Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'm not slow....

....I'm just savoring the moment. Wouldn't this be a fun card to receive in the mail? Is it a late birthday card? Or maybe somebody had some big news and it's taken you months and months to acknowledge them. Or maybe it's that I'm really slow and taking time to enjoy all moments, whats the rush? Life is not a race! Just liking the orange and red combinations, simple card with doodling!

Another dreary winter day, bleak, bleah!!!! What kind of sunshine can I bring to my little corner of the world? Remember the other day I told you Bubba was 'da judge? His picture is in our local paper. He's not identified, but WE know it's him! Boy, that day he didn't drive to school caused Sissy to be in a tizzy. She MADE me drive her to school!!!! Then she wanted me to pick her up (I could have, but why should I when there is a perfectly good bus who brings her and drops her two doors down?) Then she had a late night practice last night and Bubba decided NOT to drive to school today (I don't get his thinking) and that knocked her into another state of privilege. Ah the life in the house with teenagers. I'm trying to be slow and savor the moment, soon they will be out the door, butterflies spreading their wings!!!

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K Hutchinson said...

This is a super duper fun card! I'm all good with the weather! I've got studio time planned! te he he! Peppermint mochas made! ahhhh.....

Life was kiddos does go so fast! Enjoy!


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