Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Messy Marvin

Although I have been creating cards, I have also been creating messes. Once again I took a picture to show just a part of my work area and my creative genius, already in progress. Bins and baskets full of necessities. What a mess!!!!

Zindorf mistakes! My drawer full of attempts...

Well, I shouldn't say mistakes really, they are all part of the process to re-create the images from Michelle Zindorf's tutorials.

Could be at least 50 here of the first try... the try that got away, the try that just wasn't quite good enough to land on a creative greeting!!

It's fun to look back and see all this 'creativity'. Should I just toss them or make them into mistake tags?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Butterfly friends

Bought a Martha Stewart butterfly punch, you can see it in the last two cards. Butteflys are everywhere in cards these days. I guess they mean change, peace, happiness & joy.

You can use them for a Sympathy card or thinking of you, or floating around a joyous birthday candle. You can have brightly colored butterflys, or just subtle ones. Should I be writing butterfly's or butterflies....

And you can layer them to make them look like they are flapping their wings.

Culturally, butterflies are a popular motif in the visual and literary arts.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tri Fold birthday

From the title you can see what this card is. One of those beautiful cards off of SCS. These card paper crafters are just amazing with how they come up with this stuff!! I'm not completely happy with it. It needs something!!! I like the patterned paper and then everything else is really matchy matchy!!! A lot of work goes into this tri fold card... and it still needs more embellishments, yikes!!!! This is more than a $2 card and those aren't even selling.

I need a challenge, I need a cause, I need something.... cuz I probably got cabin fever. Remember that.... the winter time blues, a little sad around the edges. What can I set for myself today?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking note!

It's Monday! Fresh new 5" of wet stuff on the ground. Some of the pine trees look so sad, it's the weight of the snow and it looks like the arms (branches) are dragging on the ground from all the heavy white manna from heaven! Everything is clean and white again... we saw the ground yesterday and it had all that exhaust dinge, yuck!

Here's a cute tweety taking note of what you did and chirping your praises.

I finally figured out how to get the embossing part of the Nestabilities working with out having to purchase a specific mat/gasket. When I went on line to find my options, I realized that one of my cabinet liners for the wire shelved closets is a thick flexible rubbery mat.... I cut a piece to size... made my cutting sandwich and wal-la embossing capabilities. I know that if you are not a card maker with a Cuddle bug... what I said was a complete foreign language..... yadda yadda...

I have to move outta this room shortly.... I'm cleaning tile grout in my kitchen and the bleach combo is giving me a headache. Domestic Diva, hard at work.... watch out!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Card of the Month

Just like any 'of the Month' club, you or someone you like a lot will receive a simply unique creative greeting!! (via snail mail) that they can send out to share a bit of sun SHINE & happiness. Similar cards to what you see below are sent with an envelope already for you to sign and address. Each month one cute COTM is mailed to you in a slightly larger envelope. Cards are by season or holiday. For example, cards going out in March will have an Easter theme, April spring theme, May mother's day etc...

Creative Greetings!! unique hand designed cards for friends who deserve more than a last minute grocery store card.

Free For All Friday: House of Shine's Favorite Things

Free For All Friday: House of Shine's Favorite Things

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it a letter?

or the purr-fect card with the

purr-fect gift....
whatever it might be, it was a fun card. One of those clean and simple ones. the kind that is easy to go through the mail, the kind that you just pick out and send to anyone, right? Just purr-fect!!!!
With the sun beating on the thermometer it was reading 44 degrees.... heat wave.... oh I just looked in the shade it's a balmy 30 degrees. The house has been creaking and cracking and ice is sliding down off the east side... kind of weird. That's it for the weather report!
Moving on to foods.... just love making French bread pizza.... fresh loaf of bread, sliced in half, toasted a bit in the oven, then we can each top it how ever we want. Hits the spot! Turkey burgers tonight.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who dat?

Aging wisely? Happy Birthday.... you know, I didn't get that "who dat" thing with the Super Bowl until a few days later. Oh sure, I heard them saying it... but then Bubba told me the WHO were playing the half time show and then I said 'Who?' and we got on to this whole thing about Abbott and Costello with their bit on Who's on First, What's on Second... I don't know Third Base.... ha ha ha.... I didn't know there was this licensing stuff going on as a Saints saying.... Who dat!..... This punch card has already been sent out to my oldest friend Suzy Q. It's amazing when you see everyone's take on a similar card... it's all in the eyes and how people arrange them and the size punches they have.

Sissy got her braces on yesterday. The drama! She hates them.... she(says)it looks like she is in 5th grade, they hurt, they make her lips puffy.... maybe this will keep her mouth shut for a bit! ha ha.... Yes I know they hurt...I had braces, her dad had braces as an adult, her brother has braces, her cousins had braces and most of her friends (already had ) braces. We all know how it feels, uncomfortable for the first few days.

Cloudy, gloomy winter day. I really need to clean, but hate my job as being the maid today!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simple Shower card

I think this is an old card that got stuck in the bunch..... it could be an under the weather card, or it could be a bridal/baby shower card.... I wonder why this was in the bunch of cards I took pictures of . One of those things that makes you go hmmmmmmmm!!!

Got a dusting of snow over night, but the sun is SHINING and the sky is blue. Missed a whole weekend with Sissy at a tournament. Feel like I'm 3 days behind. I got to go to Ikea yesterday... didn't find all the things I was looking for. That place is always so crowded. I'm getting old, I really hate it when people stop in the middle of aisle and you can't get around them, creepy sniffling children crawling around touching everything.... it's too hard to look and imagine what I can do with their stuff. On different blogs people comment about their great finds.... I didn't find those~ Oh well, saved money. Sissy's team won their silver bracket... hard to explain... but they came in 11th out of 20 teams in their division Well, we're off to get braces.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy coffee day!!!

Right? Isn't that what an asterisk* means when inserted into a sentence... in this case, where ever the heart is... on the coffee cup... it's happy coffee lover's day! Will the person who receives this card understand that? I have found a few sites doing clean and simple cards.... like here where less is more. It's a challenge to do a clean and simple card, just as much as it is to do a labor intensive card, layers of paper, coloring in, cutting, fiber & embellishments. Ah simple is better.

Presidents day, no school here in the land of Lincoln. Sissy is playing the final day 0f a 3 day v-ball tourney. They won all of their matches yesterday.... each match went to three games.... so the teams were all pretty even. Got more volleyball news on an already strange team.... the coach is stepping down due to medical issues.

Tomorrow is braces day.... I don't know how I could actually work with this small bit of chaos going on..... yadda yadda.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

In the Spirit of Highlowaha and 218 Happy Valentine's Day to my 3 favorite sweeties!!!! The first pic is of the kids cards and their ribboned gifts.... then DH's card and all 3 gifts combined. Nothing extra-ordinary.... just a thinking of you ... all gifts purchased at my fav... Kohls.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Get Well Soon

... is what it says on the inside. I could give this card to both of my kids. They both have colds. I'm trying to stay away from them and the germs that explode from their nose and mouth as they let off loud sneezes.!!!! Yuck! It's as if they are sick for the first time in their lives.... sorry, no babying mommy here for those two!!! Heartless aren't I.

Yay the sun is shining and there are bright blue skies.... like the color on this card. Happy Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

This weeks Zindorfs

You know, from a distance, and actually up close too, these cards
(once again I say this) of Michelle Zindorf are too wonderful words. Little masterpieces of joy. I am just amazed. You should see my drawer full of 4"x4" mistakes. It's not that you make mistakes from her great tutorial, it's that as easy as she makes it seem to add highlight here or shade there.... putting ink to paper isn't as easy. For your viewing pleasure today... the grasslands of middle America or

the Bayou of a gulf swamp.

It's been officially set.... Sissy gets her braces put on next Tuesday. And the first of March Bubba gets the word of when his will come off. Easy balance of overlapping payments, two kids in braces! Yikes. And speaking of of my goals I'm sharing for 2010....

We come into this world head first and go out feet first; in between, it is all a matter of balance
Paul Boese

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Luigi punch

These punch cards are really fun, like putting a puzzle together. I'm always so excited when they turn out, but they are a lot of work!! I saw him on someones blog and had to at least try. And then when completed... I had to decide what to do with him.... so since Bubba is a big Mario Cart(Wii game) fan... I wrote a little love note inside to my son during finals week last month and gave it to him! It is still in the same spot he laid it down 4 weeks ago!

Sunny skies out today, but at 8 am it's a chilly 9 degrees. Sorry doggies, maybe if it makes it up to 15 will I venture out! Brrrrr. I'm going to clean up my Kodak share pictures on the computer, now that I have two blogs to maintain, I'm getting confused on what has been posted and where!

Last night we had Taco Bell Mexican pizza.... at home of course. The print out date on the recipe is 1/10/2009... so we've been making it since last January....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and owl

always love you.... I can't help but think of the Willy Nelson singing his song when I see these words. I just love the oh so cute puns and wording that keep on coming out of that creative scalloped oval hole out there in cyber space. It sure is keeping me busy when I don't have a 'real' job to go to. Again, this is just patterned paper I had laying around and I have decided to start using it up and start creating with the stuff I have!!!

Well all told, I think we got about 10 inches of snow during this massive winter snow storm here in the midwest. I shoveled twice and I walked 2.6 miles on my treadmill yesterday, I think that should count for something in the 'balance' of my life! The Sun is out right now... I think I'm going to bundle up and get the snowblower out and do one last final turn, neaten up the edges so that we can get all of the cars in and out!!!

Don't forget the new and improved Creative Greetings too!!!!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Party like it's 900!!!!!

I'm announcing: Go check out my NEW and improved creative greeting!!! card blog
You got to see it!

Oh my gosh 900 posts to this silly blog.... that could mean almost 900 cards.... sometimes I posted more than one card, but then it also means I had family pictures I posted too.... anyhoo.... I really like taking tiny scraps and mushing them together to punch out one larger image. Does this give you a quilt feel? Or a quiet feel? Or it's quite a feel.....A few pieces of paper a card does make!

I think it's going to be a long, long day. Got rudely awakened at 6:15 am by the almost 15 year old, that she didn't have enough time to get ready to catch the bus since Bubby decided not to drive, due to the potential foot of snow we might get later today. Daddy was so nice.

I think the job interview went well, but I declined going further after the temp. agency called to see how things went. First of all, it's 32 hours a week and I'm just not ready in my life to do a job in 'mental' health, ah whatever.... just doesn't feel right for me. I will bring a little SHINE into my life today... I think I will make an apple cobbler. Tonight it's Kung Pao chicken and isn't LOST on??? who hoo!!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Froggie went a courtin'

Did you know there were 27 versus to "Froggie went a courtin"? That amazed me too! If you are interested check it out here. This guy is quite adorable and would be fun to receive as a little valentine charmer. What I've been doing lately is pulling patterned paper, designer card stocks and combining them with a solid colored cardstock base. I have a stack about 10 high waiting to become a creative greeting!!

Then (blurfing) the internet to find cards with interesting layouts and working with all the elements to create the card. My stock of pp is so full. So I am going in reverse design order.... instead of finding an image and pulling in elements to create the card, I have all the elements and now need to find a design that takes them all and uses them FRESH!! Same results, just a different way of doing it!

What's happening today: Supposed to get 6-10" of snow tonight. Because of the Super Bowl and Sissy's v-ball tourney :(, we didn't get out grocery shopping over the weekend. Plus I have a job interview today.... admissions for a family social service.... carpool sissy to v-ball, put gas in bubba's card....Happy Winter!

Friday, February 05, 2010

898 posts

Since I became a blogger, that is how many posts I have published for Creative Greetings!! Wow! That is awesome.... crash....boom...@#$!?....... life as I know it for the past 3+ years gone if the computer is targeted (supposedly all forms of electronic communication will be disabled during our next terrorist attack according to one email circulating.) But, until that time, I will showcase fun, sun SHINE type of unique greetings for your viewing pleasure.

This card was quite enjoyable to create! Double sided designer paper cut 3" x3", a few little folds, a center popped up, embossed background, heartfelt sentiment and a cute 'in' butterfly and a warm wishes card. Ta da!

Something is a brewing. Hubby told me last night .... Sissy had another interesting v-ball practice... for this weekends tourney they have lost two players to injury, so that brings them down from 8 to six. ALL OTHER teams have fielded 11 players!!! And to add insult to injury... this key player who they brought over to 'save' the team last week... wont be at the tournament due to another commitment. Sorry that I'm not getting into too much detail... just seems like a few broken promises on the administrative end of this club team, and that all they are doing is setting the team up for failure. What do you do? Tell your kid to just smile and bare it?

But to end on a good note.... great dinner last night Shrimp & Garlic Alfredo Pasta with red peppers, very creamy and tasty... ooh, I like being a foodie!!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'm not slow....

....I'm just savoring the moment. Wouldn't this be a fun card to receive in the mail? Is it a late birthday card? Or maybe somebody had some big news and it's taken you months and months to acknowledge them. Or maybe it's that I'm really slow and taking time to enjoy all moments, whats the rush? Life is not a race! Just liking the orange and red combinations, simple card with doodling!

Another dreary winter day, bleak, bleah!!!! What kind of sunshine can I bring to my little corner of the world? Remember the other day I told you Bubba was 'da judge? His picture is in our local paper. He's not identified, but WE know it's him! Boy, that day he didn't drive to school caused Sissy to be in a tizzy. She MADE me drive her to school!!!! Then she wanted me to pick her up (I could have, but why should I when there is a perfectly good bus who brings her and drops her two doors down?) Then she had a late night practice last night and Bubba decided NOT to drive to school today (I don't get his thinking) and that knocked her into another state of privilege. Ah the life in the house with teenagers. I'm trying to be slow and savor the moment, soon they will be out the door, butterflies spreading their wings!!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Easel Card

Hope you are buzzin around soon!!! Get Well card with a fun little happy bee to wish you well! Although I followed the instrunctions I found on the scor pal gallery site, I tried to alter them a bit, and only I know what didn't really work... for next time. Will the person who receives this card know how to prop it up? Or do I put a little side view direction???

So Bubba was a judge for the day.... a preliminary voting judge at a VFW voting post in Woodstock, IL (actually where GroundHog day was filmed some 20 years ago... and it was Groundhog day yesterday) He was happy to get $165 for sitting on his butt for 13 hours, missing a day of school. Didn't get too much else out of him when he got home after 8pm, he needed down time and found his way in front of a tv. I've been receiving lots of emails from colleges lately... he must have put my address down for the contact. My baby is growing up!!


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