Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy coffee day!!!

Right? Isn't that what an asterisk* means when inserted into a sentence... in this case, where ever the heart is... on the coffee cup... it's happy coffee lover's day! Will the person who receives this card understand that? I have found a few sites doing clean and simple cards.... like here where less is more. It's a challenge to do a clean and simple card, just as much as it is to do a labor intensive card, layers of paper, coloring in, cutting, fiber & embellishments. Ah simple is better.

Presidents day, no school here in the land of Lincoln. Sissy is playing the final day 0f a 3 day v-ball tourney. They won all of their matches yesterday.... each match went to three games.... so the teams were all pretty even. Got more volleyball news on an already strange team.... the coach is stepping down due to medical issues.

Tomorrow is braces day.... I don't know how I could actually work with this small bit of chaos going on..... yadda yadda.....

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K Hutchinson said...

WOW how lucky are you! Kiddo's off for President's Day! Mine are in school! So normal day around here!

Love the card! Coffee - yumo!


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