Friday, February 05, 2010

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Since I became a blogger, that is how many posts I have published for Creative Greetings!! Wow! That is awesome.... crash....boom...@#$!?....... life as I know it for the past 3+ years gone if the computer is targeted (supposedly all forms of electronic communication will be disabled during our next terrorist attack according to one email circulating.) But, until that time, I will showcase fun, sun SHINE type of unique greetings for your viewing pleasure.

This card was quite enjoyable to create! Double sided designer paper cut 3" x3", a few little folds, a center popped up, embossed background, heartfelt sentiment and a cute 'in' butterfly and a warm wishes card. Ta da!

Something is a brewing. Hubby told me last night .... Sissy had another interesting v-ball practice... for this weekends tourney they have lost two players to injury, so that brings them down from 8 to six. ALL OTHER teams have fielded 11 players!!! And to add insult to injury... this key player who they brought over to 'save' the team last week... wont be at the tournament due to another commitment. Sorry that I'm not getting into too much detail... just seems like a few broken promises on the administrative end of this club team, and that all they are doing is setting the team up for failure. What do you do? Tell your kid to just smile and bare it?

But to end on a good note.... great dinner last night Shrimp & Garlic Alfredo Pasta with red peppers, very creamy and tasty... ooh, I like being a foodie!!!!

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Heather Grow said...

Cute card. I love all the cheerful colors and the folding. Your dinner sounds yummy. Mmmm shrimp.


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