Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doodle No Evil

I've given myself a challenge.  And I have accepted.

As a member of the Doodle Institute I was able to write some cute little motivational quotes.  And I thought I would incorporate them with The Adventures of Cooper and Tucker.    I give you this weeks Monday Morning Doodle Motivation ...

Not my circus, not my 'monkeys'.   There is no 'monkey' business when Doodle Girl & Friends presents, Monday Morning Doodle Motivation.  'Monkey' see, 'monkey' do-odle! Sign your work and share it here on Facebook. Quit 'monkey-ing' around and doodle, 

To challenge myself even more, I am learning how to take my doodle and put it on the computer to digitize it, color it in and add the sentiment.  I am very much in the beginning stages of this challenge.  But I like the results.  

My fur babies always get into some sort of trouble.  What adventures will we all find ourselves in next week???

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