Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who dat?

Aging wisely? Happy Birthday.... you know, I didn't get that "who dat" thing with the Super Bowl until a few days later. Oh sure, I heard them saying it... but then Bubba told me the WHO were playing the half time show and then I said 'Who?' and we got on to this whole thing about Abbott and Costello with their bit on Who's on First, What's on Second... I don't know Third Base.... ha ha ha.... I didn't know there was this licensing stuff going on as a Saints saying.... Who dat!..... This punch card has already been sent out to my oldest friend Suzy Q. It's amazing when you see everyone's take on a similar card... it's all in the eyes and how people arrange them and the size punches they have.

Sissy got her braces on yesterday. The drama! She hates them.... she(says)it looks like she is in 5th grade, they hurt, they make her lips puffy.... maybe this will keep her mouth shut for a bit! ha ha.... Yes I know they hurt...I had braces, her dad had braces as an adult, her brother has braces, her cousins had braces and most of her friends (already had ) braces. We all know how it feels, uncomfortable for the first few days.

Cloudy, gloomy winter day. I really need to clean, but hate my job as being the maid today!

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K Hutchinson said...

OMG girlie this is so stinking adorable! LOVE IT! You really made him come to life! Happy Cleaning day!


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