Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Make Greeting Cards!

Welcome to my blog!

If you are here to see what kinds of cards I create, you are at the right place.  Click on any of the categories to the left<--- a="" and="" cards="" i="" in="" it="" made="" of="" p="" past.="" take="" the="" to="" variety="" ve="" will="" you="">
Some cards could still be in stock.  But in most cases, since each card is individually crafted, doodled, drawn or stamped (or a mix of everything) I can create or re-create anything.

For gifting, I package up a variety pack of cards.. 4,6, 10 cards... including but not limited to Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Just a note, Get Well, Congratulations... holidays, personalized colors, themes...

Contact me for further information and pricing...  I mail pretty much anywhere... with the most economical shipping cost attached to your order.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

I See London

Before the year is over, I need to go back through our European vacation pictures and 'scrap' them. Take them literally off my phone and document them in some sort of book!  Chatbook, Scrapbook... something!!!!

It seems like it could be a chore, but there are so many ways to document adventures now a days via apps... finding an excuse not to do it would take you longer than  actually NOT doing it.

I will start out small and post a few pictures here from London.

There was something about Big Ben the iconic tower in the middle of London that I love.  Big Ben,
which is the nickname of the great bell of the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, it is officially known as Elizabeth Tower after the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012. 

I could see the Tower from our hotel lobby and we would walk by it at least 4 times each of the days we were in London.... I was in awe.  It was beautiful.  I was drawn to it! Ben, is my friend!

I am not really a tea drinker.  I love iced tea, and flavored iced tea, sweet tea.... but taking time to stop for 'Tea'... is quite unusual for me.  But how can you NOT stop at a street corner cafe in the middle of Wimbledon and not have tea/coffee and sweets and most of all.... people watch. I think we shared a latte here.... the company was great... stopping to take a break is the best part of tea time!

Auck!  Is that Big Ben in the upper left corner???  When a tourist be... you have to play with the red London Call Box, right???  It would have been so fun to photo bomb so many people taking pictures around these.

There will be more to come.  Recapping our European Vacation.  I had such a great time!  I love that I can find the SHINE wherever we go!

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Words with Meaning

Do you ever stumble across a word that you have used, but you really don't know the meaning of the word?

There are so many new ways (let me restate that, new to me) to look up words with all the new techie stuff that has come to this world.  I can be reading a book on my electronic device and a word in the sentence of the story comes up... all I have to do is touch the word and the definition will come up.

I just recently created this card for someone special.  They are a fan of Shakespeare.  Throughout the years I have heard the saying 'et tu, brute?' and could always relate it to Shakespeare, but never gave it a thought of what it means..Et tuBrute is a Latin phrase meaning "and you, Brutus?" or "you too, Brutus?", purportedly as the last words of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar to his friend just before he stabbed him ... 

Urban Dictionary: to question a good friend's loyalty. 
it took me 0.42 seconds to get a Google search of 463,000 results! What??

When I was a kid, (in the old days ha ha...)  if we didn't know the meaning of a word we had to figure it out by the context of which is was used in the sentence.  Or, we would have to find a dictionary.   And of course, a foreign phrase like the one above, would not be in a regular dictionary... we would have to find an encyclopedia. Who has encyclopedias laying around?  Furthermore, if that was a task, we would have to do dexterity research with the library card catalog.

Which is it?  Was life simpler then?  

That seems like a lot of steps just to find the meaning of a few words.  

Or, is life simpler now, that with the touch of a button (or a few keystrokes) and 0.42 seconds later... the definition appears. 


As one of my many mantras, I like pretty things

and clever words... and then I like to combine them. 

I like to think I'm pretty clever.

With technology and practiced ability...this is one of my favorite things to do, ... create a greeting card from the heART.  

A few words with meaning and a little doodle ....I believe this simple activity can brighten my day and I can share my SHINE and send it on to someone else... to brighten their day.

Our language is a curious thing. How many people say things they don't mean?  How many people say things that are mean?  Mean what you say and say what you mean. I find it fascinating to learn about words and their meanings.  

However, I can overthink what I am doing and I will create a tizzy around all of this... especially when I have too much time on my hands.  

So, today's twist on life... according to my blog post subtitle....I truly need to go back to a simpler look at the meaning behind some words and realize to stay true....

One kind word can change someone's entire day.

And with that, I challenge you to change someone's day!!!

Be kind
Shine on!

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