Thursday, September 29, 2016

Matters of the Heart

Have you ever done anything that tugs at your heart strings?

Or, do you wake up in the morning with so much feeling of love pumping through your veins, routed in and out of your heart, and spreading through the rest of your body?

This happens to me often.... on most days, I think!

And then my brain gets involved with all this love ...and I become emotional.

I will give myself a bit of slack for being so emotional.  I am in a period of mourning... I'm grieving and feeling very vulnerable.

I lost my father George (84) on August 3. It was sudden, the day he died was sudden, but he had been fighting  Pulmonary Fibrosis for a few years (is one of a family of related diseases called interstitial lung diseases that can result in lung scarring. As the lung tissue becomes scarred, it interferes with a person's ability to breathe.) along with Pneumonia (Pneumonia is a lung infection that can make you very sick. You may cough, run a fever, and have a hard time breathing.). He had been in the hospital for over a month.

It was difficult for all of the family, because other than trying to make him comfortable, there was nothing we could do.

It is somewhat similar to my artistic analogy... bare with me!

..... his heart couldn't  pump the healing through his veins, the air had great difficulty spreading through his lungs... it was too much of a struggle for the rest of his body...  his mind was clear and it kept spinning through  all the things he needed to do before his final day.

Thinking too much, matters of the heart versus matters of the brain. Gut feeling versus mathematical logic stimulation.  Mind over matter.  I can't help it, as a self diagnosed introvert, my brain is wired this way... to think, think, think and think.

Sometimes, I just need to go with the flow.  What does my heart say?  Forget that silly 'off wired ' serotonin brain.  Create and make art through the heart.  Push it through.  Breathe it through... it is a struggle, but keep trying.... slow the mind and work out from the heart.

My dad was my rock and I will miss him greatly!   He was my cheerleader and encouraged me to create, and he was the bond that kept me solid to the ground.. He did a great job!  He was a wonderful dad.  And I am very lucky to have good memories of our relationship.

So, with matters of the heart....act on instinct and intuition. Work harder from the heart.  Keep that muscle going. Make it stronger than the day before.  Share your heart...

Be relentlessly passionate and Spread Shine.... and I intend to do that with my whole heart!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shine on Friends

Hello Blog Friend!

I've been missing in action!!! 

Thanks for stopping in.  I need to blog more...

Life has happened around here, and it's just easier to post to Instagram.... which I have a hashtag of #createeveryday  and I just started a new one #peggysueart.  Please check me out... there as well.

I doodle creative greetings.... cards you wont find in the grocery store... but guess what?  You need to think ahead ... look at your calendar and decide who is deserving of a special greeting!!!! My cards are unique, whimsical, one of kind and just for you.... each one is made with love, from my heart!!! Order from me and have the cards on hand!!!!

Support an artist!  My cards start out at $3.50 each.... but we can always make a deal!  

If you would like to see what my heART looks like.... click on one of the cards on the left side of this blog page and it will take you to that type of card....  lots of cards in stock.... USPS shipping within days of the receipt of payment.

I also make short videos and graphic designs for posters, fliers.... lots of 'stuff'....

Thank you for stopping in....

Brighten Someone's Day!

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