are so many different emotions.

Greeting cards are simple.

I create them from the heart.

Pet owners are my kind
of people.


Peggy @ prdesigns

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is What I Do

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I'm a doodler/artist, writer/blogger (almost 10 years) , crafter/cook.... I just to love to create and I try and create something... every day... mainly because it brings me joy!

Scroll through my blog to see all the different kinds of art I do!  Most posts are labeled and those labels are in the list on the left side of my blog.  Click on anyone of those and it will take you to a labeled post.

Another intention of my art is to 

Brighten Someone's Day

If you like my whimsy.... contact me at I'd love to create for you!
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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Hoot More

Hi Blog Friends!

Are there some days you really couldn't give a flying hoot about what's happening in the world???

Not give a HOOT: to not be interested (or give a damn)

There is always a lot going on... but if you turn off the computer and the television, don't read the paper or listen to the radio.... are you really better off not knowing what's going on? Is ignorance bliss?

I get caught up in this dilemma often!!

Is it important to care about what's happening in the world around us?  Certainly!!

Are there a lot of crazy things happening out of one's control?  Absolutely!!!

Should you try your best to treat others with kindness and compassion?  Yes, definitely!!

Can you be all things to all people?  No, it can't be done!

So, with that as my justified answer, I'm going to try my best to continue and SHINE in my corner of the world.

Here are two recent cards I created in a series of Owl Creative Greeting Cards.

Book Page Doodle

Most all of my cards are invitation size, A2 which is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".  I doodled on an old book page and added watercolors.

Swirly Owl

This one is cropped close, you can't even see the card back.... but the recipient surely could color in the swirly owl!

Do you wish to BRIGHTEN Someone's Day?  FuN Mail is a good way to do it!  

I've said it for years, we often don't look forward to going to the mailbox anymore because it's filled with bills or ads for things we don't need.  However, if we started a movement to send out more HAPPY Mail, or more FuN MaiL.....  it would be a way to let a friend know that you were thinking of them. 

Who? Doesn't need a little more SHINE in their life???

I make FuN MaiL!!!

What can I create for you?

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Use it, or Lose it

Hello Blog Friends!

Just wanted to let you know, if you are able to follow me, or pop in every now and then... I thank you for your time.

I'm trying to keep up with the changing trends and how quickly social media is constantly up-dating. I'm always creating during my free time, it's what makes my spirit soar!

If anything I make resonates with you, or if I can create something special for someone in your life... please don't hesitate to contact me. My email is

Doodling, penmanship, crafting on paper or the computer brings me joy.... some day... it's worth the practice!

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Friday, February 03, 2017

All heARTS Day

Hello Blog Friends!
Are you looking for some Valentine loving?

I always have some cards 'in stock'.... (currently, these posted today on my blog... are one of a kind and in stock) and because most all of my cards are uniquely doodled or hand embellished... I can re-create cards listed in the categories on the left side of my blog.... however, they are <---- are="" b="" because="" however="" they="">one of a kind papers, inks ...and actual colors might vary, slightly if something is re-created!!

So, you  might like little piggies, or doggies, or cupids or just lots of hearts.... pick out a theme or a color scheme and I'd be happy to create a whimsical creative greeting just for you... for you to give to that special someone in your life... someone who deserves more than a last minute grocery store card.

Tucker in Pinks

Girly Girl with purple heart

Banner of Hearts

Mosaic Heart

*Most cards are invitation size 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" and come with an envelope.  Starting at $3.50 ... I figure out for the best mailing cost to you and always... the more you purchase the better your value!  

Remember, my cards are handmade (original artwork by me... may be computer generated for a doodle, and purchased rubber stamps)  and *most are made to order.... *most of the time they are blank on the inside for you to add your personal sentiments!

*And I say MOST, because there are soooooo many possibilities, right?  Why limit yourself!!!!

Isn't time for you to 
Brighten Someone's Day?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Send A little Love in your Mail Box

Hello Blog Friends,

We are at Week #4 of 2017.

I'm keeping track of the weeks of the year in a few ways.  To challenge myself, if life unto itself is not challenge enough, I subscribe to a Doodle Challenge or two, Word Challenges and Self Care Challenges, that are all documented around the weeks.

As my part of the Year of MORE... and the easy way I put a twist on it... I want to be MORE of myself... (not self-centered, and I'm all that) but just turn it up a notch and be, do, share a little bit more of what I have to offer.

I may have stated it here before... but like computers, cell phones and any technology... you can have the basic model... but once the creators find something new to add to 'it' to make it better... they number it so you can update and be current.  Better than before.

So, the original me ... was, Peggy.  Then I became Peggy 1.0..... right now, I'm way above a 10 currently, (old school, like the movie I'm a TEN) like when people say age is just a number .... trust me... I'm Peggy but new and improved with every experience, learning opportunity and challenge... I'm trying my best to be updated... or up to date.... to give, share, do.... SHINE... with MORE!

Here's one thing I bet you didn't know about me, I make whimsical greeting cards!  
****shameless plug**** 

This hobby of mine really is almost all I talk about here on my blog!  Valentine's Day is coming up.... why not send some snail mail to a friend?

BEE Mine

To be totally honest with you, because when it comes from my heart talking about myself.... I don't know how to be otherwise.... this "hobby" of mine really hasn't taken off  how I thought it would.  

I'm not ready to give up on it, however!  

I thought maybe, I would have returning customers, or new customers wanting cards to send to their friends... purchasing every month, or throughout the year. and buying packs of greeting cards to give as gifts.

From what I can tell, you my friends love to receive my cards as a gift... but after that... the world has become too busy and well ... sales are non-existent. (Poor me)

Love Me... Tucker

I'm a little sad about it. But hey,  I am very blessed and fortunate that I don't make cards or art for a living... I'd really be that 'starving artist'.

Hearts of Love

Meantime, while I work on my purpose, and while I explore  MORE of me to be an even 'better' version.... I will continue to work on art from my heart.   

Cards like the one above don't have to be sent out only on Valentine's Day.  

From the small amount of research I've done (and actually, I've created a few surveys and calculated the data), people love finding snail mail in their mailbox. The hand addressed stamped envelope to them does really improve their mood and their outlook of the day.   It's amazing how they will tear open a greeting card to read it, (nicely use a  letter opener) versus tossing in a pile, the humdrum of the bills and marketing advertisements they receive on a daily basis. Snail mail is a card with the hug in its fold!!

With just a few weeks a way from Valentine's Day, I'd love to create some whimsy for you.  Contact me in the comment section, or send me an email at  My greeting cards will surely
Brighten Someone's Day!

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