Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dog & Monkey Show

Some day, or not.... I will have a book that includes all my doodles.  Until I do, I will share them here on my blog. 

I've never been one, to be part of a national organization, but if you follow me.... you know that I have been part of the House of Shine.... and, what is so great about technology.... if you don't have a 'real' house of shine near by.... you can always stay connected with social media.  

Time changes everyone.... new things pop up all of the time... and now I am part of the Doodle Institute. And it's not a physical institute, but it's a place on social media that like minded artist congregate.  As a participant, you can always share your doodles. And if you also have a blog.... you can show off there, too!

I was given the opportunity to share some motivation.  Each Monday I have written up little ditties that can be shared and used by anyone who needs a new idea.  This past week I wrote this:  

December 14
Not my circus, not my 'monkeys'.   There is no 'monkey' business when Doodle Girl & Friends presents, Monday Morning Doodle Motivation.  'Monkey' see, 'monkey' do-odle! Sign your work and share it here on Facebook. Quit 'monkey-ing' around and doodle, 

I've decided to doodle the Adventures of Cooper & Tucker each week, and here is my 'digital' doodle for this week.  Until about 2 months ago, I didn't even think about this type of art.  Now, I am practicing doodling with the computer as part of my create every day.

I first doodle the picture on paper with a black marker.  Then, I take a picture of it with my IPhone. Then I upload the picture to PhotoShop Elements 8 on my computer, where I do a little (the word is little) magic and add some color to my drawing.  Next, I save the artwork and now I am able to share it here on my blog post.  Or, I can't print it on the copier and use it to create..... anything.... mostly a greeting card.

Now the dogs have a new friend, his name is Fenn.  These animals have fun personalities.... don't you think??

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