Thursday, December 03, 2015

Just Your Average Thursday

What they say is so true!
Time Flies!

Thanksgiving was a week ago today.  

Everybody is back 'home' in their routines.  Jeff  and Kyle are back at work.  Holly is back to her studies and I am here to collect all the memories.

Black and white adds a different perspective to the photo, don't you think?

I can't tell you enough  how I am amazed at technology.  How quickly I can turn around a photo and create a memory with it.  Will those memories be stuck here in blogland for some unaware non family member to find, some day?  Will the kids be interested to see what the world was like in 2015. 
I would be fascinated to see my grandparents 100 years ago in 1915.... they probably would have had 1 single photo, if that, to commemorate their entire existence for that year of their life!

And here, now, I use my phone to take pictures.  How crazy is that?

Well, here's to Thursdays.  Happy that they are eve to Friday!!!

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