Thursday, February 11, 2010

Luigi punch

These punch cards are really fun, like putting a puzzle together. I'm always so excited when they turn out, but they are a lot of work!! I saw him on someones blog and had to at least try. And then when completed... I had to decide what to do with him.... so since Bubba is a big Mario Cart(Wii game) fan... I wrote a little love note inside to my son during finals week last month and gave it to him! It is still in the same spot he laid it down 4 weeks ago!

Sunny skies out today, but at 8 am it's a chilly 9 degrees. Sorry doggies, maybe if it makes it up to 15 will I venture out! Brrrrr. I'm going to clean up my Kodak share pictures on the computer, now that I have two blogs to maintain, I'm getting confused on what has been posted and where!

Last night we had Taco Bell Mexican pizza.... at home of course. The print out date on the recipe is 1/10/2009... so we've been making it since last January....

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K Hutchinson said...

WOW that is a cool card! I love it! My boys would love it! It is cold today! Thinking of making some tea again to keep warm! Enjoy your day!


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