Sunday, December 06, 2015

Lantern Success

Every now and then I need some fresh and fun new looks through out the house.

I just mentioned to the hubby that we really haven't updated anything in years.  There are many reasons for that... we've bought quality items in the past.  Our children are out of the house, so the wear and tear on items is at a minimal.  And there really was no need.

But, I do love a good challenge on all things crafty ... and here is my latest Pinterest Success.


I saw this lantern and was immediately drawn to it's simplicity, yet powerful homey feel.  This is something I could recreate and love!!

We went to Ikea and I found this fantastic lantern for $7.  I thought about it.... and then easily convinced myself.... heck yeah, buy it!!!

And here is what I was able to do under $12.  Hobby Lobby had a sale on all of my supplies!  I knew the ribbon I wanted was burlap.  That was the hardest thing to find in the store.  I guess everybody is buying the burlap ribbon!

I saw a few ways to stack bulbs inside.  This is good to know, because I can make this lantern seasonal,  for any holiday or occasion.  I found shiny little red ornaments.  The pine cones I had on hand.  And I stuck a candle holder inside to create dimension for the eye.  I also had seen a lantern that had had a monogram letter inside.... which when I come across a 'cheap' 3" R will have a residence!!

I may have to remake the bow... it's kind of awkward.  
I think all in all, it was a Pinterest success.

I can just change out the evergreen pick on top and find some red heart sprig.... keep it up for Valentines once the middle of January comes along.Then add some Easter Eggs, Red White & Blue .... the possibilities are endless!!

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