Thursday, December 31, 2015

DO52 * Week 1 * March

Week 1  DO52

Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book, write a good one!

Welcome to DO52 2016.  If you made it here, it means that you choose to SHINE! Hi!  I'm Peggy Robinson the facilitator for this Facebook page, blog writer, doodler and Jill of all trades.   You signed up to participate in a year long challenge where you invite a new verb each week into your life.  This is the place where you can share your weekly word and your experience with it.

I have been a long distance ambassador of the House of Shine for almost 8 years.  You can consider me a 'LIFER' because I am convinced that when I make the effort to BE, DO & Share that I actually now live a life... to SHINE, be SHINE, of SHINE in my corner of the world.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share more about myself and how I strive to SHINE.  If you are a 'newbie' our hope is when you post, that you will lose a little vulnerability in sharing and gain a lot of accountability in actually taking on this weekly challenge and finishing it throughout 2016.

It will be a challenge to welcome something new into your life each week. Sometimes your verb will surprise you.  The new word might even expose you!

Remember, you have to make the effort to DO52.  Pick your first word stick!  Yup, right now, if you haven't done so already, pick a stick!!!  My first DO52 is the word 'march'!

(DO52 Words by Cheryl Houston)

You can do this anyway you'd like, but here's what I do.  I have a specific little journal for my DO52.  I write down the word.  Then I go to Google and search what the word means. And I write that down.  Because I am a visual person and I have a huge interest in being creative, I will doodle what images this word brings to me.  I also look up quotes or verses that contain this word.  (Yes, I'm a bit of an overachiever!  You and I signed up to be part of the excellence in action, this is one way to be creative and have fun!) And the main part of this challenge is to open my mind and let this word come in to my life for the week.... more than a week.... maybe for the year?

So, are you up for the challenge?  Are you ready to 'March' along side with me and be accountable for your weekly DO52?  I'll admit, some weeks will be easier to welcome your word into you vocabulary.  You'll see the signs everywhere.  It will feel right! Then there will be other weeks where LIFE and wanting to SHINE just won't be in the cards.  That's okay.... but don't go too long.... PICK yourself UP and DO52, PICK another stick UP and start a new week.

Remember, DO52 is all about what you choose to do in order to SHINE!

Welcome! Welcome!!!  Who will be the first to choose their DO52 verb and share what you've got??

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Party On a Card

Tiny master pieces!

I'm not looking for a way out, but I want to do my work and get it done.

Get er done!!!

The reason I like making greeting cards is that I can create something fun, whimsical, meaningful and concise ... in just a matter of minutes.

I'm getting better at it, but I think it took me longer to set up the card for a photo, upload it to the computer and turn it around to make it visible on my blog, than the time to actually create the card.

That.... is no longer the case.  Bottom line... each process in creating and computerizing was a big challenge at first... but I made PROGRESS and learned what I needed to do.... to get er done!

I admit that I love my cards!!

I still hoard a few that I don't ever want to sell or give away, but I make my cards so that I can share with others.

I gave cards as gifts over the holidays.  
I am the cardmaker.  

One friend admitted that she loves my cards, and doesn't want to give them away!  If I had a nickel for every time I heard that.... I'd have about $1.

I've tried to make them simpler, and cheaper and less masterpiece like.... it seems friends like even them even more!!!! Depends on the occasion.

Share, share, share.... I can make more!

The more I think about it and the more I read about entrepreneurs opening their passion business... I can't say for sure that I want to create and send my cards nation wide.  That would be awesome... but I don't know if I could take the pressure of a full fledged card business.  

It's my hobby... would I want it as my job????

For right now, I'm content in my office (creative space) learning new techniques, every now and then obtaining a new tool, and using my blog to show what I've doodled.

Would I like a little more business?  Heck yeah!  If you guys get my cards and like them.... tell your friends.... a 4 pack of handmade cards is a great gift!!!

I'm happy creating little parties on a card.  

My friends, don't hoard the cuteness, pull them out and write a note and...
brighten someone's day!!!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

May the Force

... be with you!

I was 13 when the first Star Wars movie came out. I think I saw it, I'm not really sure anymore.

I don't know if I've watched all the other 5 movies that are in 4,5,6  & 1,2,3 order.   I get the trilogy part, and the prequel part.... did they really plan all of this out 38 years later to be such a BIG, Big, big deal????

Smart people!!!!

Any way.  I saw some really cute doodles and had to try my hand at recreating them.

So that I'm not completely out of the loop.  I did my Star Wars creative doodle for the day!
Doodle is the reason I am.

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dog & Monkey Show

Some day, or not.... I will have a book that includes all my doodles.  Until I do, I will share them here on my blog. 

I've never been one, to be part of a national organization, but if you follow me.... you know that I have been part of the House of Shine.... and, what is so great about technology.... if you don't have a 'real' house of shine near by.... you can always stay connected with social media.  

Time changes everyone.... new things pop up all of the time... and now I am part of the Doodle Institute. And it's not a physical institute, but it's a place on social media that like minded artist congregate.  As a participant, you can always share your doodles. And if you also have a blog.... you can show off there, too!

I was given the opportunity to share some motivation.  Each Monday I have written up little ditties that can be shared and used by anyone who needs a new idea.  This past week I wrote this:  

December 14
Not my circus, not my 'monkeys'.   There is no 'monkey' business when Doodle Girl & Friends presents, Monday Morning Doodle Motivation.  'Monkey' see, 'monkey' do-odle! Sign your work and share it here on Facebook. Quit 'monkey-ing' around and doodle, 

I've decided to doodle the Adventures of Cooper & Tucker each week, and here is my 'digital' doodle for this week.  Until about 2 months ago, I didn't even think about this type of art.  Now, I am practicing doodling with the computer as part of my create every day.

I first doodle the picture on paper with a black marker.  Then, I take a picture of it with my IPhone. Then I upload the picture to PhotoShop Elements 8 on my computer, where I do a little (the word is little) magic and add some color to my drawing.  Next, I save the artwork and now I am able to share it here on my blog post.  Or, I can't print it on the copier and use it to create..... anything.... mostly a greeting card.

Now the dogs have a new friend, his name is Fenn.  These animals have fun personalities.... don't you think??

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Doodle Video

Hello! Well, I don't know how advanced I'm getting.  
But I love to learn new things,  

So, here is my first attempt at creating a doodle video.

The original doodle took me almost 4 minutes.  Which I think is pretty good.  But in this day and age where people want to see it.... get it.... and move on, I figured I needed to speed it up.  It is now just under a minute.  I draw so fast!!!

Who knew my little iphone could do all of this?  Funny to say phone.... smart phone with a video camera and FREE apps that can make you look totally awesome.  And just a simple.... four hours later you get something like this ....

Edit: Yes, the video doesn't work.  Darn!  I am working on this new techie stuff.  Stay tuned.  Some day I will figure it out!!!

For me, I still love sharing my basic doodle.... The adventures of Cooper & Tucker.  I actually drew this same picture twice because I had added something to the video that I didn't know how to un-do technically.... so it was much simpler just to re-draw the picture.

 And then later in the day I decided I can't just have a blank page.... well, I mean an un-colored page.  I went back in and added the color.

After all this processing was done, I asked my hubby why the heck I did this.  

And he said  'because you like to learn new things, especially because it makes you a better person when you get creative and share'.  

Not sure today at this moment what the heck I'm going to do with this knowledge ....  but I do know that a part of me gets so excited when "I get it" and then another part of me says 'this is soooo hard' and then another part of me goes 'what else do you have to do' and then another part of me says 'go big or go home'.  

I really think all these parts of me need to stop talking behind my back and get on the same page.  

Enjoy my little doodle video. Edit: Some day!!!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doodle No Evil

I've given myself a challenge.  And I have accepted.

As a member of the Doodle Institute I was able to write some cute little motivational quotes.  And I thought I would incorporate them with The Adventures of Cooper and Tucker.    I give you this weeks Monday Morning Doodle Motivation ...

Not my circus, not my 'monkeys'.   There is no 'monkey' business when Doodle Girl & Friends presents, Monday Morning Doodle Motivation.  'Monkey' see, 'monkey' do-odle! Sign your work and share it here on Facebook. Quit 'monkey-ing' around and doodle, 

To challenge myself even more, I am learning how to take my doodle and put it on the computer to digitize it, color it in and add the sentiment.  I am very much in the beginning stages of this challenge.  But I like the results.  

My fur babies always get into some sort of trouble.  What adventures will we all find ourselves in next week???

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Up Persicope

There is a new way of having accountability for your actions.

Have you heard of Periscope?

Not the one on the submarine, but the one on your smart phone? 

It's an app that 'allows you to explore the world through someone elses' eyes.'  

In a nutshell.... it's techie people turning on the video recorder on their phone and just holding it out at arms length to record anything and everything they are doing. The accountability comes from the fact that they are selling something, and they don't want to insult the viewers, because they can become potential customers! Scope-ers want to become your friend and suck you in!!

As a viewer, instead of just watching it like regualar tv, you can interact, they become your new friend (you can send messages and hearts for positive content).  You can watch in real time, LIVE or now they've developed a recorded version, so if someone is trying to teach you a lesson, you can watch the replay SCOPE of people doing.... baking, exercising, pranks, interviews, talking about their business or product they're trying to sell..... and who knows what else.

Although I have been following a few entrepreneurs, I have not yet Periscoped.  It's not that I'm afraid...... just because it's there, doesn't mean I have to do it!! That's why there are so many hobby choices.... YouTube, Ustream, Persiscope, Livestreaming..... it is a techie social media world.

But here's what I've been doing.

One bandwagon, kick I've gotten on to is 'planning'/  This sounds so funny when I write it down. Honestly, I've never been a planner.... heck, I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone in a calendar that goes out 18 months.  So, I will change the words a bit and say I am a Memory Keeper.

There are hundreds of thousands of ways to keep memories.  Journals, scrapbooks, note books, sketchbooks, digital, physical, journal cards, smash it books,wall calendar... you get the point.  
One of the few things I have been following on Periscope are Memory Planner Girls.  (It's mainly a girl sport.... I mean a girl craft)  And craft it is.

Planners come in all sizes, and shapes, beautiful expensive designer covers, different weighted paper, stickers, clips, word bubbles, pens page protectors, washi tape, embellishments galore.    Someone said, who has time to do the activity when you take so much time to design the planner to write down what you are doing.

What's more fun? Documenting the planner or doing the activity that you wrote down in the planner?

And just like any hobby.... some people get into it and they now call themselves planner addicts.  And what you can do is watch it all unfold on Periscope.  You can watch ladies unboxing their goodies and oooh and ahhhh.  You can watch them take their goodies and actually decorate their planners, and you can literally watch some people as their personality gets familiarized with their new friends, or FANS and  watch their business grow and grow and grow because it is amazing who what and ware this social media tool can reach!

As for me.... a Jill of all trades.
I'm not ready to sell myself or sell.... whatever.  
I think for now I will continue with blogging, because I am comfortable and can share what I do creatively.  If for some reason down the road it leads to something else.... I'll take it when it comes.

As for being a cardmaker.... my ideas can only come (easier &) faster through all this creative yumminess. (People on Periscope often give a way great, FREE content)

It's an ebb and flow, I am finding new people who have found my creativity interesting. Of course in a good way.  Nothing I'm doing is new... it's just that they have now have found out what I'm capable of, having not known me before.   

With learning (something new I must say.... every day) and new tools, it makes me just so satisfied with my end product.

I know that I am a quality card maker.  And anyone who buys my cards is getting the best for their money.

Here are just a few samples of cards I've recently made.

If you are new to my blog.... Welcome.  I'm Peggy, aka PRDesigns cardmaker.  I make unique and whimsical greeting cards for any occasion.  I'd love to create for you!  

Not sure what you 'need'?.... I have lots of cards and ideas posted on the side left side of my blog.  I can customize, personalize or recreate any card you see here!  If you have any further questions, please contact me at

Stay Tuned.... you might just see me hanging around Periscope! Selling my stuff!!!

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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Lantern Success

Every now and then I need some fresh and fun new looks through out the house.

I just mentioned to the hubby that we really haven't updated anything in years.  There are many reasons for that... we've bought quality items in the past.  Our children are out of the house, so the wear and tear on items is at a minimal.  And there really was no need.

But, I do love a good challenge on all things crafty ... and here is my latest Pinterest Success.


I saw this lantern and was immediately drawn to it's simplicity, yet powerful homey feel.  This is something I could recreate and love!!

We went to Ikea and I found this fantastic lantern for $7.  I thought about it.... and then easily convinced myself.... heck yeah, buy it!!!

And here is what I was able to do under $12.  Hobby Lobby had a sale on all of my supplies!  I knew the ribbon I wanted was burlap.  That was the hardest thing to find in the store.  I guess everybody is buying the burlap ribbon!

I saw a few ways to stack bulbs inside.  This is good to know, because I can make this lantern seasonal,  for any holiday or occasion.  I found shiny little red ornaments.  The pine cones I had on hand.  And I stuck a candle holder inside to create dimension for the eye.  I also had seen a lantern that had had a monogram letter inside.... which when I come across a 'cheap' 3" R will have a residence!!

I may have to remake the bow... it's kind of awkward.  
I think all in all, it was a Pinterest success.

I can just change out the evergreen pick on top and find some red heart sprig.... keep it up for Valentines once the middle of January comes along.Then add some Easter Eggs, Red White & Blue .... the possibilities are endless!!

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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Just Your Average Thursday

What they say is so true!
Time Flies!

Thanksgiving was a week ago today.  

Everybody is back 'home' in their routines.  Jeff  and Kyle are back at work.  Holly is back to her studies and I am here to collect all the memories.

Black and white adds a different perspective to the photo, don't you think?

I can't tell you enough  how I am amazed at technology.  How quickly I can turn around a photo and create a memory with it.  Will those memories be stuck here in blogland for some unaware non family member to find, some day?  Will the kids be interested to see what the world was like in 2015. 
I would be fascinated to see my grandparents 100 years ago in 1915.... they probably would have had 1 single photo, if that, to commemorate their entire existence for that year of their life!

And here, now, I use my phone to take pictures.  How crazy is that?

Well, here's to Thursdays.  Happy that they are eve to Friday!!!

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Blog Smart

Why blog?

I have been blogging for almost 9 years!

I didn't think I'd have anything to say.

I think, what if I stuck to my original idea of taking one of our garden gnomes on all of our life's adventures?? I was going to take pictures with the gnome and then document where we were with him.  But then I got bored with that, thinking for sure it was NOT exciting at all.  All the places we've gone to in 9 years.... that might have been a pretty awesome travel blog. Ha!

There have been short periods of time where I didn't blog.  I just wasn't feeling it.

Recently, through other social media that never existed 9 years ago,  the question was posted in a way that I heard... why do you blog?

There are a few ways I could answer that question.... but the main one I discovered is ... I blog for accountability!

Accountable:  required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.

I blog to hold myself accountable for my actions.  

Ever since we moved to Illinois from Wisconsin, and then my children grew from teenagers to spread their wings in the big world ... I have been seeking my purpose.  I have been trying to find my niche. Where do I fit?  What can I do?  What am I here for?

Not very often am I held responsible anymore for what I do, or what I say, or how I do it, or why I do it.... but blogging for me has held me accountable.

I blog to share my life's experiences. It's my living diary.  I blog to show off my artwork, crafts, gardening, cooking and adventures.  I blog because I think that someone might learn something new or different, or something just downright awesome. I blog because it keeps me active in technology. It keeps my mind moving and helps me to learn about new things. I blog because its a way to keep memories....
I blog because it keeps me accountable for the things in life that are important... for me to be me


I have fun blogging!

Above is my most recent Adventures with Cooper and Tucker.  It seems they got a hold of my laptop on Cyber Monday and decided to do a little shopping!  Sneaky fur babies.

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