Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Up Persicope

There is a new way of having accountability for your actions.

Have you heard of Periscope?

Not the one on the submarine, but the one on your smart phone? 

It's an app that 'allows you to explore the world through someone elses' eyes.'  

In a nutshell.... it's techie people turning on the video recorder on their phone and just holding it out at arms length to record anything and everything they are doing. The accountability comes from the fact that they are selling something, and they don't want to insult the viewers, because they can become potential customers! Scope-ers want to become your friend and suck you in!!

As a viewer, instead of just watching it like regualar tv, you can interact, they become your new friend (you can send messages and hearts for positive content).  You can watch in real time, LIVE or now they've developed a recorded version, so if someone is trying to teach you a lesson, you can watch the replay SCOPE of people doing.... baking, exercising, pranks, interviews, talking about their business or product they're trying to sell..... and who knows what else.

Although I have been following a few entrepreneurs, I have not yet Periscoped.  It's not that I'm afraid...... just because it's there, doesn't mean I have to do it!! That's why there are so many hobby choices.... YouTube, Ustream, Persiscope, Livestreaming..... it is a techie social media world.

But here's what I've been doing.

One bandwagon, kick I've gotten on to is 'planning'/  This sounds so funny when I write it down. Honestly, I've never been a planner.... heck, I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone in a calendar that goes out 18 months.  So, I will change the words a bit and say I am a Memory Keeper.

There are hundreds of thousands of ways to keep memories.  Journals, scrapbooks, note books, sketchbooks, digital, physical, journal cards, smash it books,wall calendar... you get the point.  
One of the few things I have been following on Periscope are Memory Planner Girls.  (It's mainly a girl sport.... I mean a girl craft)  And craft it is.

Planners come in all sizes, and shapes, beautiful expensive designer covers, different weighted paper, stickers, clips, word bubbles, pens page protectors, washi tape, embellishments galore.    Someone said, who has time to do the activity when you take so much time to design the planner to write down what you are doing.

What's more fun? Documenting the planner or doing the activity that you wrote down in the planner?

And just like any hobby.... some people get into it and they now call themselves planner addicts.  And what you can do is watch it all unfold on Periscope.  You can watch ladies unboxing their goodies and oooh and ahhhh.  You can watch them take their goodies and actually decorate their planners, and you can literally watch some people as their personality gets familiarized with their new friends, or FANS and  watch their business grow and grow and grow because it is amazing who what and ware this social media tool can reach!

As for me.... a Jill of all trades.
I'm not ready to sell myself or sell.... whatever.  
I think for now I will continue with blogging, because I am comfortable and can share what I do creatively.  If for some reason down the road it leads to something else.... I'll take it when it comes.

As for being a cardmaker.... my ideas can only come (easier &) faster through all this creative yumminess. (People on Periscope often give a way great, FREE content)

It's an ebb and flow, I am finding new people who have found my creativity interesting. Of course in a good way.  Nothing I'm doing is new... it's just that they have now have found out what I'm capable of, having not known me before.   

With learning (something new I must say.... every day) and new tools, it makes me just so satisfied with my end product.

I know that I am a quality card maker.  And anyone who buys my cards is getting the best for their money.

Here are just a few samples of cards I've recently made.

If you are new to my blog.... Welcome.  I'm Peggy, aka PRDesigns cardmaker.  I make unique and whimsical greeting cards for any occasion.  I'd love to create for you!  

Not sure what you 'need'?.... I have lots of cards and ideas posted on the side left side of my blog.  I can customize, personalize or recreate any card you see here!  If you have any further questions, please contact me at

Stay Tuned.... you might just see me hanging around Periscope! Selling my stuff!!!

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