Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Being Motivated is my Muse

I am happy... when I get a request to make cards!!!  It inspires me to create!
Recently, someone wanted to purchase a few creative greetings.... and I was over the moon!  I asked if there was a theme, or a style or a type of card she was looking for.... and she said yes.... she liked animal cards!!!

Wow!  I like this person!  Decisive..... so, although I had a few animal cards in my stash... it is a fun challenge for me to create some fresh cards.  Being motivated often is the muse I need!

Wild About You

There are a lot of new tv ads out there with this Pow Wow theme, drums beating in the background, woodsy at camp kind of ideas.... so this cute wild bear came to mind.

Cooper Hi

Dog and cat cards are the best for animal lovers.

Under the Weather

I've had a constant sore throat for the last few weeks.... everybody needs a pick-me-up sometimes.... perfect way is to send them a thinking of you card!!


Awesome cutie little dragons are always the type of animal little 4 year olds get giddy to see.  Flying dragons... or ones that have puff's of smoke coming out of their nostrils are even better!!!

Kitty Hello

Peek-a-boo Just thinking about you, sending a hello!!

Doggie Cupcake

It's your birthday, I'll share a little nibble of your cupcake.  Yes, please!!!

Moo-Chas Thanks

Oh, the play on words, is always so darn cute!

Is there a type of card you like to send out?  Do you have a certain style or a theme? 
 Greeting cards are everywhere.... my push or plee to  you is.... when searching for a unique gift for someone special... take just an extra moment and reach out to an independent artist.... and support them.

The holidays are coming up!  How about a small gift of 4-6 unique Creative Greetings! I'm here to design them just for you!!!

Thanks you,

Brighten Someone's Day

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